KPMG Lighthouse: Center of Excellence for data & technology

Support in the digital transformation of your firm by blending innovation and technology.

KPMG Lighthouse is our Center of Excellence for data-driven technology. We deliver value at the speed of technology with the agility of a start-up and the depth of a global powerhouse - all elevated by our incredible people.

KPMG Lighthouse delivers an array of advanced technology capabilities that drive optimization and sustained growth for organizations. We are a collective of data scientists, architects, engineers, developers, and modelers who work solution-oriented alongside our clients to address enterprise challenges and enable digital success.

Our international team has an exceptional overview of innovative and emerging technologies - from data science and machine learning to agile software development on cloud platforms. We build and deliver trusted solutions to drive growth, manage risk and optimize cost.

Together we will achieve your digital goals through new, innovative ways: unlocking the value of your data, harnessing the power of modern technology, and elevating your business to realize more in an ever increasingly demanding and competitive environment.

The KPMG Lighthouse advantage


Our community of data science, engineering, and domain experts have been hired with one goal in mind: to be among the best there is for taking our clients into the future.

Our professionals are skilled in advanced technologies like AI, analytics, UX design, cloud architecture, and more.

Technology accelerators

Each year, we diligently invest in our technology accelerators.

We take a portfolio approach, reevaluating every accelerator annually to help ensure that the ones we build, and update are exactly the right fit for the future-looking business. 


With dozens of technology leaders on our list of alliances, you’ll find that our alliance partnerships are robust and capable of tackling technically diverse problems.

By training and certifying our technology professionals, they enable us to deliver solutions across all leading platforms with true competence. 

Ignition: Our data & technology-based methodology

In our data analytics and tech-powered showroom Insights Center we jointly create opportunities for better business outcomes.

Technology solutions

Together with leading technology companies, we develop business-critical solutions.

Analytics & Data Management consulting

Drive business growth with our expertise in Analytics & Data Management. Leverage your data for strategic insight and operational efficiency.

Intelligente Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

We help you to effectively manage internal and external risks and meet GRC requirements with smart technology-based GRC solutions.

Contact our experts

Our professionals immerse themselves in your organization, applying industry knowledge, powerful solutions and innovative technology to deliver sustainable results.

Whether it’s helping you lead a digital transformation, an ESG integration or risk mitigation, KPMG creates tailored data-driven solutions that help you deliver value, drive innovation and build stakeholder trust.

Mark Meuldijk

Partner, Data & AI

KPMG Switzerland

Mattia Ferrini

Director, Artificial Intelligence

KPMG Switzerland

Stephan Erdmann

Director, Head of Marketing, Alliance Management and Ignition

KPMG Switzerland

Ralitsa Dimitrova

Head of KPMG Ignition Switzerland

KPMG Switzerland

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Global KPMG Lighthouse network

Our robust ecosystem, data-driven solutions and deep technological expertise help turn insights into value.


Discover more about the impact of new technologies on businesses in Switzerland and contribute to shaping the future.