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September 2023

25 Sep - Australia: Senate Committee report on new interest limitation and subsidiary information disclosure rules

25 Sep - Korea: Fee paid to foreign parent company was royalty subject to withholding tax (Tax Tribunal decision)

25 Sep - Korea: Products provided free of charge under purchase agreement were not “free of charge imports” (Supreme Court decision)

25 Sep - Saudi Arabia: Additions and amendments to rules for calculating Zakat on financing activities

22 Sep - Pakistan: Summary of federal and provincial sales tax withholding requirements

21 Sep - Australia: Consultation on single rate for excise refunds on return petroleum from vapor recovery units

21 Sep - Australia: Draft legislation to improve tax system

21 Sep - Bahrain: New VAT deregistration manual

20 Sep - Australia: Stamp duty and land tax changes in 2023-2024 budget (New South Wales)

20 Sep - India: Reassessment notice issued without approval was time barred (High Court decision)

20 Sep - India: Taxpayer entitled to refund of taxes paid on behalf of nonresident (High Court decision)

20 Sep - Saudi Arabia: Public consultation on draft regulation for Zakat collection

20 Sep - Thailand: New interpretation of foreign-sourced income brought into Thailand by Thai tax residents

20 Sep - Thailand: Reduced 7% VAT rate extended to 30 September 2024

19 Sep - Philippines: Amended VAT-related guidance for certain registered business enterprises

19 Sep - UAE: New VAT reverse charge mechanism on local supplies of electronic devices

18 Sep - Saudi Arabia: Amendments to income tax and Zakat regulations

18 Sep - Australia: Updated regulations for shipping exempt income certificate requirements

15 Sep - Australia: New communications protocol for ATO objections

14 Sep - Australia: Tax refunds will no longer be deposited into non-authorised deposit-taking institutions

14 Sep - Sri Lanka: Amendments to social security contribution levy enacted

14 Sep - Sri Lanka: Deferral of proposed VAT amendments

14 Sep - Sri Lanka: Inland Revenue (Amendment) Bill 2023 enacted

13 Sep - Hong Kong: Consultation on proposed patent box regime

13 Sep - Australia: Draft legislation to reduce income tax compliance on general insurance industry

12 Sep - Australia: Eligible expenditure for small business technology investment boost; STP Phase 2 salary reporting changes

11 Sep - Cambodia: Procedures for requesting input VAT credits and VAT refunds

11 Sep - India: Singaporean company entitled to treaty benefits on capital gains from transfers of shares of Indian companies (tribunal decision)

8 Sep - Australia: Guide on direct and indirect tax changes in new revenue amendment Act (New South Wales)

8 Sep - Australia: Modified list of vessels eligible for tax incentives

7 Sep - Malaysia: Summary of income and indirect tax developments (September 2023)

7 Sep - Philippines: Imposition of local taxes, fees, and charges by local government units on transitioning registered business enterprises

6 Sep - Australia: Review of feasibility of carbon border adjustment mechanism

6 Sep - Indonesia: Updated guidance on tax depreciation and amortization

5 Sep - Bahrain: Updated excise tax guide

5 Sep - Sri Lanka: Proposed VAT amendments

August 2023

31 Aug - New Zealand: Bill to implement digital services tax

29 Aug - Australia: Introduction of temporary payroll tax exemption on general practices (Australian Capital Territory)

25 Aug - Australia: 12-month pause for general practitioners payroll tax audits (New South Wales)

24 Aug - Hong Kong: New income tax treaty with Mauritius entered into force

24 Aug - Philippines: Direct and indirect tax incentives for natural gas projects

23 Aug - Cambodia: Specific tax rates on locally produced non-alcoholic beverages

23 Aug - India: Legislation introducing changes to GST on gaming

23 Aug - Australia: ATO requesting information on corporate tax transparency data for large companies

22 Aug - Australia: Consultation on petroleum resource rent tax deductions cap; home battery tax relief estimate

22 Aug - India: Guidance on taxation of life insurance policy proceeds

22 Aug - Saudi Arabia: Eighth wave of e-invoicing applicability

18 Aug - UAE: Conditions for qualifying investment funds to be exempt from corporate tax

17 Aug - Bahrain: Economic substance filing window open from 13 August to 13 September 2023

16 Aug - Australia: Review of potential carbon border adjustment mechanism

16 Aug - Philippines: VAT refund guidelines

15 Aug - Singapore: Taxing gains on sale or disposal of foreign assets

11 Aug - Malaysia: Summary of income and indirect tax developments (August 2023)

10 Aug - Cambodia: Implementation of VAT on imported cigarettes

10 Aug - Korea: Tax reform proposal for 2023, implications for foreign invested companies

9 Aug - Philippines: Scanned copies of expenses do not satisfy tax deductibility requirements

8 Aug - Australia: New self-assessment requirement for non-charitable not-for-profit entities

7 Aug - Australia: Review of regulatory frameworks for tax services and large consulting, accounting, and auditing firms

7 Aug - Australia: Various proposed state tax reforms (New South Wales)

7 Aug - India: Payments for cloud computing services not taxable royalties or fees for technical services under U.S. tax treaty (tribunal decision)

7 Aug - India: Reassessment notice based on contradictory advance ruling for another taxpayer was invalid (High Court decision)

7 Aug - Singapore: Guidance on proposed philanthropy tax incentive scheme for single family offices

4 Aug - Hong Kong: Latest proposals on tax certainty scheme for onshore equity disposal gains and expanded foreign-sourced income exemption regime

4 Aug - UAE: Implementation of new tax procedures executive regulation

4 Aug - Australia: Amendment to improve annual performance test for superannuation industry

3 Aug - Australia: Superannuation tax updates report 2023

3 Aug - Sri Lanka: Extended due date for filing quarterly advance income tax statements

2 Aug - India: Changes to GST online information database access and retrieval (OIDAR) rules

1 Aug - Australia: ATO Corporate Plan focuses on collectible debts

1 Aug - Cambodia: New guidance on tax incentives for investment projects

July 2023

31 Jul - Saudi Arabia: Seventh wave of e-invoicing applicability

28 Jul - Vietnam: Expediting VAT refunds

27 Jul - Bahrain: VAT return filing and payment deadline extended to 1 August 2023

26 Jul - Saudi Arabia: Penalty waiver for taxes, including VAT and excise tax, extended through December 2023

21 Jul - Australia: Determination on GST, wine tax, luxury car tax for defence-related international obligations

21 Jul - Malaysia: Guideline for implementation of e-invoicing

21 Jul - Sri Lanka: Inland Revenue (Amendment) Bill 2023 issued

20 Jul - Singapore: Profits method used to value property for property tax purposes

19 Jul - Australia: Draft instrument on correcting fuel tax errors

18 Jul - Australia: Guidance on claiming research and development tax incentives

17 Jul - Bahrain: Introduction of corporate income tax confirmed

14 Jul - Malaysia: Summary of income and indirect tax developments (July 2023)

13 Jul - India: Payments on account of seconded employees not taxable as "fees for technical services" (tribunal decision)

13 Jul - Saudi Arabia: Guidelines on tax rulings

13 Jul - Vietnam: Proposed repeal of “on-the-spot” export and import customs procedures

12 Jul - Philippines: Recent direct and indirect tax developments

11 Jul - Singapore: Updated e-Tax Guide on total asset method for interest adjustment

11 Jul - Australia: Consultation on draft bill aligning tax treatment of general insurers with AASB17

10 Jul - Australia: Taxpayer’s “food” product subject to GST (Administrative Appeals Tribunal decision)

10 Jul - Australia: Procedural rules for digital games tax offset; regulations to enable compensation scheme of last resort; regulations for new registrable superannuation entity reporting requirements 

