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Sparring partner for strategy, organizational development and process optimization.

We help you achieve your vision. 

A successful outcome requires a clear view of the relevant forces in your market and their future. To achieve this, we provide you with bespoke market and business analyses, assist you in formulating your strategy and advise you on the further development of your business model.

Where appropriate, we can provide advice on tax and/or legal issues as a basis for structural change, to create a better overview of the financial consequences of the possible courses of action. 

Operationally, we can assist you with the adaptation of management processes or the implementation of digital and technological solutions.

And depending on the situation, we can take on different roles with the aim of achieving maximum added value for you. 

Possible concerns

  • What are the key market factors and how will they change? What are the key issues for your industry over the next five years?
  • Will your clients’ needs today be the same as their needs tomorrow? Are you focusing on the right markets and target groups?
  • What are the future opportunities and risks for your business? What is the role of your business in this environment and what is your vision?
  • Do your current products offer solutions for tomorrow’s problems?
  • Which strategic goals and actions have been successfully implemented so far, and which have not?
  • What are your biggest challenges and what are your strengths?
  • What are your competitors' responses to these questions and who are your future competitors? How can you distinguish your business model from those of your competitors?
  • Which client needs and technologies will play a role in the future? 
  • How does sustainability affect your business and stakeholders, and how can you make a meaningful contribution?

Our solutions

The economy is dynamic, and the real estate market is exposed to this constantly evolving environment. Changing underlying conditions, adjustments to mission statements and technological advances are all challenges that must be overcome.

Corporate strategies must be continuously aligned with future opportunities and risks to act with foresight and seize opportunities. A successful outcome requires a clear view of the principal trends and variables and early recognition of the best-possible strategic approaches.

We act as your advisor, guiding you through concerns that may arise and/or supporting you and your management team throughout the strategic process.

Our underlying philosophy "From Innovation to Results" enables us to support businesses from all sectors by designing and implementing bespoke solutions. 

Our clients benefit from the breadth of our expertise, state-of-the-art methods and tools, and the experience of the KPMG network when reflecting on and further developing their business models.

Our solutions include:

  • Corporate and portfolio strategy
  • Transaction strategy
  • Integration and separation
  • Growth strategy
  • Operational and cost strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • ESG mission statement and strategy

Project examples

A selection of strategic advisory mandates from our list of references:

  • Evaluating make-or-buy strategies for outsourcing parts of the company, followed by tendering and support in the awarding of mandates.
  • Developing corporate real estate strategies for retail companies, including organizational and process structures and supply chains, to create the most efficient business model for the future.

  • Assessing and reviewing an insurance company’s existing real estate strategy concerning to its overall business strategy. Conducting workshops, further developing the company’s real estate strategy and aligning its approach to its next strategic planning period following with the Group’s overarching sustainability strategy.

  • Developing business models and business plans for the launch of real estate funds and assisting with the establishment of fund management companies and their approval by FINMA.
  • Creating development, optimization and exit strategies, pricing models and transaction options for a major real estate development over a two-decade period.

  • Analyzing a public transport company’s real estate portfolio, including a comprehensive investigation of tax issues, as the basis for a structural review.

  • Advising and facilitating a strategic process undertaken by a public pension fund and investment foundation involving direct and indirect real estate investments. 

  • Market and business analysis as a basis for the development of a company’s strategic planning with a focus on the planning and development of system buildings throughout Switzerland. Advising on the strategic process.

  • Analyzing a real estate investment corporation with a substantial real estate portfolio looking to optimize its structure in the context of succession planning. 

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