The financial services landscape is in transition. Traditional players are evolving, and ecosystems are forming around customer pain points and value propositions. New digital currencies and assets are forming shadow systems. Financial market infrastructure is going digital. And the pace of change is continuously accelerating.

Our customers deeply care about value, confidence, and security, and what they want is a financial services ecosystem tailored to their specific needs. Leading financial institutions will be defined by the ecosystems that gravitate around them. They will be measured by the incremental value they deliver to their customers, and they will grow based on their ability to meet their customers’ needs.

In our latest global financial services publication, we discuss three themes driving today’s financial services agenda. We explore how platforms are fueling growth and share ideas for accelerating innovation. We discuss the various types of cryptoassets and the impact of CBDCs on the current financial system, including potential unexpected tax implications.

Judd Caplain, KPMG’s Global Head of Financial Services explains why the leading financial institutions are pivoting to platforms in his Chairman’s message: Preparing for platform primacy.

We hope you enjoy this collection of insights and ideas from our financial services leaders across the globe.


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