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Discussions where every voice counts

Every day, businesses need to efficiently reach agreement on complex decisions – a process that can be difficult when there are divergent views, people located across the world, and conversations dominated by the loudest voices. KPMG Facilitator View enables fast, democratic and robust decision making.

The easy-to-use online app enables you to host meetings, workshops or other group conversations in which all voices in the room are heard. Quickly create a survey, share it with participants, and find out in real time what everyone really thinks on an issue.

Drive powerful decision making

Effective engagement

  1. Makes group decision making easier for both facilitators and participants

  2. Enables participation from anywhere in the world

Collaboration and agreement

  1. Ensures all participants are heard and their views are counted

  2. Drives certainty around decisions in today’s fast moving, disruptive and competitive business environment

Real-time analysis

  1. Replaces outdated workshop facilitation tools, lengthy discussions and lost time

  2. Delivers a consistent, repeatable and scalable basis to cross reference findings

Quick insights, clear decisions

Efficient operation

  1. Tailor surveys and voting scales specifically to the awareness you need

  2. Share to participants for immediate input

  3. Facilitate both in-situ and virtual participation, at any place, any time

Clear information

  1. Receive real-time survey results to see what people really think, even on challenging issues

  2. Use heat maps to see nuanced perspectives of participant views

  3. Generate immediate reports of results

Democratic decision making

  1. Enables attendees to vote anonymously

  2. Gives equal weight to all participant input

  3. Share reports to quickly gain perspectives and make decisions