The three letters E, S & G (Environmental, Social and Governance) represent perhaps the greatest megatrend of our time and a fundamental transformation of the economy. Companies, investors, and consumers across industries are seeking ways to reduce negative social and environmental impacts and bridge the gap to a more sustainable world. 

ESG has evolved from a risk and compliance topic to a value generation lever. Sustainable growth is the only way to build a successful and resilient business for both KPMG firms and their clients. Together, we can have a lasting positive impact on the environment and society.

No matter where you are in your sustainability journey, nor how ambitious your goals, we can help you uncover strategic advantages for your business in the long-term. KPMG professionals assist clients in fulfilling their purpose and achieving their ESG goals. Our ESG services seek to go beyond strategy, as key part of a client’s ESG transformation, risk, tax and advisory, reporting and assurance needs. With access to industry-leading experience, data-driven technology and global alliances, you can turn insight into opportunity for your business, your people and our planet. 


Climate change
Climate risks
Transition roadmap

Natural ressources
Water shortage
Soil depletion, erosion & forest dieback

Circular economy
Waste, toxins & e-waste
Package material


Human capital
Production & occupational safety
Diversity & equal pay
Human rights

Product responsibility
Procurement & supply chain
Data protection & security
Child labour

Stakeholder management
ESG consumer perception
Social dialogue
Political dialogue 


Corporate responsibility
Good Corporate Governance
Compensation of the board
Sustainable culture of innovation

Corporate behaviour
Ethics & integrity
Anti corruption
Free competition & conflicts of interest

Finance & Accounting
Sustainable Finance
ESG ratings & indices
NR reporting

How we support you in your ESG journey

  • ESG strategy - Sustainability strategies create value - for society and for businesses. We support you with integrating sustainability in your corporate strategy.
  • Governance - Adhering to ethical standards for long-term growth. We assist your company in developing and implementing a sustainable corporate governance.
  • Decarbonization, nature & climate - Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 is now a law. We help you on the path to sustainable growth and a low-carbon future.
  • Reporting & assurance - Creating transparency and comparability is more than just a vision. We support you in the implementation of the new requirements.
  • Sustainable finance - Sustainable finance as a strategic priority. We help you ensure transparent capital allocation and effective risk management in the financial system.
  • ESG in tax - Shaping transformation with tax-related matters. We support you in embedding tax in your ESG strategy and assessing the impact on your financial performance. 
  • Sustainable supply chain - Transparent supply chains as a crucial factor for business success. We provide end-to-end support with optimization measures.
  • ESG in deals - Value creation in mergers and acquisitions through sustainability. Learn how to protect and enhance the value of your deal by integrating ESG considerations.
  • Circular economy - Changing the use of resources, reducing waste, eliminating pollution and saving costs. We accompany you into a more sustainable future.
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Why you should focus on your company's sustainable future?

UN-Agenda 2030 for a sustainable future

With its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) it published in 2015, the United Nations set forward-looking goals for socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable development to be achieved by all UN member states by 2030. The 17 goals focus on the most urgent challenges of our time and provide politicians with a framework for action. The SDGs are intended to offer companies a basis for setting their corporate strategy.

UN-Agenda 2030 for a sustainable future

Developments in Switzerland (2030 SDS)

The Swiss Federal Council outlined the political implementation of the SDGs in Switzerland in its sustainability development strategy (2030 SDS). In this strategy it formulated guidelines for future federal policy and set goals for 2030 as well as domestic and foreign strategic thrusts with corresponding political focal points. Thus, companies can already get an idea of what to expect in these areas and make corresponding adjustments.

Focal points

  1. Sustainable consumption and sustainable production
  2. Climate, energy and biodiversity
  3. Equal opportunity and social cohesion

An action plan for the years 2021 to 2023 fleshes out the sustainability strategy 2030 with selected new measures at the federal level, which are to be defined taking account of existing political programs. As a result, these changes will also affect the operational environment of companies, a fact that needs to be recognized. Because this is the only way to take advantage of opportunities and counteract risks in a timely manner.

UNESCO’s starts Global Education Coalition

KPMG – a founding member of UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition - is committed to making significant contributions to help ensure inclusive and equitable education for all.

> Read more about the coalition

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