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KPMG’s Digital Innovation Services is a team of dedicated and innovative experts with in-depth implementation experience around complex digital transformation topics and financial services insights.

At KPMG, our focus is on Trusted AI, but we also provide end-to-end digital innovation services (from ideation to PoC to technical AI and data platform implementation). We work in agile setups and in a close co-creation mode for a successful AI strategy implementation. Our specific suite of Trusted AI and digital services is designed to unlock the business potential of AI and overcome the complexity of artificial intelligence as well as data & business platforms to support efficiency gains and business growth with innovation.

Streamline your organization's compliance with the EU AI Act with our comprehensive expertise. We support you every step of the way, from detailed analysis of AI use cases and models to thorough organizational health assessments. We can also help you set up a risk-adjusted and robust AI governance structure, equipped with the tools and processes you need for sustainable compliance. In addition to Trusted AI services, our team designs and builds AI applications, and can assist you in optimizing your data landscape by implementing modern data and technology platforms. We combine interdisciplinary teams (data scientists, data engineers, lawyers, auditors) to carry out these services.

Dare to transform your business’s artificial intelligence landscape and become compliant with the EU AI Act.

Bobby Zarkov

Partner, Financial Services

KPMG Switzerland

Andreas Paul

Partner, Financial Services Markets & Business Solutions

KPMG Switzerland

Do you find yourself in one of these situations?

  • Are you uncertain about how to navigate the upcoming EU AI Act and how it will affect your organization?
  • You want to ensure that you are compliant from a Governance perspective with the EU AI Act and its requirements
  • Your company already has an AI use case portfolio but is unsure of the implications of emerging national and international regulations.
  • Your company is unsure what constitutes an AI application under the EU AI Act’s definition and if so, how many AI applications exist in your company.
  • You are keen to drive your business forward with AI to realize efficiency gains, growth potential and increased customer satisfaction.
  • You want to embed artificial intelligence in your business processes, product development or increase customer centricity.
  • You want to optimize and simplify your AI landscape and you are looking for a structured approach to evaluate and shortlist a consolidation solution that will best address the specific needs of your organization.
  • Your company is required to prepare for the EU AI Act, but you lack personnel resources or in-house technology expertise.
  • You are understaffed and need interim support from an AI strategy and technology specialist.
  • You want to increase the knowledge of artificial intelligence and the EU AI Act within your organization.

Our services

Ready to become a Trusted AI company?

With a wealth of experience in complex, large-scale AI projects, our team is uniquely positioned to assess your current situation, address your company's specific AI challenges effectively as well as increase trust, transparency and explainability in your AI landscape.

  1. AI Health Check

    We’ve developed a holistic AI Health Check to achieve transparency as a first step towards compliance with the EU AI Act. In particular, prohibited AI use cases, General Purpose AI use cases (Gen AI) as well as high-risk AI use cases (e.g. Annex III, EU AI Act) require attention and appropriate compliance.

    We align your existing portfolio of AI applications and planned AI roadmap with the risk-based approach of the EU AI Act. We define appropriate countermeasures and recommendations. For confirmation purposes, a specific deep dive into the underlying AI model may be indicated for certain AI use cases. 

  2. AI Model & Algorithm Review and Assessment

    This service offers a deep dive and analysis of individual AI models, assessing them with regard to explainability, bias, fairness and output accuracy, leveraging advanced tools and methodologies. By promoting transparency and responsible AI usage, it assists client teams in improving current models and establishing AI governance best practices.

    We use our own data scientists and data engineers with AI implementation experience. In line with the EU AI Act, this service applies strict data governance strategies to ensure compliance and responsible AI management for AI models.

  3. AI Governance Framework

    Based on your innovation appetite and your existing AI use case portfolio, we define a robust AI Governance organization based on our Trusted AI Framework. As we combine expertise in both AI and in the implementation of Data Science Machine Learning platforms, we can provide hands-on support both in the conceptual development of the required AI governance framework as well as in the corresponding implementation.

    By integrating technical, legal and compliance expertise, we tailor the services to our clients' specific needs and business objectives.

Trusted AI Maturity Assessment

When you need a quick snapshot of where your business is today:

  • Take our 10-min survey and get an indication of your company’s Trusted AI maturity ranking. This will help you understand where you stand and how much potential exists.
  • Take the opportunity to contact us for a more in-depth conversation to understand and assess how KPMG can help with your current challenges.

Strategic Insights: successfully navigating Trusted AI within your industry

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Bobby Zarkov

Partner, Financial Services

KPMG Switzerland

Andreas Paul

Partner, Financial Services Markets & Business Solutions

KPMG Switzerland

Thierry Kellerhals

Director, Financial Services, Digital Innovation

KPMG Switzerland