10 Jul - Oman: Income tax treaty with Egypt signed

7 Jul - Philippines: Availability of certain forms; venue for registering tax-free exchanges of properties

7 Jul - Philippines: Running of prescriptive period for VAT, applicability of VAT to interest income from affiliated loans (Supreme Court decision)

7 Jul - Sri Lanka: Proposed amendments to social security contribution levy

6 Jul - India: Guidance on withholding tax on purchases of overseas tour packages and foreign remittances

6 Jul - Australia: Guidance on GST treatment of digital currency transactions

6 Jul - Australia: Research and development tax incentives claim denied (Federal Court decision)

5 Jul - Australia: Consultation on proposed small business energy incentive

5 Jul - Australia: Guidance on claiming digital games tax offset

5 Jul - Australia: Legislation proposing changes to interest limitation rules introduced in Parliament

5 Jul - Australia: Tax changes effective 1 July 2023 (New South Wales)

5 Jul - Australia: Updated guidance on residency central management and control test, including new risk-free assessment framework

5 Jul - India: Capital gain exempt under Singapore treaty (High Court decision)

5 Jul - Vietnam: Draft decree on VAT reduction policy

June 2023

30 Jun - Mongolia: Proposed amendments to corporate income tax on thermal and electric power production; other developments

30 Jun - India: Tax residency certificate for claiming tax treaty benefits; tax withheld at source under liberalised remittance scheme and overseas tour program package

29 Jun - India: Amendments to new default tax regime

29 Jun - Pakistan: Direct and indirect tax measures enacted in Finance Bill 2023

29 Jun - Philippines: Distributions on depository receipts taxed as interest, not dividends

29 Jun - Australia: Property tax proposals in 2023-2024 budget (Australian Capital Territory)

28 Jun - Australia: Direct and indirect tax measures introduced in 2023-2024 budget (Victoria)

28 Jun - Australia: Draft guidance on interaction of non-arm’s length income and capital gains, control and residency tests

27 Jun - Australia: Overhead costs apportioned to GST-free supplies entitled to input tax credits (Federal Court decision)

26 Jun - Australia: New semiannual reporting periods for electronic distribution platform operators

22 Jun - Australia: Proposed legislation on new thin capitalisation rules; other tax-related legislation

22 Jun - Australia: Tax authority relies on anti-avoidance rather than transfer pricing arguments in foreign related-party financing dispute (Federal Court decision)

22 Jun - Bahrain: Updated VAT guides concerning treatment of supply of investment-grade gold

22 Jun - Sri Lanka: Review of recent tax developments

21 Jun - Saudi Arabia: Criteria for sixth group of taxpayers to comply with second phase of e-invoicing implementation

20 Jun - Hong Kong: Advance rulings under foreign-sourced income exemption regime

20 Jun - Australia: Consultation on non-arm’s length income provisions amendments

16 Jun - Australia: Indirect tax measures in 2023 budget (South Australia)

15 Jun - Australia: Overview on key FY 2022-2023 changes for tax professionals

15 Jun - Australia: Requirements of recipient created tax invoice for GST purposes

15 Jun - Bahrain: Mandatory digital stamps for waterpipe tobacco “molasses” products; 2023-2024 budget approved

15 Jun - Cambodia: Exemption from immovable property tax in certain locations

14 Jun - Australia: Tax measures in 2023-2024 budget (Queensland)

14 Jun - Malaysia: Summary of income and indirect tax developments (June 2023)

14 Jun - Singapore: High Court dismisses appeal, holds that cement silo is not a “plant” for capital allowance purposes

13 Jun - Saudi Arabia: Proposed amendments to tax and Zakat regulations for public consultation purposes

12 Jun - Hong Kong: Changes to issuance of certificate of residence status and application forms

12 Jun - Hong Kong: Update on profits tax, BEPS 2.0, and e-filing

12 Jun - Pakistan: Tax proposals in Finance Bill 2023

9 Jun - Australia: Final ruling regarding deductibility of labor costs relating to capital assets

9 Jun - Cambodia: New law on taxation

8 Jun - India: Changes to “angel tax” provisions, exemption for leave payments increased, taxation of online games winnings

6 Jun - Malaysia: FAQs on re-implementation of voluntary disclosure programs

6 Jun - Qatar: New permanent establishment and economic substance regulations

2 Jun - Israel: Tax authority’s claim of deemed taxable transfer of functions, assets, and risks upheld (court decision)

1 Jun - Australia: Bill replacing special infrastructure contribution system passes lower house (New South Wales)

1 Jun - Malaysia: Income and indirect tax provisions in Finance Act 2023

May 2023

31 May - Saudi Arabia: Fifth wave of e-invoicing applicability

30 May - Philippines: Guidance on income tax exemption of foreign-sourced dividends received by domestic corporation

30 May - Philippines: Optional filing and payment of monthly VAT returns for VAT-registered persons

30 May - Saudi Arabia: Treatment of service permanent establishments in context of income tax treaties

30 May - Australia: Consultation on proposed 2023-2024 supervisory levies for financial institutions

26 May - Australia: Housing and vehicle related tax measures in 2023-2024 budget (Tasmania)

26 May - Singapore: Application of GST in “direct selling” business model (High Court decision)

25 May - Hong Kong: Voluntary e-filing of profits tax returns

24 May - Australia: Overview of direct and indirect tax measures in 2023-2024 budget (Victoria)

23 May - India: Proposed change to valuation rules under “Angel Tax”

23 May - India: Sales tax on warranty replacements; GST on rummy; taxation of receipt of shares for inadequate consideration (court decisions)

23 May - Korea: Software installation fee is royalty subject to withholding tax under income tax treaty (Tax Tribunal decision)

22 May - New Zealand: May 2023 Tax Bill includes Pillar Two global minimum tax rules

19 May - Australia: Updated draft practical compliance guideline on intangibles arrangements

18 May - Hong Kong: Family office tax regime bill passed

18 May - New Zealand: Budget 2023

18 May - Singapore: Determining the true nature of payments in a transaction

17 May - Bahrain: Electronic system for digital stamps orders

17 May - Australia: Proposed changes to petroleum resource rent tax regime

12 May - Australia: Tax-related proposals in 2023-2024 budget (Western Australia)

12 May - Hong Kong: Public consultation on proposed company re-domiciliation regime

12 May - Malaysia: Summary of income and indirect tax developments (May 2023)

10 May - Philippines: Guidance on application of VAT to registered export enterprise

10 May - Australia: Repeal of stamp tax on non-land assets announced in 2023-2024 budget (Northern Territory)

9 May - Australia: 2023 federal budget released

9 May - India: Long-term capital gains on sale of unlisted shares; attribution of profit; place of supply of intermediary services (court decisions)

8 May - Bahrain: Non-resident businesses operating without VAT registration; VAT treatment for syndicated loans

4 May - Hong Kong: Tax changes in draft legislation implementing risk-based capital regime for insurers

4 May - Philippines: Online submission of annual tax incentives and benefits reports

3 May - Australia: KPMG comments on draft legislation denying deductions for low-taxed related-party intangibles payments

3 May - Bahrain: Potential introduction of corporate income tax on large multinational enterprises

2 May - Cambodia: Clarification of rules regarding when withholding tax is due

2 May - Saudi Arabia: Fourth wave of e-invoicing applicability

2 May - Saudi Arabia: Proposed direct and indirect tax and customs incentives for new “special economic zones”

1 May - India: Concessional withholding tax rate for foreign portfolio investors not extended under Finance Bill 2023

April 2023

28 Apr - Japan: 2023 tax reform proposals enacted

27 Apr - Japan: Proposed reduction in effective tax rate exemption threshold under CFC regime

26 Apr - Philippines: Clarification of guidelines for registered business enterprises in IT sector

26 Apr - Philippines: Guidance for cooperatives

26 Apr - India: New direct and indirect tax dispute settlement scheme (West Bengal)

26 Apr - India: Rate of dividend distribution tax may not be reduced under applicable treaty (tribunal decision)

24 Apr - India: Amnesty program for non-compliance of export obligations

24 Apr - Korea: Customs penalty upheld even though taxpayer voluntarily amended customs value (Tax Tribunal decision)

24 Apr - Thailand: Extension of tax incentives to encourage personnel development, foreign investments

24 Apr - Thailand: Guidance on VAT exemption granted to promote data center businesses

21 Apr - Thailand: Requirements for e-tax invoice

20 Apr - India: Withdrawal of GST exemption for passenger transportation services booked through electronic platform upheld (high court decision)

