Financial Services is one of the fastest-changing industries in the world. Regulatory requirements, societal expectations, customer behaviors, digitalization and technological advances all encourage continuous innovation and evolution. And, once in a while, a period of profound transformation. 

The pressure is always on to look at your business through a new lens and develop new propositions that satisfy your stakeholders. This is particularly the case as COVID-19 has prompted new ways of working, boosted the need for digital innovations, and put a sharper focus on performance in areas such as Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG.

In this dynamic environment, how should you rethink business and operating models, adapt strategies, and automate processes in a way that is value-adding, sustainable and compliant?

Fortunately, KPMG’s financial services advisory and financial services audit experts are here to help. 

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We have more than 500 financial services advisory and audit experts specializing in banking, insurance, and asset management across Switzerland, who are seamlessly connected to a vast global network.

This connectivity grants you access to a rich pool of insights, experience as well as cutting-edge data & analytics technologies.

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