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In a time when change is a constant, asking the big questions and tackling the challenging issues are key to paving a way for the future.

The series discusses a range of topics such as science, sport, leadership, current affairs and culture with global change makers on issues and ideas that affect businesses, communities, societies and the world.

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Season 3

Episode 14

On this episode we look at the importance of disability and diversity. We speak to experts in the field and understand how businesses can benefit from employing people from a wide range of backgrounds. Host Whitney Fitzsimmons speaks to KPMG Director David Kay about his work advising on the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, CEO of Auticon Bodo Mann about his company’s work helping businesses employ people from Neurodiverse backgrounds and disability activist and host of the podcast ‘I can’t stand’ Peta Hooke.

Episode 13

In this episode we look at the growing wave of women entrepreneurs and how they’re influencing and changing various sectors of business. Host Whitney Fitzsimmons speaks to Lauren Capelin, Principal with Startmate one of Australia’s largest startup accelerators to discuss the gender gap in startup investment. She also catches up with Mina Radhakrishnan Co-Founder of :Different and she finds out about the entrepreneurial journey of Amanda Hicks, National Managing Partner, Client Experience & Brand with KPMG.

Episode 12

In this episode we discuss everything about the ‘S’ in ESG. From uncovering human rights abuses in supply chains to ensuring AI driven algorithms aren't driving inequality, major companies need to be more aware of the 'S' in ESG than ever. Host Whitney Fitzsimmons speaks to Dr Meg Brodie, Partner KPMG Banarra, Hanno Blankenstein, Co-Founder & CEO of Unleash Live and Andrew Winston, Author 'Net Positive: How courageous companies thrive by giving more than they take'.

Episode 11

In this episode we take a look at battling corporate fraud, bribery and complex compliance issues. Join host Whitney Fitzsimmons for an in-depth discussion with former NSW Police Officer and KPMG’s Partner in Forensics Dean Mitchell, who works to prevent anti-competitive behaviour, fraud and corruption.

Episode 10

We find out from Blue Origin astronaut and former NASA Engineer Chris Boshuizen what it’s like to rocket through space. We check out the Australian space industry with KPMG Space Account Lead Jacob Hacker and we speak to Adam Gilmour CEO and Co-Founder Space Technologies to find out the ever-increasing importance of space and how it’s likely to impact business in the future.

Episode 9

Coinciding with International Women’s Day this episode focuses on some of the key issue’s women face every day in the workplace – from discrimination to the gender pay gap. We find out how the landscape has changed and how companies are upping their game to be more inclusive. In this episode host Whitney Fitzsimmons speaks to KPMG’s Chairman, Alison Kitchen, Verve Super Co-Founder and CEO Christina Hobbs and Meggie Palmer founder of PepTalkHer.

Episode 8

In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Richard Boele, KPMG's Chief Purpose Officer to discuss the importance of organisations having a clear purpose. Having a clear purpose not only helps drive business success, it also paints a bigger picture for employees to better align to. Purpose needs to be an integral part of how any organisation is structured in the modern world.

Episode 7

Well even before the pandemic the trend of loneliness across Australia and the globe was growing exponentially and since then social disconnection has only increased with the COVID induced lockdowns and isolation. But there is a common belief that adversity can make us stronger, and make us more connected as a community. So the question is, could one of the effects of COVID be that it creates a kinder society? To find out our host Whitney Fitzsimmons spoke to Andrew Dempster, Mental Health Practice Lead for KPMG, Social Psychologist and Author Hugh MacKay and Alex Hoskyn and Glenys Reid from the Chatty Café.

If you’re interested in checking out Hugh MacKay’s latest book you can find the details on this website and if you want to find out more about The Chatty Café visit The Chatty Café Scheme website.

Episode 6

The study of neuroscience and in particular how the brain builds trust has become a focus point for leaders and companies that are looking to engage in a more meaningful way with their staff, society and key stakeholders.

Of course, for businesses, building trust can be a lengthy and detailed process which happens over time, while conversely the loss of trust can happen very quickly with long lasting impacts.

There’s no doubt that over the past couple of years the pandemic has really tested the notion of trust that consumers have in businesses. In this episode we look at organisational trust and neuroscience. Join host Whitney Fitzsimmons as she speaks to TEDx Speaker Dr Sarah McKay, Professor Nicole Gillespie, Chair of KPMG Organisational Trust and Nick Mann, CEO of Swisse Wellness.

Episode 5

On this edition of the program, a look at the landmark decision by an Australian Federal court that ruled Artificial Intelligence or AI systems can legally be recognised as an inventor in patent applications. While this may not sound like a big deal it’s a ground-breaking precedent as it challenges a fundamental assumption in the law that only human beings can be inventors. Join host Whitney Fitzsimmons as she discusses this with Ryan Abbott Author of The Reasonable Robot who is also the Attorney at the centre of this case.

Whitney also analyses the ethical questions associated with AI and the potential unintended consequences with Dr Catriona Wallace, CEO of the Ethical AI Advisory Group. And she looks at the intersection between AI and business with KPMG Futures, Partner in Charge, James Mabbott.  