20 Apr - Kazakhstan: Amendments to rules for excess VAT refund

14 Apr - Hong Kong: Developments related to taxation of family offices

14 Apr - Indonesia: Tax-related incentives for activities in new capital city

14 Apr - Singapore: New enterprise innovation scheme under 2023 budget

13 Apr - Hong Kong: Consultation document on proposed changes to foreign-sourced income exemption regime

13 Apr - Malaysia: Summary of income and indirect tax developments (April 2023)

13 Apr - Philippines: Online registration and update system introduced

12 Apr - New Zealand: 2023 Tax Act receives Royal Assent; quarterly review of other tax developments

10 Apr - UAE: Small business tax relief

7 Apr - Saudi Arabia: Third wave of e-invoicing applicability

6 Apr - KPMG report: Global developments in ESG-related taxes, incentives, and grants (ESG tax tracker)

5 Apr - India: Fees for technical services and royalties under treaties; grounds for denying refund (court decisions)

4 Apr - Hong Kong: Guide to 2022-2023 profits tax filing

4 Apr - Philippines: Guidance on return processing system assessment notices

3 Apr - Australia: Draft legislation denying large multinationals deductions for low-taxed related-party intangibles payments

3 Apr - Bahrain: Penalties applied to unregistered businesses charging VAT on supplies

3 Apr - Bahrain: Reporting sales and corresponding adjustments at 5% in VAT return form re-enabled

March 2023

29 Mar - Philippines: Transfer of registration by existing registered business enterprises

29 Mar - Vietnam: MAAC signed, intention to implement Pillar Two global minimum tax

28 Mar - Hong Kong: Proposal to clarify non-taxation of onshore gains from disposal of equity interests

28 Mar - Thailand: Proposed income tax and VAT exemption on offering or trading of investment tokens

27 Mar - Saudi Arabia: Amendments to excise rules

24 Mar - UAE: Updated VAT guide on input tax apportionment

23 Mar - Israel: Proposed VAT on digital services and goods

23 Mar - Qatar: One-month extension of income tax return filing and payment deadline

22 Mar - Bahrain: Mandatory digital stamps for waterpipe tobacco products

22 Mar - Philippines: Clarification of effects of publishing list of taxpayers who cannot be located

21 Mar - Qatar: Income tax treaty signed with Egypt

21 Mar - Australia: Draft legislation requiring disclosure of subsidiaries' tax residence in financial reports

20 Mar - Australia: Changes to interest limitation rules

20 Mar - India: Proof required for claiming input VAT credit (Supreme Court decision)

17 Mar - Indonesia: New customs and VAT obligations on imported software products, other digital goods

14 Mar - New Zealand: Tax relief measures, fringe benefit tax exemption for e-bikes added to 2022 Tax Bill

14 Mar - Thailand: Extension of tax measures to support e-tax systems

13 Mar - India: Salaries of seconded employees; extension of time for reassessment notices; tax residency certificates (court decisions)

13 Mar - Malaysia: Summary of income and indirect tax developments (March 2023)

13 Mar - Saudi Arabia: Public consultation on draft amendments to Zakat implementing regulations

8 Mar - Vietnam: Directives on tax inspections and tax audits for 2023

7 Mar - Indonesia: Guidance on categories of non-VAT-able goods and services

7 Mar - New Zealand: Update on bill including GST measures and dual-resident company tax changes

6 Mar - Hong Kong: Instrument of ratification of MLI deposited with OECD

2 Mar - UAE: Amendment to VAT executive regulations concerning e-commerce supplies

1 Mar - Bahrain: Expansion of digital stamp scheme to additional tobacco products

February 2023

28 Feb - KPMG report: Domestic tax rules governing family business transfers

28 Feb - Saudi Arabia: Update on VAT refunds to non-residents

27 Feb - Malaysia: Indirect and income tax proposals in “re-tabled” 2023 budget

24 Feb - China: Clarifications on procedures relating to 2022 annual comprehensive income tax reconciliation

24 Feb - Singapore: Updates on GST claims for motor cars, related expenses

23 Feb - Indonesia: Additional implementing regulations of VAT law

23 Feb - Philippines: Letter of authority required to vest authority in new revenue officer (Supreme Court resolution)

22 Feb - Hong Kong: Tax measures in 2023-2024 budget include “patent box,” global minimum tax starting in 2025

21 Feb - Pakistan: Income tax measures, increases in sales and excise tax rates in “mini budget”

20 Feb - Cambodia: Amendment on implementation of VAT on e-commerce

20 Feb - India: GST Council makes recommendations regarding amnesty schemes and GST rate changes

20 Feb - Korea: Customs and VAT valuation of “free samples” provided under supply contract (Supreme Court decision)

17 Feb - Hong Kong: Planned amendments to foreign-sourced income exemption regime

17 Feb - Qatar: VAT regime now expected in 2023

16 Feb - India: Centralized processing of equalization levy statement scheme 2023

16 Feb - India: Vouchers not subject to GST; “risky exporter” entitled to GST refund; dismissal held improper (court decisions)

16 Feb - Philippines: Draft legislation to impose VAT on digital services

16 Feb - Sri Lanka: Guidance on withholding tax, advance income tax; employment benefit valuation; non-cash benefit

15 Feb - Singapore: Tax measures in budget 2023

15 Feb - Bahrain: Digital stamp mobile app for authentic tobacco products

14 Feb - Malaysia: Summary of income and indirect tax developments (February 2023)

9 Feb - India: Tax residency certificate sufficient evidence of residency under India-Singapore income tax treaty (high court decision)

9 Feb - Japan: Outline of 2023 tax reform proposals

6 Feb - Qatar: Amendment of certain provisions of Income Tax Law for 2018

2 Feb - India: Tax measures in budget 2023-2024, including GST-related measures

January 2023

30 Jan - Australia: Revised excise tax rates and tax credit rates for fuel from 1 February 2023

25 Jan - Cambodia: E-documents facility no longer available for monthly and annual tax on income declarations

24 Jan - Philippines: Guidance concerning submission of inventory list and application of VAT to HMO plans of registered export enterprises

20 Jan - Korea: Preferential tariff rates under free trade agreements with United States and China (tax tribunal decisions)

20 Jan - Korea: Royalties subject to withholding under Korea-U.S. treaty (tax tribunal decision)

19 Jan - China: Preferential individual income tax policies extended

18 Jan - China: Draft VAT law

18 Jan - India: Exemption rule for educational institutions applies prospectively; beneficial owner of fees for technical services (court decisions)

17 Jan - India: Liaison office did not constitute PE; amalgamation plan rejected (court decisions)

17 Jan - Malaysia: Summary of income and indirect tax developments (January 2023)

17 Jan - Philippines: Monthly VAT declaration no longer required

17 Jan - Thailand: New categories relating to high precision machinery eligible for corporate income tax exemption

13 Jan - Cambodia: Taxable salary thresholds; extension of certain tax benefit for textile and garment sector

12 Jan - Cambodia: Implementation of advanced tax on dividend distribution

12 Jan - Malaysia: Draft service tax guide on goods delivery services

12 Jan - Saudi Arabia: VAT treatment of some financial services

11 Jan - Saudi Arabia: VAT treatment of real estate loan portfolio insurance

11 Jan - India: Withholding not required on estimated payments; application of beneficial treaty rate upheld (High Court decisions)

