This report is the fourth of its kind and builds on our critical work with the Diversity Council Australia and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency from 2009, 2016, and 2019.

She’s Price(d)less is the only analysis of its kind in Australia that analyses the contributing drivers of the gender pay gap to explain why the gender pay gap exists, and where it needs to be addressed the most.

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About this report

This report provides policy makers and business leaders with evidence-based insight to better understand and take more informed action to reduce the gender pay gap in Australia.

KPMG recognises that since the last report in 2019, the gender pay gap has remained stubbornly unchanged despite action across the public and private sector to tackle gender inequality.

This report tracks changes in drivers relating to the gender pay gap and shows that gender discrimination is the single largest contributor to the gender pay gap. It also shows a worrying trend in the rise of industry and occupation segregation.

    For the first time, this report has shone a spotlight on the drivers of the gender pay gap by industry to provide policy and decision makers evidence and answer the ‘why’.

    By investigating industry specific pay gaps, we open the door to targeted action to tackle the gender pay gap where it is most persistent.

Australia's hourly gender pay gap

Gender pay gap drivers figure 1 hourly pay gap

Key drivers of the pay gap in 2020

Our analysis shows that systemic drivers of the pay gap remain the largest contributors to the pay gap in 2020.

Gender pay gap drivers figure 2 discrimination
Gender pay gap drivers figure 2 participation
Gender pay gap drivers figure 2 job type
gender pay gay drivers figure 3

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