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Accelerate your organisation’s cyber maturity by focusing on a major component of quantifiable culture change; a dynamic annual change program that enables you to address human risk and drive targeted cyber capability and influence initiatives targeted training and teachable moments – making your people the first and best line of defence.

Then, keep track of progress and tell your story of risk reduction with advanced data analytics and reporting.


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What is Cyber Learning Unlock (CLU)?

KPMG Cyber Learning Unlock is a human risk management and cyber behaviour change program. It enables you to identify, quantify and mitigate human risk to better protect your assets, data and people.

From work plans and communication packs to immersive escape rooms and phishing simulations – our tiered model means you can choose a program to suit your needs, no matter where you are on the cyber security journey.

We work with you on the best way to deliver the program, either on existing channels or via a seamless dynamic platform. 


of users said they were more cyber aware after just one KPMG CLU cyber escape room experience


said they would do it again

Tailored cyber security training

Set the tone by making cyber security compliance accessible, fun and immersive while demonstrating to your workforce that cyber security is everybody’s responsibility.​

Provide a seamless user experience with a human risk quantification and behaviour change program via a dynamic platform or through your existing established channels. 

Gamify your cyber security training via virtual or in-person cyber escape rooms which foster team building and reinforce cyber security principles in a fun and dynamic way. 

Align with best practice cyber security frameworks where services are mapped to relevant Australian and global cyber security frameworks and regulations. ​

Deliver next-gen learning backed by science leveraging next generation training based on neuroscience and advanced adult learning principles.

Mature with speed by implementing a sector aligned, ready-to-go human risk management and change program which can be deployed at pace.

Our annual Ignite program includes valuable and relevant cyber updates, industry trends, sector learnings, case studies and communication campaigns.
Our annual Influencer program is achieved through sharing sector-specific content. This includes relevant cyber updates, industry trends, Board reporting and insights, sector learnings and communication campaigns.
Our annual Viral program includes developing and sharing branded and customised content. This includes valuable and relevant cyber updates, industry trends, Board reporting and insights, sector learnings, case studies and communication campaigns.

Frequently asked questions

How is this training program different from what we already have?

The questions to ask yourself are:

  • Is your existing program effective?
  • Can you measure change in user behaviours (not just phishing)?
  • Can you show data driven return on investment from your cyber engagement, change and influence program?
  • Are you currently using proven ways to accelerate the consolidation of learning?

We use leading technology and a multi-faceted approach to create lasting change in your organisation. Drawing on principles in change management, learning, neuroscience, communications and marketing – our program addresses your biggest risks and facilitates lasting behaviour change. The results are measurable and can be reported to demonstrate return on investment.

What is the benefit of Human Risk Index and API integration?

KPMG CLU’s Human Risk Index uses API integration to identify risky behaviours before they cause an incident. This data can be viewed 24/7 through a dashboard and can be broken down by staff role, geography and team – or you can view the human risk index score for the whole organisation.

Once a cluster of risky staff behaviours has been identified, KPMG CLU can deliver tailored and targeted training to your user group to educate them on safe cyber security behaviours. The Human Risk Index dashboard helps you measure, quantify, track and report the change in behaviour. You can share this data with your executives and the board to show return on investment.

Which Cyber Learning Unlock module should I choose?

We start with discovery and then deliver an annual work plan that is based on your organisational key risks, priorities in your cyber security strategy and level of maturity. Not all offerings may be appropriate and we take that into consideration when designing a program that is right for you.

What is a cyber escape room?

Cyber escape rooms are a new and immersive way to drive cyber security capability uplift in a dynamic and fun way using gamification, team work and problem solving skills. This can be organised in a virtual or in-person setting.

What does a phishing simulation involve?

A phishing simulation education program provides both enterprise-wide and targeted phishing campaigns. KPMG CLU will analyse the data, provide monthly reporting, and deploy training to users who are falling victim to phishing simulations. CLU also targets repeat clickers by strategically adjusting the approach. All training is highly targeted to address the specific risks of different user groups in your organisation, such as privileged access users.

Is it a lot of work for my team to upkeep the program?

KPMG CLU has been designed with flexibility and ease in mind. To remove the burden of delivery, CLU can be executed entirely by KPMG on your behalf. If you want to retain full control, it can be executed by your organisation and supported by KPMG.

KPMG CLU gives you access to pre-packaged content, plug and play training, behaviour assessment, human risk management analytics and gamified experiences like cyber escape rooms to provide you with a hit-the-ground-running capability you can leverage and benefit from immediately.

What is the difference between the KPMG CLU accelerators and amplifiers?

Accelerators establish an annual cyber influence, engagement and communication program at pace to ensure all of your stakeholders are being appropriately engaged in order to keep security front of mind and ensure all employees are taken on the journey.

Amplifiers is where the capability consolidation is amplified; targeted and powerful services to drive a specific capability and behaviour change – for example, human risk index, compliance training, escape room, phishing, etc.

We have a very mature cyber training and awareness program. Why do I need CLU?

KPMG CLU is not a training and awareness program – it is so much more. No matter your level of cyber security maturity, CLU offers you next generation capability for engaging, motivating and changing your staff behaviours when it comes to safe online practices. CLU goes beyond conventional training and awareness to create an annual cyber behaviour change program which is steeped in human risk management and utilises globally leading capability.

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