Episode 4

So what’s in a brand, why do we love them and why do some brands instil an almost religious loyalty in their customers? In this episode Whitney Fitzsimmons speaks to Amy Smith, Chief Strategy and Impact Officer for Toms Shoes which pioneered the one-for-one giving model, about how they changed their strategy and maintained their popularity.

Whitney also finds out how Heston Blumenthal became a big fan of the meat alternative company Fable and she catches up with brand experts Sudeep Gohil, KPMG Head of Brand Strategy and Tim Duggan, Author of the book Cult Status to hear how to build a brand that people adore. 

Episode 3

Have you ever dreamed of switching careers or looked on at those who do so with envy? Ever wondered why some people cope with changing careers better than others? This episode looks at those people who are able to reinvent themselves successfully time and time again.

We speak to Eric D’Esposito who’s with KPMG Enterprise about leaving his home on the Isle of Capri, learning to be a commercial pilot and starting a business degree at the age of 39.

We also catch up with TEDx speaker and Author of the book 'Switchers' Dr Dawn Graham. Check out Dawn’s TEDx speech.

And we speak to Nick Langton about how he made his successful career leap to start his own business Wimp 2 Warrior.

Episode 2

According to United Nations data the world’s population is expected to peak in just 44 years at a level of nearly 11 billion, after that it will start to decline. Increasing life expectancy combined with falling fertility levels will see a number of countries experiencing a reduction in the global population. Many countries will be faced with an aging population and a comparatively smaller young population to support them.

So what does peak population mean for future generations and what can be done now to try to ameliorate the effects of a declining global population? Join Host Whitney Fitzsimmons as she discusses these topics with Forbes Top 50 Futurist Shara Evans.

Whitney also talks to KPMG’s Urban and Regional Demographer Terry Rawnsley about how societal trends, technology and the way people are consuming are goods is affecting the planet. They cover global consumption and the 'buy local' push. From Portlandia's 'Is this chicken local?' clip, to medical treatment on Star Trek, Blade Runner and test-tube hamburgers it’s an entertaining and illuminating chat.

Episode 1

Playing the game: The elite mindset and business thinking with Olympic Gold Medallist Matthew Mitcham, Olympian & Hockeyroo Emily Chalker and Commonwealth Games Swimmer Adrian Radley.

As the saying goes it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. Although to be honest most of us would prefer winning than perhaps losing. But even when you do end up with an unfavourable result there’s always something to learn and that’s what they call the silver lining.

So what can business leaders learn from elite athletes and the training they hone over years in preparation for competition?

We find out when host Whitney Fitzsimmons speaks to special guests and champion athletes Matthew Mitcham, Emily Chalker and Adrian Radley.

Matthew Mitcham tells Whitney that while achieving a momentous perfect dive and a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics was beyond anything he’d ever imagined, for him he’s proudest of being the first openly gay athlete to compete at an Olympic Games. Watch Matthew’s historic dive.

Whitney also chats to former sports journalist and mindset coach Stuart Doughty who says success is about focus and intent. Stuart believes business leaders can learn a lot from watching and researching how elite athletes train and behave. Read more about Stuart’s take on the Olympic mindset and how it applies to leadership.

And Whitney also catches up with Hockeyroo Emily Chalker who recently returned from competition at the Tokyo Games and Adrian Radley retired Commonwealth Games backstroke swimmer. Both now at KPMG they discuss how elite athletes can successfully make the transition from full time sport and training to the world of business.

Season 2

Episode 9

It’s no secret that the push for business to embrace gender equality has gained momentum not only in Australia but across the world. Closing the gender pay gap and strengthening childcare policies to encourage equal sharing of care are just some of the initiatives that have gained ground across the Australian business landscape, but despite the progress more can be done. Join Bernard Salt as he discusses these issues with KPMG Chairman Alison Kitchen, KPMG Lead Tax Partner Grant Wardell-Johnson and Corporate Non-Executive Director & former Pacific Brands CEO Sue Morphet.

Episode 8

Looking after the world we live in for future generations is not just important to communities and society at large, but also to business as well. Embedding ESG, or environmental, social and governance principles into a company’s strategy is now a business imperative. Join Bernard Salt as he discusses how companies are adopting ESG into how they do business with Independent Advisor, Michael Gabadou, Adrian King, Partner in Charge, Climate Change and Sustainability, KPMG Australia and Nicolette Boele, Executive Manager, Policy and Standards, Responsible Investment Association Australasia.

Episode 7

For people around the globe and in Australia the notion of ageing is a relatively new phenomenon, due to improvements in lifestyle and medical care. But there’s no doubt we face some big challenges in developing positive strategies to help people age well and it’s essential we answer these challenges with innovative ideas and look for opportunities to keep people healthy and happy. Join Bernard Salt as he discusses this with Pat Garcia, CEO of Catholic Health Australia, Nicki Doyle, Partner Health Ageing and Human Services KPMG and Patrick Reid, CEO IRT Group.