10 Jan - Malaysia: Legislation and online portal for sales tax on “low value goods”

10 Jan - Mongolia: Changes in tax legislation for 2023

10 Jan - Singapore: Cement silo is not a “plant” for capital allowance purposes (court decision)

9 Jan - Korea: Tax reform for 2023

5 Jan - Bahrain: Implications of potential introduction of corporate tax

5 Jan - Cambodia: Annual tax, corporate and accounting compliance obligations for 2022 and 2023

5 Jan - Oman: Budget for 2023

3 Jan - Azerbaijan: Recent direct and indirect tax-related changes in legislation

3 Jan - Saudi Arabia: Second wave of e-invoicing applicability

3 Jan - Saudi Arabia: Zakat rules for investments in investment funds

3 Jan - Sri Lanka: Guidance on tax clearance for foreign outward remittances, deduction of withholding tax, advance income tax

2022 Articles

December 2022

30 Dec - UAE: Corporate tax law effects on VAT compliance

28 Dec - Malaysia: Draft guide on sales tax on “low value goods”

23 Dec - Thailand: Proposed specific business tax on income from securities trading via stock markets

22 Dec - Thailand: Tax calendar for 2023

21 Dec - India: Indirect tax updates (December 2022)

21 Dec - Sri Lanka: Amendments to VAT provisions

21 Dec - Sri Lanka: Effective dates of income tax and VAT amendments

21 Dec - Sri Lanka: Income tax changes in (Amendment) Bill 2022

20 Dec - Hong Kong: Draft legislation on foreign-sourced income exemption regime passed

20 Dec - Hong Kong: Upfront lump-sum spectrum license fees must be capitalized (court decision)

20 Dec - New Zealand: Review of tax developments in 2022

20 Dec - Philippines: Temporary suspension of field audits and operations

20 Dec - UAE: Corporate tax provisions relating to oil and gas sector

19 Dec - India: GST Council recommends GST rate changes and other measures

15 Dec - Malaysia: Postponed implementation of sales tax on “low value goods”; sales tax exemption on pallets

15 Dec - Saudi Arabia: Penalty waiver for all taxes, including VAT and excise tax extended until May 2023 (COVID-19)

15 Dec - Singapore: New e-Tax Guides on taxation of insurers arising from adoption of FRS 117

15 Dec - Korea: Liquidated damages for non-fulfillment of minimum purchase quantity included in price of imported goods

13 Dec - India: Set-off of loss against foreign dividend income; revaluation of partnership assets taxable; fixed and agency permanent establishment

12 Dec - Bangladesh: Overview of tax measures, including VAT and other changes made in 2022

12 Dec - UAE: Implementation of new federal corporate income tax system, related transfer pricing rules

12 Dec - Hong Kong: Draft legislation implementing family office tax exemption regime

9 Dec - Hong Kong: Proposed stamp duty exemption for certain transactions relating to dual-counter stock

8 Dec - Qatar: Ratification of income tax treaty with Oman

7 Dec - Azerbaijan: Recent trade and customs related developments

6 Dec - Philippines: Guidance regarding payment of penalties for violations of permitted scope of work-from-home arrangements for certain registered business enterprises

6 Dec - Saudi Arabia: Amendments to rules for applying a zero VAT rate to some categories of supply

6 Dec - Vietnam: Guidance for e-commerce trading platform owners and overseas suppliers

5 Dec - Vietnam: Tax obligations for enterprises creating and using science and technology development fund

1 Dec - Vietnam: Tax administration rules for e-commerce business activities of family businesses and individuals

1 Dec - Hong Kong: Developments with respect to foreign-sourced income exemption regime

November 2022

30 Nov - India: Indirect tax updates (November 2022)

29 Nov - India: Capital gain not taxable under old India-Mauritius treaty (tribunal decision)

29 Nov - Japan: Overview of tax system (2022)

29 Nov - Philippines: Clarifications on taxation of equity-based compensation

28 Nov - Hong Kong: New income tax treaty with Mauritius

28 Nov - Singapore: New overseas vendor GST registration regime, impending GST rate increases

28 Nov - Thailand: VAT exemption granted to promote data center businesses

22 Nov - Qatar: Refund of excise tax paid to goods

22 Nov - Qatar: Tax exemptions and customs procedures related to FIFA World Cup 2022

21 Nov - China: Tax deferral policies for private pensions

18 Nov - Sri Lanka: Tax proposals in 2023 budget

18 Nov - UAE: Amended VAT executive regulations include new e-commerce requirements

17 Nov - India: Capitation fees received by educational institution not eligible for exemption available to a charitable trust (court decision)

16 Nov - Bahrain: Updated list of medicines subject to zero rate of VAT; industry focus groups on e-invoicing

16 Nov - UAE: Amended tax procedures provisions

15 Nov - Cambodia: Exchange rates for VAT-registered taxpayers

15 Nov - Korea: Free trade agreement with Israel, entry into force 1 December 2022

15 Nov - Malaysia: Summary of income and indirect tax developments (November 2022)

11 Nov - Hong Kong: Proposed amendments to draft legislation on foreign-sourced income exemption regime, administrative guidance

11 Nov - UAE: New proposed tax residency test for natural and legal persons

10 Nov - India: “General public utility” tax-exempt charitable institutions cannot undertake any unrelated trade or business

8 Nov - Kuwait: Overview of tax policies

8 Nov - Philippines: Guidance on electronic filing email notification

4 Nov - Vietnam: Guidance on various tax-related rules, including e-commerce information reporting

2 Nov - Bahrain: Updated list of goods subject to excise tax

2 Nov - New Zealand: New rules for GST invoicing effective 1 April 2023

2 Nov - Saudi Arabia: Application of Zakat regulations

1 Nov - Hong Kong: Procedure for complying with economic substance requirements under foreign-sourced income exemption regime

October 2022

31 Oct - Singapore: Updates to e-tax guide on R&D tax measures and claim form

31 Oct - UAE: Amended VAT law provisions; new article related to statute of limitations

28 Oct - Hong Kong: Draft legislation on foreign-sourced income exemption regime

27 Oct - Malaysia: Guidelines on tax treatment of income received from abroad

26 Oct - Qatar: Guidance on submission of no-objection certificate

25 Oct - Australia: 2022-2023 federal budget released

25 Oct - Sri Lanka: Income tax changes proposed in (Amendment) Bill 2022

25 Oct - Sri Lanka: Registration for social security contribution levy

24 Oct - Saudi Arabia: Proposed application of zero VAT rate to “export” of services

21 Oct - Australia: Proposed tax on vacant residential property (Queensland)

21 Oct - India: Doctrine of promissory estoppel cannot be invoked against legislative action (Supreme Court decision)

21 Oct - India: Equalization levy could not be imposed on online advertising charges (tribunal decision)

19 Oct - India: GST common portal opening extended to file or revise Forms TRAN-1 and TRAN-2 (Supreme Court decision)

19 Oct - India: Six-month extension of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020; other trade and customs-related developments

19 Oct - Oman: Amendments to VAT executive regulations

18 Oct - Bahrain: Preparing for VAT field audits

18 Oct - Korea: Criteria for determining beneficial owner under Austria treaty (tax tribunal decision)

18 Oct - Korea: Transfer pricing adjustments added to customs value of imported goods when directly related (Supreme Court decision)

17 Oct - Hong Kong: Taxpayers entitled to refund of excessive tax reserve certificates purchased plus interest (court decision)

