Richard Boele

Chief Purpose Officer | Partner, KPMG Banarra, Human Rights & Social Impact Services

KPMG Australia

To say Richard is passionate about human rights is something of an understatement. Richard has spent most of his work life championing the causes of the vulnerable and under-represented in a way that few do, most aptly demonstrated in almost 15 years running his own human rights consultancy, Banarra.

Richard draws on his cutting-edge social sustainability insights to help Boards and their chief executives navigate the inherent social risks associated with increasingly global and diverse operating contexts. His particular strengths are the social and governance dimensions of sustainability and leading large consultancy assignments in socially and politically complex environments.

Richard understands the importance of teamwork. “When you’re looking to provide advice around difficult and grey areas such as social impact and human rights you have to take a team-based approach because the issues are just so complex. No single person has the solution."

His goal is to see the corporate responsibility to respect human rights mainstreamed, and he believes KPMG is a fantastic platform from which he can contribute to that.

  • Climate change policy
  • Risk Management
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainability program assessment
  • Sustainability strategy development
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), Mass Communications/Media Studies, 1986, Macquarie University

  • Member of International Association of Impact Assessors

  • Member of Society Petroleum Engineers