KPMG Payment & Crypto Trainings

Educate yourself on the latest trends in payments & crypto, and gain a basic understanding on digital assets, stable coins & tokens.


Understand the new world of payments, wallets and cryptos

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Payments are an integral and critical element for customer and supplier interaction. With digitalization on the rise, the variety and types of payment methods have increased manifold.

While cash, traditional invoices and bank wires are on the decline, digital and online based payment methods such as wallets, cryptocurrencies and stable coins are emerging. With the introduction of new payment methods, the underlying technology is changing quickly and forcing market participants – from private companies to central banks – to adapt their processes. 

Finance and Treasury professionals need to understand the technology and the potentials of these technologies to drive company wide strategic discussion. In this profession it is mandatory to have this understanding to stay relevant and to even drive innovation and the company’s success. 

Market participants find themselves having to increasingly interact with payment service providers and FinTechs to manage the new payment methods while facing enormous business process disruptions due to a lack of proper integration.

Martin Thomas

Partner, Head of Finance- and Treasury Management

KPMG Switzerland

Content of the Payment & Crypto Training

  • Current payment trends
  • Introduction to digital currencies, wallets and assets
  • Custody of digital assets
  • Relevance and maturity of Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • Use cases and strategic aspects of digital payments
  • Settlements on the blockchain
  • Strategic relevance and use cases for the CFO organization
  • Regulatory outlook and accounting treatment overview
  • Updates from the crypto and metaverse world
  • Outlook

About the training session

  • A 4 hour workshop tailored to your specific level and needs
  • An interactive session in the KPMG Insights Center in Zurich, Singapore and Hong Kong  (and hybrid training if requested)
  • Depending on the number of participants per training the sessions will be mixed (multiple companies) or per company (company individual sessions can be booked as well)
  • Get educated on digital and crypto payments for the benefit of your organization
  • 500 CHF per attending person (or in equivalent to your local currency)

New dates will be available soon. Are you interested in a customized training for your company? Please get in touch with Dennis Kiratli,, to make an appointment.

You will leave with

  • A clear view on current payment trends for your industry
  • An informed view to judge when and how your organization may be impacted or even how it can drive new solutions
  • A basic understanding of digital assets and currencies
  • Awareness of the changes in the payment landscape

Impressions - KPMG Payment & Crypto Trainings 2022

KPMG Payment & Crypto Training - Impressions 2022
KPMG Payment & Crypto Training - Impressions 2022
KPMG Payment & Crypto Training - Impressions 2022
KPMG Payment & Crypto Training - Impressions 2022

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