In today’s market, technology innovation is shaping the way organizations operate. Change is constant and disruption is rapidly becoming the norm. When it comes to technology, getting it right can mean a sustainable advantage over your competition – and we at KPMG have the tools, experience and advice to help you achieve tangible results with Microsoft technology.

KPMG is more than a business integrator and focuses on overall value delivery during the full transformation lifecycle, as opposed to only looking at technology implementation. This is achieved through our leading practices together with our KPMG Powered Enterprise functional transformation solution. Our talented and divers team combines deep business expertise with extensive technical capabilities to develop technology solutions that enhance your organization.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a complete suite of business software such as ERP, Sales & Marketing, Customer Insights, HR and low code capabilities, based on the cloud. It offers a wide range of considered and intelligent business applications, which seamlessly work together. They transform administrative and primary business processes, enrich customer relationships and professionalize talent management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 benefits from being connected to the cloud: always up to date, well secured, pleasantly flexible, and scalable.

Dynamics 365 is a powerful solution to:

  • Replace legacy systems
  • Standardize and automate business processes
  • Work together more closely
  • Gain rich insights from customer data
  • Reduce back office costs

KPMG Powered Supply Chain enabled by Microsoft Technology

Our Microsoft Supply Chain experts help you to create a more resilient and sustainable supply chain using an open, flexible, collaborative, and secured supply chain platform. We underpin that with leading digital solutions and tools provided by Microsoft.

Key aspects are:

  • Understand the risks and opportunities. Our supply chain sustainability assessments enable you to measure, monitor and manage the risks across your supply chain – and seize the opportunities.
  • Accelerate your supply chain decarbonization plans. We support you in determining emissions hotspots within your supply chain. That enables you to prioritize actions for decarbonization. We also help you engage your suppliers to take the necessary action.

KPMG Powered Supply Chain enabled by Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a tried and tested target operating model, which defines the most effective ways to work in the future. It does so across six key layers of an optimized supply chain model:

  • Process: framing your supply chain function
  • People: redefining who does what
  • Technology: enabling and automating the way things work
  • Service delivery: deciding what gets done and where
  • Performance insights and data: optimizing decision-making
  • Governance: controlling how everything is overseen

KPMG firms help you develop a clear vision of success across your supply chain function and can help you get there – a proven route that’s right for your business.

KPMG Powered Human Resources enabled by Microsoft Technology

In the past few years, demand for human resources (HR) services has increased, and HR professionals are confronted with numerous challenges, such as the war for talent, the complexity of managing a diverse and global workforce, and the need to ensure compliance with regulations. On top of this, many HR departments are still dealing with outdated technology.

To help organizations overcome these challenges, Powered HR has proven to be a transformative solution:

  • How can we contribute to transforming the workforce?
  • How can we leverage technology and processes to create a purpose-driven culture?
  • How do we connect with employees around the 'moments that matter' and transform their experience?
  • How can we leverage data and insights to improve the way we manage people?
  • How do we keep improving the efficiency of HR processes?

Be a transformative leader in the HR organization of the future

Working with HR teams around the globe, KPMG member firms have implemented Powered HR to accelerate transformation, add value and reduce costs. Powered HR is a tried and tested operating model based on our expertise, best-in-class practices and a pre-built set of assets on top of leading third-party technology solutions. It provides a platform that empowers HR to deliver greater value by supporting strategic people-centric initiatives and continuously improving operational efficiency in every way possible.

Powered HR offers you the following benefits:

  • Improved efficiency through automation
  • Accurate mood analysis through qualitative surveys
  • Enhanced employee engagement that is the basis for a positive customer experience
  • Higher revenues thanks to empowered employees

Expertise we can provide

At KPMG Switzerland we work with internationally recognized professionals such as Ana Inés Urrutia de Souza. Ana is an expert in Dynamics 365 Human Resources and Microsoft for Human Resources. She is a Microsoft MVP and a leader in implementing and utilizing these technologies for HR.

Ana is a sought-after speaker and mentor, known for fostering an inclusive community within HR and tech. Her blend of technical acumen, leadership, and community building has made her an influential figure in digital transformation.

Visit Most Valuable Professional - Microsoft for more information on her work.

Microsoft in the Healthcare Sector

The opportunities for digitalization in healthcare are increasing rapidly. In Switzerland, an increasing number of hospitals are turning to telemedicine, patient portals as well as digital support for diagnoses and treatment processes. However, this also increases the complexity of the company's own digital transformation, particularly with regard to the associated interfaces with patients, the workforce and also with upstream and downstream service providers. KPMG can support you in comprehensively defining your strategic direction and in initiating and pursuing your digital transformation in a structured and cost-efficient way. 

We offer numerous use cases for hospitals in Switzerland based on Microsoft technology. Starting with the collaboration within the hospital, the analysis of operational key figures as well as the optimized allocation of resources, we provide hospitals with easy-to-use solutions. 

To accompany patients from admission to discharge and aftercare, we facilitate an omni-channel communication through modern mobile applications for a 360-degree patient view. The hospital staff and relatives can now follow the individual patient history even more closely. Our goal is to optimize care coordination by keeping care costs low, integrating new care trends and automating manual procedures. In doing so, we can tailor our offering to the needs of individual hospitals and provide suitable applications.


KPMG is a full-service, global network of member firms delivering business and technology integration with a robust and growing number of consultants with Microsoft experience. Together, KPMG and Microsoft teams give you the freedom to transform your business at your own pace, reducing risk, costs and stress to your organization.