KPMG and Australian Red Cross Collaboration

With a heightened global demand for humanitarian services, Australian Red Cross had to address a number of concerns in order to maintain efficient operations and continue helping people in need. 

The organisation was experiencing increasingly siloed areas of business, all of which were growing at a pace difficult to keep up with using their existing systems and processes.

KPMG worked side by side with the Australian Red Cross team to develop a transformation road map to completely reshape the way they work, allowing the organisation to operate more efficiently and deliver even greater impact to the people they serve.

Client: Australian Red Cross Project: Technology enablement and business transformation for Red Cross in Australia Location: Australia Sector: Humanitarian Services: Organisation design | Transformation Office establishment and management

Telling the story

What was needed

  • Strong governance model to support the transformation.
  • Identify priority service areas and improve core capabilities.
  • Implement strong finance capabilities.
  • Understand the end-end-relationship with the core business finance software.
  • Redesign the way the people at Australian Red Cross work together as an organisation.
  • Re-engineer their systems and automation processes to be more efficient.

What we did

KPMG partnered with Australian Red Cross to streamline and align their front-of-house and internal operations, delivering long-lasting efficiency and allowing for better collaboration across the business. 

Our team used the Powered Enterprise approach to deliver demonstrable value at speed while creating a solution that is sustainable and will create value far into the future. This required a complete understanding of the Australian Red Cross to build a solid foundation from which the organisation can continue to grow. 

Together with the Australian Red Cross, we implemented new structures, processes, technologies and improved the use of data that will improve employee experience, better utilise resources and enable the organisation to continue serving Australian communities.

What we delivered

  • Created a roadmap to help the organisation eliminate business silos and create cohesion across the organisation.
  • Identified automation opportunities to drive efficiencies in the business.
  • Implemented a value chain-focused transformation with a Matrix Model to utilise resources more efficiently.
  • Reviewed service offerings to deduce which programs best serve the community.
  • Employed a full-scale, digital-driven transformation, transitioning the organisation to platforms and technologies that best suit new ways of working, such as Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Finance system.
  • Aided the Australian Red Cross in helping their employees embrace and understand the new systems and processes.
  • Delivered a personalised solution that enhances employee experience and improves company culture.
  • Provided a fully resourced Transformation Office to drive the outcomes at the pace that was required.
  • Implemented Microsoft Not-for-Profit Solution.

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