14 Oct - Australia: New income tax treaty with Iceland signed, incorporating BEPS recommendations

12 Oct - Bahrain: Economic substance returns due 11 November 2022

12 Oct - Bahrain: Updated VAT registration guideline; new decision for digital stamp scheme

11 Oct - Hong Kong: Proposed incorporation of MLI into domestic law

10 Oct - India: Appellant can pay 10% of disputed tax using either electronic cash or credit ledger (high court decision)

7 Oct - Malaysia: Tax proposals in budget for 2023, including domestic minimum top-up tax

7 Oct - Singapore: Changes to exemption on mandatory overseas pension/provident fund contributions

6 Oct - Philippines: Work-from-home arrangement extended for certain registered business enterprises

5 Oct - Australia: ATO guide on tax reporting of cryptoassets

5 Oct - Cambodia: New annual taxable income, monthly taxable salary thresholds for individuals

September 2022

28 Sep - Bahrain: Access to taxpayer "relationship manager" details

27 Sep - Hong Kong: Procedure for confirming economic substance under revised exemption regime

27 Sep - Philippines: Electronic filing, filing of returns, payment of taxes extended

26 Sep - Malaysia: Extension of payment period under second phase of voluntary disclosure program for indirect taxes

23 Sep - Oman: Rules for income tax exemption related to new businesses involved in economic diversification (COVID-19)

20 Sep - India: Monthly summary of income and indirect tax developments (August 2022)

19 Sep - India: Guidance regarding withholding on benefits arising from recipient’s business or profession

19 Sep - Korea: Preferential tariff rate under Korea-ASEAN free trade agreement; customs value based on fallback method (Tax Tribunal decisions)

13 Sep - UAE: Excise tax guidance

12 Sep - Philippines: Work-from-home arrangement temporarily extended for certain registered business enterprises

12 Sep - Qatar: Excise tax compliance obligations for importers of energy and carbonated drinks, tobacco, “special purpose goods”

12 Sep - India: Guidance on filing GST transitional credit forms

9 Sep - India: Application of “most favoured nation” clause under treaty with the Netherlands (tribunal decision)

9 Sep - Australia: “Excluded transactions” in beneficial ownership (New South Wales)

8 Sep - Malaysia: Summary of income and indirect tax developments (September 2022)

7 Sep - Bahrain: Reminder of final phase of digital stamp regime for tobacco products

6 Sep - Bahrain: Request for comments to assist with introduction of e-invoicing

2 Sep - Sri Lanka: Tax and customs duties proposals in 2022 interim budget

1 Sep - Sri Lanka: Proposed increase to VAT rate, effective 1 September 2022

1 Sep - Philippines: Guidance on lifting suspension of field audit and operations

August 2022

31 Aug - New Zealand: GST measures and dual-resident company tax changes in pending bill

31 Aug - Vietnam: Recent corporate income tax and VAT guidance

26 Aug - Vietnam: Measures concerning laws or rules regarding land, insurance, automobile transport, and medical equipment

26 Aug - Hong Kong: Implementation of Pillar Two deferred to 2024 at the earliest

25 Aug - Australia: Entities paying notional GST have rights of appeal in federal courts (Federal Court decision)

24 Aug - Bahrain: Guidance on VAT registration certificates, simplified tax invoices

23 Aug - Australia: Proposed reporting regime for the sharing or “gig” economy

23 Aug - Australia: Treasury to conduct “token mapping” work for cryptoasset regulatory framework

23 Aug - Philippines: New letter of authority must be issued if tax investigation reassigned

22 Aug - India: Guidance regarding filing of Form 67 for individual taxpayers to claim foreign tax credit

19 Aug - Australia: Board of Taxation releases consultation guide on digital asset tax treatment

19 Aug - Australia: “Notifiable event” related to connected entities stamp duty exemption (Western Australia)

16 Aug - Philippines: Guidelines on VAT exemption for senior citizens and persons with disabilities on certain online purchases

16 Aug - Thailand: E-commerce business operations by foreign companies

16 Aug - UAE: New service for voluntary disclosure of errors on customs declarations

15 Aug - Malaysia: Monthly summary of income and indirect tax developments (August 2022)

12 Aug - Australia: Proposal for increased public reporting of tax and country-by-country information

12 Aug - Cambodia: Tax relief measures to support tourism sector

11 Aug - Hong Kong: Company directors not liable for additional taxes for incorrect profits tax returns filed by company (court decision)

10 Aug - Korea: Tax reform proposals for 2022

10 Aug - Australia: Draft update to GST treatment of cross-border supplies, digital currency

10 Aug - Hong Kong: Income tax treaties to be modified by MLI

8 Aug - Hong Kong: Salaries tax treatment of share award; vesting vs. forfeiture (court decision)

8 Aug - KPMG report: Tax guide for countries in Middle East and South Asia region

4 Aug - Australia: Proposal to require reporting by digital platforms

4 Aug - Philippines: Suspension lifted, certain tax compliance actions of revenue officers

4 Aug - Vietnam: VAT measures relating to real estate transfers, power plants, and investment projects

3 Aug - Bahrain: VAT violations identified during field inspections

3 Aug - Hong Kong: Profits tax implications on sales of commercial buildings

2 Aug - Hong Kong: Intra-group share transfer involving UK LLPs eligible for stamp duty relief (court decision)

2 Aug - Malaysia: Proposed measures for sales tax on low-value goods include new requirements for online sellers

1 Aug - Malaysia: Guidance on service tax exemption for digital payment services by local non-bank providers

1 Aug - Indonesia: Guidance regarding taxation of coal mining sector, including VAT

July 2022

28 Jul - Vietnam: Provisions concerning intellectual property, land management and use, environmental protection, chemical industry strategy

25 Jul - Cambodia: Site visits by tax authority to enterprises in Phnom Penh

25 Jul - India: Amendment with respect to nondeductible expenses does not have retroactive effect (high court decision)

25 Jul - India: Guidance that deferred payments for road construction not exempt from GST held invalid (high court decision)

22 Jul - Malaysia: Indirect tax bills presented to Parliament

20 Jul - Malaysia: Exemption Orders for foreign-sourced income

20 Jul - Australia: ATO guidance on treaty shopping arrangements

13 Jul - Australia: Guidance regarding tax treatment of cryptoassets

12 Jul - India: Company earned income upon conversion of compulsory convertible debentures (tribunal decision)

12 Jul - Indonesia: Income tax and VAT treatment of crypto trading and fintech transactions

12 Jul - Indonesia: New implementing regulations of VAT law

12 Jul - Philippines: Tax treatment of sales of listed stocks

11 Jul - India: Guidance on definition of virtual digital asset subject to new tax regime

11 Jul - India: Guidance on tax withholding on transfers of virtual digital assets other than through an exchange

11 Jul - India: Measures incorporating GST Council recommendations

11 Jul - India: Supplier entitled to refund of accumulated input tax credit under inverted tax structure (high court decision)

