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Making history with KPMG Performance Insights

Data-driven insights power Captain Stacy Lewis and the US team at the 2023 Solheim Cup


Ladies’ Professional Golf Association (LPGA)

Primary Goal

Enable data-driven player selection, team pairings, and competition strategy


KPMG Performance Insights

As an athlete, Stacy Lewis has leveraged the KPMG Performance Insights platform to analyze her game, focus her practice sessions, and apply insights that help her compete on the world stage. So, as the newly named US Solheim Cup captain, she was intrigued to discover that past Ryder Cup captains applied analytics in determining captain’s picks, player pairings, competition strategy, and more. She asked KPMG to help address the disparity between the men’s access to powerful tournament analytics and the women’s continued reliance on basic player rankings and subjective measures. KPMG helped level the playing field. And then some.


Making a measurable difference

  • Next-level tournament analytics and on-site support
  • Rapid-fire, data-driven decision making in the face of changing variables
  • First-ever Solheim Cup foursome session sweep for the US team
  • Best total Solheim Cup foursome score on European soil
  • Best-ever Solheim Cup score after four sessions on European soil

Client transformation journey

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You spend years refining your talent and developing the skills to take you to the top. Then KPMG gives you the data and insights that help you start seeing new opportunities and making performance gains you never knew were possible. That’s a game-changer for any athlete…or any leader.

Stacy Lewis

US Solheim Cup Captain

Stacy Lewis Solheim Cup US Team Captain

KPMG Performance Insights Power Captain Stacy Lewis at the 2023 Solheim Cup


In February of 2022 KPMG Ambassador Stacy Lewis was announced as the 2023 U.S. Solheim Cup captain. The Solheim Cup is a biennial competition between the United States and Europe in which 12 players on each team face off in match play competition. It's widely considered as the marquee event in women's professional golf. As the youngest captain in Solheim Cup history, Stacy sought to lead the US team in a way it had never been led before.

“From reading some things about the Ryder Cup, I learned of all the analytics that were being used by both teams. You know, if the guys have access to this, I feel like we should have access to it as well and so knowing what KPMG Performance Insights have provided for our tour, I approached them to see if they could help the Solheim Cup team.” – Stacy Lewis

Launched in 2021, KPMG Performance Insights is a game-changing technology platform that provides data insights and advanced performance analytics for the LPGA Tour. The program’s full field shot level data and advanced analytics, such as Strokes Gained, proximity averages, and performance indexing, provide critical information for players to diagnose and improve their performance.

“Data has literally transformed our entire lives, it's disrupted entire Industries, and has changed the way that we work and live. We spend a substantial amount of time not just thinking about data and technology, but the core business problem. We spend time with people navigating process observing what's happening and that allows us to help formulate technology and data analytics solutions that actually mean something to the business.” – Mike Krajecki

“So KPMG is a real leader in the data analytics space with our clients. It’s what we do both outside the sports industry and inside of sports. It was a natural extension of our business to be able to assist the LPGA in providing the Strokes Gained analytics and the Performance Insights that they need in order to have this D&A based program.” – Shawn Quill

“Golf is a really difficult game. It requires quite a bit of analytics. It’s a very subjective game too, so people need to have all the data that they can have to drive their own performance, so we were at a significant disadvantage to not have that data. These women are the most competitive athletes that you’ll ever find, and you have to use all the resources that are at your disposal and we’ve got to be able to provide those resources to our athletes and without that data you’re just guessing.” – Mollie Marcoux Samaan

“You know, I understood the performance insights that we had week to week you know with players. I just didn't realize all that was going to be possible with the Solheim Cup.” – Stacy Lewis

“Basically, it's an optimization of the potential of the players on the team. You know, putting them in the best position to succeed, analyzing what players strengths and weaknesses are, what players are going to succeed on certain types of holes [and] certain types of golf courses. Predictive analytics are important in terms of, you know, giving us the most information possible. We assemble different combinations of players and run 10,000-20,000 different simulations as to how a certain match might happen." - Justin Ray

“It's changing the way I think about pairings. It's changing the reasons that you pair people up. It's really been a great starting point of trying to help us make the best possible decisions.” – Stacy Lewis

At the 2023 Solheim Cup in Spain, the United States and Europe played to a 14-14 tie, with incumbent champions Europe retaining the cup. Despite the overall score, the US team achieved historic results throughout the week, including:

•       The first ever foursome session sweep in US Solheim Cup history.

