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Our cloud based legal function assessment platform is built for scale, but designed for real outcomes. It takes a hybrid approach – a mixture of automated intelligence and human analysis to generate findings that are relevant and targeted.


Legal departments are under increasing pressure to adapt to changing needs and work volume, adopt new technology and data-driven decision making, and demonstrate value to their organisation.

Your team may not be equipped with the budget, data, technical acumen or time to address these challenges. You may not know where to start on your transformation journey, may not have a clear view of where opportunities for improvement lie and lack the data to inform the case for change.

KPMG’s Tech-Enabled Solution

KPMG’s Legal Function Assessment Suite (LFAS) is an innovative technology solution that enables rapid assessment of your legal function’s maturity and its performance against industry best practice. LFAS offers a collection of digital tools aimed at understanding your department through the lens of six key pillars: Performance metrics, Governance, Technology, People, Processes and Resourcing. The solution then creates a report, detailing the findings and recommendations that help build a transformation roadmap.

Benefits of KPMG’s Legal Function Assessment Suite

Digital surveys tailored for different stakeholder groups, combined with our activity estimator, gather data on how, why and for whom the legal function operates within your organisation. This information is used to produce a digital report, meaning no admin, no disruption to the team and at a pace that suits everyone.

Comprehensive surveys make it an excellent solution for in-house legal teams of all sizes and sectors.

Surveys consolidate input from all levels of your organisation and your legal team at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting engagements.

Data visualisations allow you to compare insights from different stakeholders and industry benchmarks.

KPMG’s global network of specialists makes LFAS, our advanced legal function assessment solution, fit for teams of any size, anywhere.

How it works

KPMG’s Legal Function Assessment Suite is a collection of digital tools focused at understanding the Legal function from the viewpoint of the General Counsel, legal team and stakeholders from across your organisation.

  • Activity estimator

    Activity Estimator

    The Activity Estimator module helps identify where members of the legal team spend their time and who they support day to day, without the burden of filling in timesheets.

  • Digital reporting

    Digital reporting

    This visualisation allows you to see the big picture of how your department currently operates, benchmarking maturity ratings from different stakeholder groups and industry peers.

  • Optimisation roadmap

    Optimisation roadmap

    Develops a bespoke roadmap of data-backed initiatives detailing how to improve your function's way of working.

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