11 Jul - Pakistan: Tax measures enacted in Finance Bill 2022

11 Jul - Philippines: Guidance regarding receipts and invoices

11 Jul - Philippines: Guidance regarding service of electronic letter of authority

11 Jul - UAE: One-year time limit for claiming VAT refunds by tourists

1 Jul - Australia: Extension of transition period for residency management and control test

1 Jul - Cambodia: Supplemental guidance regarding VAT on tangible fixed assets

1 Jul - India: GST Council recommends rate rationalization and clarification measures

1 Jul - Malaysia: Implementation of service tax on goods delivery services postponed

June 2022

30 Jun - Australia: Treatment of U.S. GILTI under hybrid mismatch rules

29 Jun - Australia: Proposed amendments to thin capitalisation rules

29 Jun - Bahrain: Updated list of goods subject to excise tax; shipment of cigarettes with excise digital stamps

29 Jun - Malaysia: Extension of payment period under voluntary disclosure program for indirect taxes

28 Jun - Philippines: Tax audits, compromise penalties (court decisions)

28 Jun - Vietnam: Guidance on interest rate subsidies; new draft law on electronic transactions; one-way remittance

24 Jun - Australia: Cryptocurrencies not regarded as foreign currency for tax purposes

24 Jun - Hong Kong: Proposed changes to offshore regime for passive income

24 Jun - India: Guidance on tax withholding, transfers of virtual digital assets

24 Jun - India: Tax treatment of interest income under treaty with Japan

24 Jun - Thailand: Six-month extension of certain customs-related relief measures (COVID-19)

23 Jun - UAE: VAT imposed on gold items, jewelry

22 Jun - Australia: Tax measures in 2022-2023 budget (New South Wales)

22 Jun - Australia: Tax measures in 2022-2023 budget (Queensland)

22 Jun - India: Uniform procedures for GST refund claims; tax withholding on benefits

21 Jun - Bangladesh: Tax proposals in Finance Bill 2022

21 Jun - Malaysia: Sales tax exemption on purchase of passenger cars ends 30 June 2022

17 Jun - India: Updated guidance for mutual agreement procedure (MAP)

16 Jun - Malaysia: Summary of income and stamp tax developments for second quarter 2022 (COVID-19)

15 Jun - Malaysia: Delinquent taxpayers identified, enforcement proceedings planned

14 Jun - Cambodia: Capital gains tax delayed to 1 January 2024

14 Jun - Cambodia: Exchange rates for VAT-registered taxpayers

14 Jun - India: Offshore commission income earned by foreign company not taxable in India (tribunal decision)

10 Jun - Singapore: Deferment of GST administrative concession removal for recovery of overseas brokerage fees and costs

10 Jun - Singapore: GST zero-rating for exported goods “hand-carried” by motor vehicle (court decision)

10 Jun - Singapore: Transitional issues arising from GST rate increase

9 Jun - Australia: Planned consultation in July on taxing U.S. and UK resident financial institutions

9 Jun - Australia: Superannuation industry overview 2022

8 Jun - Bahrain: Exports must meet GCC country of origin rules for entry into Saudi Arabia

8 Jun - China: Preferential corporate income tax policies for Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone

7 Jun - Hong Kong: Proposed tax concessions for maritime services

7 Jun - Philippines: Tax audit and field operations of task forces suspended

6 Jun - Vietnam: Deferral of tax payments, including VAT (COVID-19)

6 Jun - Australia: Land tax measures in 2022-2023 budget (South Australia)

2 Jun - Australia: Luxury car tax threshold rises for FY 2022-23

2 Jun - Saudi Arabia: Penalty waiver relaunched for all taxes, including VAT and excise tax (COVID-19)

1 Jun - Malaysia: Updated sales tax, excise duties and customs orders

1 Jun - UAE: New labor law measures for employers, employees

1 Jun - Cambodia: Online self-declared labour inspections (COVID-19)

May 2022

31 May - Cambodia: Permissible days off for 5 June election

31 May - Australia: Tax measures in 2022-2023 budget (Tasmania)

31 May - India: Service tax payable on secondment of employee from foreign affiliate

31 May - KPMG report: Tax governance frameworks in Singapore and Malaysia, related income tax and GST benefits

27 May - Malaysia: Harmonized System (HS 2022) implementation

27 May - Thailand: Excise tax and customs incentives for electric vehicles

27 May - Australia: Guidance under stamp duty act (New South Wales)

26 May - Australia: Valuing imported goods, disclosure of post-import adjustments

25 May - Hong Kong: Update on corporate tax issues, including transfer pricing documentation

25 May - Thailand: Voluntary disclosure program regarding import and export transactions, extended into 2026

25 May - Vietnam: Guidance on investment in vocational education, foreign loans, public health policies (COVID-19)

24 May - Singapore: Tax treatment of appropriation of trading stock and conversion of non-trade/capital assets

24 May - Australia: Stamp duty act enacted (New South Wales)

23 May - Australia: Labor party wins 2022 election, tax policies include public country-by-country (CbC) reporting

23 May - India: Beneficial ownership provisions may not apply to capital gains article of India-Mauritius treaty (tribunal decision)

23 May - India: No GST payable by Indian importer on reverse charge on ocean freight paid by foreign seller (Supreme Court decision)

23 May - Thailand: Tax incentives to support implementation of digital technology

23 May - UAE: Voluntary disclosure penalties under revised tax-related penalty regime

19 May - Hong Kong: Proposed tax deduction for rent paid for domestic premises

19 May - New Zealand: Budget 2022

18 May - Bahrain: Extended implementation dates for digital stamp regime for tobacco

18 May - India: Guidance on administration of new provisions introduced by Finance Act, 2021

17 May - Australia: Guidance regarding reduced company tax rate

17 May - Cambodia: Guidance on VAT reverse-charge mechanism for e-commerce transactions

17 May - Vietnam: Update on investment reporting by foreign-invested enterprises

16 May - Vietnam: Measures to strengthen tax administration for e-commerce activities

16 May - India: Guidance regarding notices issued under old reassessment regime (Supreme Court decision)

16 May - India: Training cost reimbursements not taxable as fees for included services under India-U.S. treaty (tribunal decision)

13 May - Philippines: Guidance regarding downtime of electronic filing and payment system for maintenance

13 May - Australia: Tax measures in 2022-2023 budget (Western Australia)

12 May - Australia: Overview of tax measures in 2022-2023 budget (Northern Territory)

11 May - Singapore: Changes to family office tax incentive regimes

11 May - Vietnam: Recommended focus on tax audit and inspection of high-risk industries and areas

11 May - India: Determining value of land as part of construction contract for GST purposes (court decision)

10 May - India: No permanent establishment under India-Singapore tax treaty (tribunal decision)

9 May - Malaysia: Updated tax audit frameworks

5 May - Taiwan: Extension of individual income tax return filing and payment deadlines (COVID-19)

5 May - India: Notice issued under old reassessment regime deemed issued under new reassessment regime (Supreme Court decision)

4 May - India: Guidance on filing updated tax returns

4 May - Australia: Overview of tax measures in 2022-2023 budget (Victoria)

2 May - UAE: Consultation on new federal corporate income tax system

April 2022

29 Apr - Cambodia: Tax incentives for taxpayers that voluntarily amend tax returns, with regard to IPOs

29 Apr - Hong Kong: Profits found to be offshore-sourced, not subject to profits tax (court decision)

28 Apr - Malaysia: Tax implications of statutory changes for unit trust funds (Finance Act 2021)

27 Apr - Bahrain: Updated list of goods subject to excise tax

25 Apr - Indonesia: Guidance concerning taxation of income from construction services

22 Apr - Cambodia: Updated business registration requirements

22 Apr - Philippines: Updated VAT guidance regarding export enterprises

21 Apr - Bahrain: Taxpayers required to complete survey regarding invoicing

20 Apr - Malaysia: Updated customs duties order covering new emerging products

20 Apr - Philippines: Deadline for submission of attachments to 2021 income tax returns

20 Apr - India: Reassessment notice emailed on last day of limitation period held valid (court decision)

19 Apr - India: Payments to subcontractor in China taxable as fees for technical services under India-China treaty (tribunal decision)