•       the best total foursome score on European soil

•       and the best ever score after four sessions on European soil

“The Performance Insights it worked, I think that's first and foremost. You know, I had faith in it, I believed in it, and that first session on Friday morning was just kind of the icing on the cake. It was like, okay this is the blueprint and we got to just keep moving forward from here.” – Stacy Lewis

“I think the use of data in golf is a great analogy for us at KPMG and in the world of business. To say, it’s one thing to have all the data. It's one thing to run routines and come up with what you hope are insights, but to know that they’re right and that they’re repeatable and then you still have to hit the shot and I think that’s where we’re finding with clients. It’s grabbing those insights and then making meaningful, accurate, insightful decisions based on that data. Those are the clients that are really winning in today's world.” – Mark Gibson

How KPMG is providing performance-driving technology and insights to the LPGA


Having the right players in the right roles helps deliver next-level performance

As the Official Data and Analytics Advisor of the LPGA Tour, KPMG has assembled a multidisciplinary team to support women’s golf in the quest for differentiated insights that can help take athletes and teams from good to great.

This team has deep knowledge, capabilities, and vast experience in key domains including the sports industry, modern technology and platforms, data and advanced analytics including AI, key performance levers, as well as trust, privacy, and security.

Team member roles range from big-picture strategists to off-shore developers who keep the work moving around the clock, and squads of analysts, some of whom were in the team room at the Solheim Cup and walking the course alongside the US team captains.

What everyone on Team KPMG shares is a commitment to delivering value through insights that position US Captain Stacy Lewis and her team to perform at their best. 

KPMG Performance Insights

Introducing the LPGA to the power of advanced data and analytics

Just two years before the Solheim Cup, the LPGA Tour lacked a sophisticated data and analytics platform. KPMG set out to fully understand the LPGA’s current state, desired outcomes, and opportunities and then design and develop a future state that will unlock new value for the LPGA Tour and its athletes.

Key activities included the following:

  • Conducted research and stakeholder interviews with players, coaches, media, on-site fans, remote fans, and LPGA staff to identify current data and analytics usage, opportunities, and pain points and begin shaping a vision for what value and desired outcomes look like
  • Reviewed existing capabilities and objectives related to LPGA’s use of data, advanced analytics and modeling, and modern technologies and platforms
  • Supported the build of KPMG Performance Insights, a platform providing full-field, shot-level data, advanced analytics, and insights such as strokes gained, proximity averages, and performance indexing
  • Informed rollout of the KPMG Performance Insights platform and helped manage change and adoption of its capabilities across the LPGA and all of its stakeholders.

Captain’s Analytics

Combining the right platform and people to deliver game-changing insights

When Stacy Lewis came looking for the kind of captain’s analytics and insights that the men had been leveraging for years, KPMG knew it would require a sophisticated platform enabled by modern technology, data, advanced analytics and AI, as well as an exceptional team to navigate through the complexities and achieve desired outcomes.  KPMG delivered both.

New platform functionality

The KPMG Performance Insights platform would be utilized to provide new insights and value. More advanced predictive analytics and a new captain’s dashboard were developed to deliver key performance insights ranging from strokes gained to pressure ratings for each athlete from week-to-week. Scenario planning tools would enable the team captain to explore options like order of play and pairing strategies.

Skilled strategists and analysts

While some team members would collaborate closely with Stacy, other team members would be working in the background to gather data and run simulations to unlock insights that can be turned into better decisions, actions and ultimately outcomes. An example of that includes leveraging data to make better decisions relating to team selection, optimum pairings, and course strategy – proactively, before the tournament, and reactively during the tournament. 

Sports Documentary Details How KPMG Performance Insights Helped Drive Stacy Lewis’ Solheim Cup Strategy

KPMG released a sports documentary, Driven by Data: Stacy Lewis’ 2023 Solheim Cup Captaincy, which aired on Golf Channel on January 16th, 2024, and is available on Peacock and YouTube. The 45-minute film tells the story of how longtime KPMG brand ambassador, and 2023 U.S. Solheim Cup Captain Stacy Lewis, the youngest captain in Solheim Cup history, leveraged KPMG Performance Insights, the game-changing data insights and advanced performance analytics platform used on the LPGA Tour to make strategic decisions.

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