Why is KPMG Asia Pacific Tax & Legal relevant?

The emerging economic strength of the Asia Pacific region means that more companies are making it a priority to do business in the area and, in many cases, creating regional hubs. However, the diversity and complexity of the region poses many challenges and pitfalls for international businesses, especially the operation of the region’s various tax, legal and regulatory systems.

KPMG Asia Pacific Tax & Legal Centre comprises tax and legal professionals, as well as a virtual network of specialists across the full spectrum of KPMG’s tax and legal services, including:

  • Asset Management
  • Banking Sector
  • Energy & Natural Resources Sector
  • ESG
  • Data Management
  • Global Mobility Services
  • Indirect Tax Services
  • Insurance Sector
  • International Tax
  • Legal Services
  • M&A Tax
  • Tax Dispute Resolution & Controversy
  • Tax Policy
  • Tax Reimagined, including GCMS & Financial Services
  • Trade & Customs
  • Transfer Pricing

Leaders serving regionally headquartered multinational groups and key sector specialists are also a core part of the KPMG Asia Pacific Tax & Legal Centre.

How can the KPMG Asia Pacific Tax & Legal Centre help you?

The KPMG Asia Pacific Tax & Legal Centre’s network of tax professionals brings together a wealth of local and regional experience relevant to you and your business.

The Centre will help you cut through the tax and legal complexities of operating and growing in this dynamic and diverse region, while identifying the opportunities for your tax and legal functions to add significant business value.

In addition to the work of our regional tax and legal leaders, the Centre also supports clients in the region by:

  • providing central coordination and support for multi-national clients in the region
  • the provision of regular updates on tax trends and developments through our regular newsletter, webinar series and publications 
  • bringing together the best teams, skills and services to our clients across Asia Pacific
  • organizing KPMG’s widely recognized Asia Pacific Tax & Legal Summit

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