15 Apr - Malaysia: Tax corporate governance framework and guidelines

14 Apr - India: Assessment order issued in name of amalgamating company; provident fund contributions

14 Apr - India: Economic co-operation and trade agreement with Australia, tax implications for Indian companies

13 Apr - Bahrain: Economic substance returns extended for certain entities, digital stamp regime for tobacco

13 Apr - Kuwait: Excise tax on tobacco, beverages, luxury goods being considered

13 Apr - Philippines: Guidance concerning filing of income tax returns for 2021 tax year

12 Apr - Philippines: Guidance concerning VAT certifications, other measures

12 Apr - Malaysia: Guidance on sales tax exemption on importation of pallets

12 Apr - Thailand: Additional control measures for “customs free zones”

11 Apr - India: Subscription fees not taxable under tax treaty with Singapore; e-dispute resolution scheme

7 Apr - India: No dependent agent permanent establishment under India-Mauritius tax treaty (tribunal decision)

7 Apr - India: Payments for online advertisements not taxable in India (tribunal decision)

7 Apr - Malaysia: Foreign-source income excluded from prosperity tax

5 Apr - India: Tax withheld at source and deductibility of related expenses; foreign tax credit on taxes withheld in Singapore

4 Apr - Cambodia: Licensing requirements for companies, factories distributing or using certain chemicals

4 Apr - Malaysia: Excise tax on pre-mixed beverages (including certain coffees and teas) postponed

4 Apr - Malaysia: New e-telegraphic transfer system for tax payments

March 2022

31 Mar - India: GST amnesty program for Maharashtra State

31 Mar - Australia: Energy-related tax measures pass parliament

29 Mar - Australia: 2022 federal budget announced

29 Mar - Hong Kong: Salaries tax implications of employment termination and restricted shares (court decision)

29 Mar - India: Procedures for examining GST returns for FY 2017-18 and FY 2018-19

25 Mar - Japan: 2022 tax reform legislation passed

23 Mar - Philippines: Guidance regarding responsibilities of banks in accepting tax returns and payments

23 Mar - Vietnam: Guidance on conditions for customs inspection of export processing enterprises

22 Mar - India: Diamond certification services not taxable technical services under treaty with United States (tribunal decision)

22 Mar - Indonesia: Guidance on coordination of CFC rules with taxation of dividends

22 Mar - Australia: Tax treatment of digital assets and transactions; policy framework review

21 Mar - Australia: Consultation on proposed digital games tax offset

18 Mar - Australia: Fuel tax credit available for business use

18 Mar - Philippines: Guidance concerning tax withholding by agents, other measures

17 Mar - Philippines: VAT guidance regarding export enterprises

17 Mar - India: Permanent establishment under tax treaty with Japan; no withholding tax at source on share purchase

16 Mar - New Zealand: Proposed company tax “integrity measures”

15 Mar - Bahrain: Economic substance information returns due 31 March 2022

15 Mar - Thailand: Tax relief to support trading in digital assets and investment in start-ups

14 Mar - Hong Kong: Proposed family office tax exemption regime

14 Mar - Malaysia: Ratification of RCEP free trade agreement

11 Mar - Malaysia: Special foreign-sourced income program ends

10 Mar - Philippines: Tax guidance on certain income tax incentives (COVID-19)

9 Mar - India: Loss from permanent diminution in value of investment in U.S. subsidiary allowable as business expenditure (court decision)

8 Mar - Australia: Navigating stamp tax (duty) rules in 2022

7 Mar - New Zealand: Interest limitations, GST measures and foreign exchange rules in pending bill

7 Mar - Pakistan: Tax incentives to encourage industrial investment

4 Mar - Vietnam: Guidance concerning e-commerce websites and activities; legislative amendments regarding investment, enterprises

3 Mar - Bahrain: Proposed VAT payment relief for traders; possible implications of introducing a corporate income tax

1 Mar - Malaysia: FAQs on withholding tax on payments to resident individual agents, dealers and distributors

February 2022

28 Feb - Thailand: Multilateral instrument (MLI) is signed

25 Feb - India: Support services fees not “fees for technical services” under tax treaty with Belgium (tribunal decision)

24 Feb - Hong Kong: Tax measures in budget 2022-2023

24 Feb - Philippines: Tax guidance from Bureau of Internal Revenue

23 Feb - UAE: Updated voluntary disclosure user guide for VAT and excise tax

22 Feb - Qatar: Corporate income tax returns due 30 April 2022

22 Feb - Vietnam: Draft decree to facilitate tax declaration and payment

21 Feb - Singapore: Tax measures in budget 2022

21 Feb - India: Consideration paid by combined company exceeding net assets is goodwill, eligible for depreciation

21 Feb - Kazakhstan: Proposed tax amendments released for consultation

21 Feb - Vietnam: Guidance on real estate reporting

17 Feb - Australia: ATO guidance on GST reverse-charge provisions for financial services, insurance

17 Feb - India: Blocking of electronic credit ledger does not equal seizure of property (court decision)

16 Feb - India: No separate notification required, “most favoured nation” treaty clause (tribunal decision)

16 Feb - Australia: Proposal for “patent box” regime

16 Feb - Cambodia: Tax relief extended for certain sectors, including tourism industry (COVID-19)

16 Feb - Vietnam: Almost all tax treaties implicated with the signing of MLI

15 Feb - New Zealand: Public consultation on digitizing the tax system

11 Feb - Cambodia: Notification letter on use of English language in accounting software, update

11 Feb - India: Interest paid on income tax refund held taxable under tax treaty with United States

10 Feb - India: Tax withheld reduced by “equalization levy” (digital services tax) paid (court decision)

9 Feb - Australia: Tax integrity bill would provide self-assessment of effective life of certain intangible assets

8 Feb - India: Guidance regarding invocation of “most favoured nation” treaty clause

7 Feb - Indonesia: Program for income tax treatment, disclosure of offshore assets

7 Feb - Japan: Extended filing, payment deadline for individual taxpayers; updated FAQs (COVID-19)

7 Feb - UAE: Corporate income tax, what to expect

4 Feb - New Zealand: Income insurance scheme proposed

3 Feb - Bahrain: Tax authority issues VAT return guidance

3 Feb - Cambodia: Guidance on VAT adjustments; reminder of annual income tax reporting for 2021

3 Feb - Qatar: New passenger air ticket tax

1 Feb - India: Tax measures in budget 2022-2023

1 Feb - Australia: Understanding the terms “exploration,” “use” and “first use” regarding asset depreciation (Full Federal Court decision)

1 Feb - UAE: New corporate income tax system, scheduled to be effective 1 June 2023

January 2022

28 Jan - Vietnam: VAT rate reduction; corporate income tax deduction of certain COVID-19-related expenses

26 Jan - Bahrain: VAT rate increase to 10%; treatment of imports during one-year transitional period

25 Jan - India: Capital gains and insurance policies; branch office salary costs subject to GST; depreciation on goodwill

25 Jan - Qatar: VAT regime now expected in 2022

25 Jan - Vietnam: New rules for foreign businesses involved in certain electronic gaming activities

20 Jan - Cambodia: Delayed implementation of VAT on e-commerce transactions; VAT state-charge for “basic daily food”

19 Jan - Kazakhstan: Tax law amendments generally effective 1 January 2022

18 Jan - Hong Kong: New relief measures to support businesses and individuals (COVID-19)

18 Jan - Japan: Change in treatment of derivative transactions income

18 Jan - Taiwan: Draft amendment of tax registration rules for e-commerce

18 Jan - Vietnam: Recent corporate income tax and VAT guidance

13 Jan - Malaysia: Remittance of withholding tax on payments made to resident individual agents, dealers or distributors deferred until 31 March 2022