Episode 6

The financial services landscape looks fundamentally different to what it did ten years ago. Digital transformation, evolving customer expectations and new entrants into the sector have long been disruptive forces, but COVID-19 has accelerated that speed of change.  Join Bernard Salt as he discusses the rapid shifts in the sector with Anna Bligh, CEO, Australian Banking Association, Daniel Knoll, National Lead Partner of Financial Services at KPMG, and Toby Norton-Smith, Managing Director, x-15 ventures.

Episode 5

Kung Hei Fat Choi! It’s Chinese New Year and time to welcome the Year of the Ox. Join Bernard Salt, Helen Zhi Dent from KPMG’s China Business Practice, and Access Corporate Group’s Livia Wang, as they discuss what makes Chinese entrepreneurs tick, how they operate, and what makes them different from other businesses. Bernard is also joined by Robyn Langsford, Partner in Charge of KPMG’s Family & Private Client Practice, to discuss the unique intricacies of family businesses, succession planning and the role these types of companies play in the Australian business landscape.

Episode 4

Bushfires, floods and a pandemic – there’s no doubt that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years on record for Australian communities and businesses. Join Bernard Salt as he discusses the importance of resilience in a time of immense challenge and change with special guests: Shane Fitzsimmons, Commissioner of Resilience NSW and Australian of the Year NSW, Amanda Leck, Executive Director, Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience, and Mark Crosweller, Senior Advisor with KPMG and Former Head the National Resilience Taskforce and Director General of Emergency Management Australia.

Episode 3

There are currently around 16,000 Indigenous-owned businesses across Australia, and that number is predicted to grow to 18,000 over the next five years. This growth is being seen in a range of sectors – from cultural services, building contractors and architecture, to fire management practices, and financial and professional services. In this episode, Bernard Salt is joined by Glen Brennan, Indigenous Services Lead, KPMG Australia, Laura Berry, CEO, Supply Nation, and Eddie Fry, Chair, Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation & Indigenous Business Australia to discuss the boom in Indigenous business.

Episode 2

Join Bernard Salt as he catches up with Nick Espinosa, Chicago based global cyber security expert and host of nationally syndicated radio show The Deep Dive, to discuss how to stay safe online during the pandemic. Bernard is also joined by Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber, and Kathy Robins, former Cyber Security Partner at KPMG Australia, to look at how Australia is faring in relation to increased cyber security threats as more and more people work from home.

Episode 1

Despite the effects of the pandemic, a record amount of venture capital was invested in Australian startups in the first half of 2020, with 92 deals recorded. To find out why Australian startups remain attractive to investors, Bernard Salt speaks to James Chin Moody, Founder & CEO of Sendle, Amanda Price, KPMG Australia’s Head of High Growth Ventures, and Steve Baxter, Founder & CEO of Transition Level Investments.

Season 1

Episode 6

In this episode, Bernard Salt is joined by Executive Producer Whitney Fitzsimmons to reflect on the highlights from season one of the show. Join them as they discuss mental wellness, working from home and the new reality for business.

Episode 5

Join Bernard Salt as he catches up with celebrity chef Matt Moran to discuss how the pandemic has affected his businesses, and how he has discovered unexpected cooking opportunities during lockdown. Bernard is also joined by Emma Germano, Vice President of the Victorian Farmers Federation, and Robert Poole, KPMG Australia’s National Sector Lead for Consumer & Retail, to find out how the agriculture sector is responding to Coronavirus. If you would like to try Matt Moran’s crumbed lamb cutlets, view the recipe on his website. You can also read further insights from KPMG Australia on the food and agriculture sector.

Episode 4

Bernard Salt speaks to Deb Yates, National Managing Partner, People, Performance & Culture at KPMG Australia and Dr Jane Gunn, Partner in Charge of KPMG Australia’s People & Change Practice, to find out how businesses are embracing the remote working phenomenon in the wake of COVID-19. Bernard also catches up with Georgie Harman, CEO of Beyond Blue to discuss the importance of self-care and mental wellness during the pandemic. Access the resources from Beyond Blue. You can also read more about KPMG insights on working from home and mental health.

Episode 3

Bernard Salt speaks to rising star high school educator Yasodai Selvakumaran from Rooty Hill High School to hear how COVID-19 has changed the way students and teachers work together. Bernard also catches up with KPMG Australia’s Education Sector Leader, Professor Stephen Parker, and Debbie McVitty, Editor of the UK Higher Education policy platform Wonkhe, to discuss the new reality for the tertiary education sector post COVID-19.

Episode 2

Bernard Salt unpacks predictions for a post COVID-19 world with Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell, Director, 3A Institute, and James Mabbott, Lead Partner, KPMG Futures. He also catches up with Europe’s most influential futurist, Matthias Horx, to look at how Europe is being reshaped in the wake of the pandemic.

Episode 1

In our first episode of What Happens Next, Bernard Salt speaks to Dr Meredith Makeham, Chief Medical Advisor to the Australian Digital Health Agency, and Warren Bingham, Executive Director of MedTech, to look at the role technology is playing in the Australian healthcare sector in the wake of COVID-19. Bernard also chats to KPMG Global Head of Healthcare, Dr Mark Britnell, to hear his analysis of how countries across the globe are dealing with the pandemic.

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