The digital path to a more-competitive future

As you shape your digital future, knowing precisely where and how to dedicate resources and investments is critical. We deliver a digital transformation suite of services that is integrated and interconnected – a portfolio that functions as a whole and where each critical component achieves excellence.

Today’s digitally mature, future ready businesses are connected to their customers, powered by the latest technologies, and trusted by customers and stakeholders. They are laser focused on value creation and understand that transformation is continuous and built on disciplined execution.

That is why we have built a suite of digital transformation services that we call Connected. Powered. Trusted. These work to identify, manage, and capture value-creation opportunities, underpinning it with our proprietary transformation-journey methods. KPMG is helping clients to digitally transform with confidence, speed and agility.

Built to shape your future

KPMG’s digital transformation suite

KPMG Connected Enterprise is our approach to customer-centric digital transformation, tailored by sector. It aligns your business around your customers to create a seamless, agile, digitally enabled organization that delivers better experiences and new levels of performance and value – at scale across your front, middle and back offices. 

KPMG Powered Enterprise is KPMG’s suite of services to transform functions. We bring target operating models that are designed with the future in mind, using KPMG best practices and processes and pre-configured SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms, along with advanced technology enablers, for optimized processes, governance, KPIs (key performance indicators), people skills and data.

KPMG Trusted brings together risk and regulatory services that build trust and confidence in the business and the digital transformation journey. It helps ensure that businesses can predictably navigate risk and regulation – and deliver on the promise to keep customer data trusted, safe and secure. Trusted fosters the confidence of your business and your stakeholders for continued organizational resilience.

KPMG Elevate identifies and quantifies value-creation opportunities. We help businesses target and capture value using a data-driven approach – confidently helping to achieve measurable improvements to revenue, margin expansion, cost management and capital structures to increase profitability and performance. We focus on what needs to change for an organization to become a modern, high-performing business delivering economic returns.

Wherever you are on your path to change, KPMG can help you navigate to your destination today – and into the future – with continuous transformation

Ongoing transformation with managed services

We combine advanced technology, deep expertise, and operational excellence to continually evolve your processes — on a subscription, as-a-service basis. With KPMG Managed Services, we help you create nimble, scalable business functions that both evolve as you grow and pivot quickly amid changing priorities. That’s how to accelerate your transformation journey, sustain it and help stay ahead of competitors — while minimizing disruption and risk.

Meeting you at the crossroads of change

Organizations looking to transform often ask themselves tough questions:

  • Are our business functions manual, slow and siloed?
  • Are we truly aligned around the customer?
  • Is our dysfunctional technology driving the wrong behavior?
  • Is our current technology a barrier to innovation?
  • Is outdated technology causing profit leaks?
  • Can we use data-driven insights to drive value?
  • Why have our previous transformation efforts failed?
  • Does our technology increase risk?

KPMG can help – let us show you how to:

  • Transform your business to enhance agility and results.
  • Tap into the power of technology to enhance value and performance.
  • Power continuous improvement and drive future success through managed services.
  • Take advantage of leading SaaS technology platforms – Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, ServiceNow, Workday, Coupa.
  • Sustain trust for the future by optimizing risk and data management.
  • Understand risk and regulations in highly regulated industries.
  • Gain practical advice through our holistic multi-disciplinary skills.

With our Connected. Powered. Trusted. suite of transformation services, we help you transform your business model, disrupt your sector, and remain competitive in your market. And if you simply need to solve a particular business issue in today’s consumer-centric digital economy, we can help you there, too.

Contact us today to begin the journey to enhanced agility, resilience, growth, and excellence.

Connected. Powered. Trusted. starts by helping to ask the right questions:

Is your business prepared to meet evolving customer expectations?

Is every part of your business wired for digital success?

Are you leveraging the latest advances in technology to aid remote collaboration, segment crucial suppliers, and leverage predictive data?

Is your business prepared to respond effectively and adapt to unforeseen disruptions?

Have you built stakeholder trust across your business?

To meet the needs of this future, KPMG has built Target Operating Models and Industry Blueprints, pre-defined for your function in your industry and pre-configured for your chosen technology platform. These are fully embedded in our Connected. Powered. Trusted. approach and solutions. Currently, KPMG operates across 146 countries and territories, works with 84% of Fortune 500 companies and invests around $1bn into innovation annually, including strong alliances with the leading technology providers.

Wherever you are in your digital journey, becoming a Connected. Powered. Trusted. enterprise allows you to move into this new reality with vision and confidence.

How to begin building a better future:

  1. Please download and read our thought leadership Shape your future (PDF 1.5 MB), which includes real-life examples.
  2. Catch up on our Future Of thinking for your particular business function or industry sector.
  3. Call or email us to start the conversation.


Let’s work together to shape your future.

Our proposition of Connected. Powered. Trusted. is a package of technologies, processes and a full spectrum of expertise. It’s also a way of working together, while acknowledging the real-world pitfalls of any transformation project. Read our client stories below.



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