11 Jan - Azerbaijan: Tax measures effective in 2022

11 Jan - UAE: Procedures for installment payments of penalties, administrative waiver of penalties

10 Jan - Cambodia: Use of language, currency in accounting records and financial statements

10 Jan - India: Marketing services not fees for technical services; other developments

7 Jan - Bahrain: Transition rules for VAT rate change

7 Jan - Malaysia: Exemption for foreign-source income is extended (COVID-19)

7 Jan - Taiwan: Income tax withholding on cross-border payments for e-services

6 Jan - China: Individual income tax guidance

6 Jan - Japan: Recordkeeping for electronic transactions; guidance for designated tax representative system

6 Jan - Oman: VAT guide for oil and gas sector

5 Jan - Oman: Budget for 2022

5 Jan - Jordan: Income tax treaty with Cyprus

5 Jan - Pakistan: Sales tax, other measures in pending legislation (mini budget)

5 Jan - Malaysia: Service tax guidance concerning food and beverages, motor vehicles, brokerage services

4 Jan - Malaysia: Finance Act 2021, effective date 1 January 2022

4 Jan - Thailand: Tax calendar for 2022

2021 Articles

December 2021

30 Dec - Cambodia: Tax calendar for 2022

30 Dec - Vietnam: Tax calendar for 2022

30 Dec - Philippines: Tax calendar for 2022

30 Dec - Malaysia: Voluntary disclosure program for indirect taxes opens in 2022

29 Dec - Cambodia: VAT and e-commerce transactions

29 Dec - Thailand: Measures to support e-tax invoices and e-receipts; relief from residential property transfer fees

27 Dec - Vietnam: Tax treatment of certain pandemic-related expenses (COVID-19)

27 Dec - Bahrain: VAT rate increase to 10% is finalized

27 Dec - Oman: Transactions involving excise tax warehouses, when excise tax is suspended

23 Dec - India: Payments for database access not taxable under U.S. tax treaty

23 Dec - India: Tax highlights of 2021

22 Dec - Cambodia: Safety inspections of imported new vehicles; application deadline for expatriate staff employees

22 Dec - Malaysia: Taxpayer bank account information in garnishments

22 Dec - New Zealand: Review of tax developments in 2021

22 Dec - Thailand: Electronic signature requirements

21 Dec - Japan: Guidance addresses appointment of taxpayer representatives

20 Dec - Cambodia: Investment incentives include exemptions from customs duty, special tax and VAT

20 Dec - India: Income from providing access to software not taxable as royalty

17 Dec - Australia: Tax and the government's mid-year economic and fiscal outlook

17 Dec - Cambodia: Tax treatment of credit-guarantee fees, activities

17 Dec - Malaysia: FAQs on special program for foreign income remittance

16 Dec - Japan: Outline for 2022 tax reform proposals

16 Dec - Vietnam: Annual report of representative offices due 30 January 2022

16 Dec - Australia: Imported hybrid mismatch rule, final ATO guideline

15 Dec - Australia: Corporate tax transparency data for 2019-2020

15 Dec - Bahrain: VAT rate to increase to 10% in 2022

14 Dec - Cambodia: Minimum wage for 2022

10 Dec - Indonesia: Carbon tax, corporate tax measures enacted in new law

7 Dec - UAE: Input VAT recovery and mobile phone packages provided employees for business use

6 Dec - Australia: Tariff concession order applications, and addressing objections of local manufacturers

6 Dec - India: Treatment of tax withheld-at-source from e-commerce operations

6 Dec - New Zealand: Tax obligations of non-resident employers

6 Dec - Qatar: Preferential tax treatment requires compliance with economic substance regulations

1 Dec - Hong Kong: Update on proposal for e-filing of profits tax returns

1 Dec - Indonesia: Tax exemption available for dividend income

1 Dec - Vietnam: Guidance regarding medical devices and foreign exchange rules

November 2021

30 Nov - Japan: Overview of tax system

30 Nov - Malaysia: Guidance (FAQs) on estimated tax payments for all businesses, deferred tax instalments for SMEs

30 Nov - Papua New Guinea: Tax measures in budget 2022

26 Nov - Australia: ATO not to extend approach to permanent establishments (COVID-19)

24 Nov - India: Agreement with United States regarding “equalization levy” (digital services tax)

24 Nov - Malaysia: Revised Labuan business activity tax requirements

24 Nov - Saudi Arabia: Measures regarding e-invoicing under VAT implementation rules

23 Nov - Taiwan: Pre-approval process for beneficial withholding tax rate under income tax treaty with Luxembourg

23 Nov - UAE: Procedure for requesting penalty reconsideration

22 Nov - India: Effects of GST returns and portal; incentives for automobile production

22 Nov - Kazakhstan: Extension of “pilot project” regarding consignment notes for goods

18 Nov - Bahrain: Status of planned increase to VAT rate

18 Nov - Malaysia: Tax on foreign-source income remittance

17 Nov - Japan: Electronic recordkeeping requirements, performance-linked compensation measures under 2021 tax reform

16 Nov - Singapore: GST zero-rating for sales of exported goods

15 Nov - Sri Lanka: Tax proposals in 2022 budget

12 Nov - China: Additional tax reporting requirements for ESOPs

12 Nov - India: Tax treatment of subscription fees for online databases and journals, tax treaty implications

11 Nov - Asia Pacific: Regional perspective on implementation of BEPS 2.0 as it relates to tax incentives

10 Nov - Bahrain: GCC e-platform intended to facilitate trade

10 Nov - Malaysia: Tax measures in Finance Bill 2021

10 Nov - UAE: Clarification to tax procedure rules regarding taxpayer objections and appeals

2 Nov - Vietnam: Draft decree regarding incentives to support industries

2 Nov - Vietnam: Proposed changes to rules governing intellectual property

2 Nov - Vietnam: Proposed changes to rules governing real estate transactions

1 Nov - Malaysia: Tax proposals in budget for 2022

1 Nov - Thailand: Automatic exchange of information (AEOI); actions by financial institutions expected beginning 2022

1 Nov - UAE: Tax procedural rules amended

1 Nov - Vietnam: Guidance regarding cross-border e-commerce activities; website registration rules

October 2021

28 Oct - Cambodia: Updated guidance on taxation of salary and fringe benefits

28 Oct - Saudi Arabia: Guidance regarding VAT and e-commerce transactions

27 Oct - UAE: Revised VAT rules regarding “designated zones” and goods sold via electronic platforms

26 Oct - Australia: Fuel tax credit; substantiation using GPS technology

26 Oct - Saudi Arabia: VAT and government contracts; amendments are generally effective 1 November 2021

25 Oct - Oman: VAT guide for real estate sector

22 Oct - Vietnam: Tax support measures for businesses and individuals (COVID-19)

21 Oct - India: Refund claims of GST by “special economic zone” unit

20 Oct - Australia: ATO guidance on preparing for GST assurance reviews

19 Oct - Australia: Status of legislation to implement a reporting regime for the "sharing economy"

19 Oct - Philippines: Tax treatment of payments to "social influencers"

18 Oct - Oman: VAT guide for “special zones”

15 Oct - Thailand: Digital tax coupons for use and application against customs duties and taxes

15 Oct - Vietnam: Exemptions, reduced rates of corporate income tax under special investment incentives

15 Oct - Vietnam: Taxation of e-commerce and digital-based transactions

14 Oct - India: Unused foreign tax credit; “fees for technical services” under Singapore tax treaty

13 Oct - Australia: Proposed expansion of tax treaty network

11 Oct - Singapore: GST administrative concession removed, recovery of overseas brokerage fees and costs

11 Oct - UAE: User guide for appeals under economic substance regulations

8 Oct - Thailand: Deduction of amounts paid for antigen test kits for employee testing (COVID-19)

7 Oct - Saudi Arabia: Draft VAT legislation proposes changes for e-invoicing

6 Oct - Bahrain: Proposal to increase VAT rate to 10%

6 Oct - Malaysia: Carbon tax part of plan to achieve net-zero carbon emission

6 Oct - Malaysia: Tourism tax on premises booked via digital platform service providers postponed to 2023

1 Oct - Oman: Taxpayers cautioned about business transactions with unregistered companies, establishments

1 Oct - Thailand: Control of “dual-use” items, weapons of mass destruction

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