Insights Center: Our data analytics and tech-powered showroom

Turn data into insights, unlock new potential with technology and envision the future.

Through interactive sessions, we help you accelerate the delivery of customized and integrated data and analytics solutions into every part of your business. Learn to manage risk, control costs, enable transformation and stimulate innovation and growth for the future.

Modern business intelligence offers exciting opportunities to propel your business into the future. But it takes skills, time and resources to realize them. KPMG helps you step back from your daily business to move forward on your innovation journey.

KPMG Insights Centers are high-tech collaborative spaces where you can explore data, AI and emerging technologies. Drawing on the latest analytic solutions and services from the KPMG global network, we bring complex data-enabled technologies to life, and help you make better – and faster – decisions.

What makes the Insights Center unique?

Our Insights Center sessions are a truly immersive experience. By experiencing data in action, you will gain a better understanding of the impact – and transformational potential – it can have.

Choose the format that suits you best: from analytics showcases and demonstrations to facilitated workshops.

Our Insights Centers enable you to bring data and analytics to life in ways never imagined. You get access to tools and technology that support virtual reality, augmented reality and real-time collaboration – even if some participants are joining us remotely. 

Together, we can accelerate innovation through real-time data exploration and scenario testing.

In just one session, you can experience the power of technology:

  • Big data systems – gain insights and opportunities through capabilities to handle and process complex, diverse and large-scale data
  • Data visualization – understand, analyze and communicate complex data sets in an intuitive way to unlock hidden insights
  • Machine learning – build predictive models to improve your performance
  • Predictive analytics – identify patterns and relationships within your data to identify risk, personalize experience and predict outcomes

We want you to emerge from the Insights Center with concrete ideas and opportunities to optimize and transform your business. A visit to the Insights Center will set you on a path to the future.

Book your Insights Center session now

Looking to stay ahead of the curve? Start your journey at the Insights Center. With our cutting-edge technologies and experienced facilitators, we provide unparalleled support to help you make informed decisions and secure an edge over the competition. Our interactive sessions cover a wide range of topics and are tailored to meet your specific needs. So why wait? 

Book a session today and take your business to the next level.

Impression of KPMG Insight Center in Zurich
Impression of KPMG Insight Center in Zurich
Impression of KPMG Insight Center in Zurich
Impression of KPMG Insight Center in Zurich
Impression of KPMG Insight Center in Zurich
Impression of KPMG Insight Center in Zurich

KPMG Global Insights Center Network

Our Insights Center in Zurich is one of 24 already up and running worldwide. This community gives you direct access to our global network of more than 4,000 data and analytics specialists and technology subject-matter experts from 155 countries.

Most importantly, with connections across our global network, we can host simultaneous sessions through the globe. Is part of your team based in Zurich, with the rest are in London, New York, Hong Kong or Sydney? No problem. We can organize a hybrid interactive session, seamlessly connecting our different centers.

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