Ignition: Our data & technology-based methodology

In our Insights Center we jointly create opportunities for better business outcomes.

Enterprises are operating in a disruptive environment – and they need to respond with innovation if they are to meet customer needs and generate economic growth in the future. 

We created KPMG Ignition to push the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s a unique tech-enabled resource: we bring together people, data, methods and technology to solve challenges, embrace technological advances and develop a culture of collaboration. 

Guided by our team of facilitators and inspired by data, you will learn to unleash your entrepreneurial power. You’ll get to know about business intelligence trends and technology – from predictive analytics and machine learning to blockchain and crypto assets. We’ll also introduce you to new methodologies to inspire your future business.

We understand that the customer experience is critical to the success of any innovation initiative. Together with your key stakeholders, we’ll explore areas for growth and generate ideas for new products, services and business models.

The future’s yours to build. Start shaping it with KPMG Ignition.

Our Ignition services

KPMG Ignition provides you with frameworks, resources and tools to be an active innovator in a changing digital world.

How we support your business

KPMG Ignition challenges the status quo. It’s built around three core capabilities that help companies solve challenges in a people-centered, creative and experimentation-driven way.

Ignition Lab: Get inspired to envision the future

We help you build your strategy, ideate and design solutions through collaboration.

Insights Center: Our data analytics and tech-powered showroom

We inspire you to envision the future, turn data into insights and discover a world of opportunities with the use of technology.

Ignition Academy: Grow your knowledge on emerging tech

We help you kick-start your innovation journey from a solid base.

Our current portfolio of masterclasses

Artificial Intelligence

Want to dive deeper into the world of artificial intelligence and learn more? Discover AI under Control: a masterclass on integrating responsible AI practices into your business strategy.

Learn how to develop and implement an AI control framework that ensures your AI systems are trustworthy and unbiased. Overcome the challenges of AI adoption with our holistic approach and ensure your technology is aligned with ethical standards, regulatory requirements and business objectives. 

> Masterclass "AI under control"


Gain a deeper understanding of blockchain technology and unlock its game-changing potential for your business.

KPMG subject-matter experts guide you through the fundamentals of blockchain, its applications and various use cases.

ESG Technology

Discover the power of ESG Technology and its relevance to your organization.  

Our subject-matter experts will conduct you through the fundamentals of ESG technology, providing clarity on how it aligns with your organization's goals and values.


Do you want to learn about data-driven enterprise and Microsoft solutions?

KPMG subject-matter experts introduce you to a range of Microsoft solutions. We showcase relevant demos and prepare your team for the detailed envisioning workshop with Microsoft.

> Masterclass Microsoft AI

Payments & Crypto

Understand the developments in payments, digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies.

Our subject-matter experts will explain the latest trends in payments and crypto as well as the relevant technologies and regulations.

> Masterclass Payment & Crypto

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Head of KPMG Ignition Switzerland

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