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Episode 32: The next frontier for global mobility: GenAI

02.14.2024 | Duration: 32:03

On this next episode of Mobility via Podcast, Global Mobility technology leaders dive into the world of GenAI and Global Mobility.

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Podcast transcript


Hello everyone and welcome to our next episode of Mobility via Podcast―a KPMG TaxRadio podcast series covering a range of global mobility topics from remote work to talent management, business strategies, tax matters, and mobility technology – just to name a few.

I’m Wayne Soontiraratn, a Managing Director in our Global Mobility Services practice (or “GMS”) where I get the privilege to lead innovation activities.  Today, I’ll be your host for this episode of Mobility via Podcast, in which we’ll be discussing the next frontier of global mobility: generative AI, or GenAI for short. Joining me today are my colleagues, Bryan Samek, an experienced mobility consultant and current market lead for GenAI@GMS, and Steve Herlocker, a partner in the GMS practice and current co-sponsor for the GenAI@GMS team.

GenAI is an exciting and evolving technology, and it’s sparking an evolution of our services and solutions right along with it. In today’s episode, we’ll get a glimpse of KPMG’s perspectives of our AI journey through our two guests and discuss a few initiatives underway for our broader practice and its implications for our clients.

Let's start with our vision. Steve, can you share what our vision is?

Transcript continued


Absolutely, Wayne. Simply put, we are looking to do ‘more’. Our vision is to "Expect More... more engaging, more efficiency, and more value."


Thanks, Steve, that’s a great perspective – one that addresses the promises of productivity and tackles the fear of ‘replacement’ head on.   Bryan, can you tell us more about this vision?


Certainly, Wayne. Our focus is on leveraging Generative AI to enhance client experiences, streamline our processes, and deliver more value to our clients. We want to use AI to augment our capabilities and drive innovation in the mobility industry… and make that apparent to our existing clients and future customers.


That's great, Bryan. Can either of you provide a few examples of how we will leverage GenAI for our own teams and for clients?


Sure, Wayne. One way we plan to leverage GenAI is by leaning on ease of using these LLMs to elevate some of the things we are already well known for such as trust and global mobility tax expertise. KPMG is the only big four with a dedicated global mobility team embedded in our national tax office which we call our GMS Washington National Tax team. Over the years this team has built an incredible repository of knowledge and expertise in global mobility which we feel is unmatched in the industry. Using GenAI, we will soon put this knowledge in the hands of our professionals in a way that makes it much accessible than what we’ve had in the past. As our professionals use these models to access this data, we expect every team member to be able to provide clearer and more robust tax advice to our clients more quickly than ever before. We’re committed to building trust in our GenAI approach and as we roll out this solution will keep a human in the loop to sign off on all technical positions, similar to how we deliver advice today. And as our professionals interact with these models, we’ll understand the right personas and prompts to use to drive most accurate and consistent results. Only after we know we can trust the outputs, will we expand access to this GenAI knowledgebase to our clients. Once we’re there, we think this we be a true revolution in the marketplace where clients can access KPMG’s trusted expertise on their schedules.


And for another example, we're exploring how GenAI can help us understand our clients' needs better, making employee interactions more meaningful and engaging. It's about using AI to uncover insights that can drive strategic decision-making. For instance, one such example will be GenAI evolving mobility program policies. Large language models can intake multiple policies and related procedure documents along with reference data into a repository (like a data lake). From this knowledgebase, any given employee at a client can interact with the model and receive extremely precise mobility service information that is tailored exactly to their assignment or travel situation. Based on that employee's response to the model's guidance, we can gauge employee satisfaction or concerns around the policy-specific advice and translate that into more strategic recommendations for the client's HR and mobility direction. This could only happen because of evolved situational awareness, and GenAI can uniquely perform in this manner because of its capabilities to collect data from an extensive number of sources combined with employee interactions.


Those are great initiatives, Steve and Bryan. A common theme I'm hearing is about using AI to enhance capabilities to deliver professional services in a more robust way, and you mention having a ‘human in the loop’.  Can you expand a little more on this concept of augmenting or enhancing human capabilities and services?


That's a great question, Wayne. At the heart of our AI strategy is the enhancement of the human experience. We see AI as an assistant, providing valuable information, summaries, and reminders to streamline tasks. We also see it as a coach, using it to understand sentiment and influence behaviors. And we see it as a guardian, providing robust support, security, insights, and analytics.


Absolutely, Bryan. Our trusted AI framework is designed to augment the human experience, unlocking the unique potential inherent only in humans. It's about using AI to empower us, not replace us.


Steve, that last point is well said - using AI to empower us to do more. 

Thank you, Bryan and Steve, for your perspectives. You’ve both been very insightful. 

This concludes today’s podcast episode. In future episodes, we’ll continue to address the top-of-mind issues of interest around GenAI. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you.  If you have thoughts on today’s podcast episode or ideas for future episodes, please send us an email at One final thanks to our audience for listening in.  Until next time, remember to always "Expect More."

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