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How data-driven insights are elevating the LPGA

AI-powered data and analytics from KPMG put the tour on the cutting edge of sports and technology.

KPMG Performance Insights to Power Captain Stacy Lewis and Team USA
Lewis will utilize KPMG Performance Insights data and analytics to help inform Team USA player selections, pairings and more

Estimated read time: 3-4 minutes

Technology advances have changed golf in profound ways over the last few decades. But until recently, those innovations have been largely limited to the tools in golfers’ hands—the tech-enhanced clubs and balls that enable players to get more from their game.

Now, however, advanced data and analytics are empowering golfers to get much more from the tools in their heads, too.

The elevated play at the 2023 Solheim Cup is just one recent example of data’s game-changing opportunities. This biennial competition between the United States and Europe is widely regarded as the most prestigious event in women’s golf. KPMG worked with the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LGPA) in the months leading up to the event to help the organization uncover data-driven ways to gain a competitive advantage via the KPMG Performance Insights platform.

And the results were quickly evident. Look no further than the US team, which achieved three historic firsts during the tournament, including its first-ever foursome sweep.

The KMPG-LPGA collaboration continues as the US team prepares for the 2024 Solheim Cup in September. (The event is running in consecutive years to get back on schedule after the 2020 event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Again this year, Stacy Lewis will captain the team. And again this year, the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered KPMG Performance Insights platform will be Lewis’s secret weapon, enabling her to help players precisely diagnose strengths and weaknesses, create pairings mostly likely to succeed, and ensure the LPGA shines even more brightly on the world stage.

Driven by Data: Stacy Lewis’ 2023 Solheim Cup Captaincy

Big data, long drives

Advanced data has been increasingly used by the men’s side of the PGA Tour over the past decade, but it’s still relatively new to the women’s game.

The KPMG Performance Insights platform provides LPGA players with shot-level data, offering a granular view of performance.

This allows players to dissect every aspect of their game, from driving accuracy to putting efficiency. By identifying specific strengths and weaknesses, players can tailor their training regimens to address gaps and enhance overall performance.

For example, if a player consistently loses strokes on approach shots, she can focus on improving that aspect of her game. This data-driven approach helps ensure that players are not just practicing harder, but smarter.

Likewise, coaches like Lewis use the performance data to develop personalized training plans. Coaches can now pinpoint exactly where a player is struggling and devise targeted strategies to overcome those challenges. In addition, coaches and players can collaboratively set near- and long-term goals and track progress over time.

AI-powered team management

The use of data extends to team management, particularly in events like the 34-year-old Solheim Cup. The KPMG Performance Insights platform gives Lewis an AI-assisted hand in a few high-impact areas:


Ideal pairings: The platform plays a crucial role in identifying the best players for different formats, such as alternate shot or best ball. By running thousands of simulations, the platform quickly identifies the pairings that are most likely to succeed based on players’ performance metrics. For example, a player who excels in driving might be paired with one who has a strong short game, creating a balanced team that can handle various challenges on the course.


Course analysis: Every golf course presents a unique set of challenges, and the platform helps players and coaches prepare accordingly. It provides detailed analysis of course-specific factors, such as grass type and typical shot lengths, that influence performance. Understanding that a course is predominantly Bermuda grass, for example, can help players adjust their approach strategies and club choices to better suit the conditions.


Individual intangibles: The platform also analyzes strokes gained and performance under pressure. This information is invaluable for helping ensure the team is prepared to tackle the specific demands of each course—and match.


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Data with a human touch

While data provides critical insights, the human element remains an essential component of the game. It’s ultimately the players and coaches who bring the data-informed strategies to the fairway.

Coaches may choose to consider player preferences, interpersonal dynamics, and their own comfort level—as well or instead. Even if data suggests a specific pairing might be optimal, it’s unlikely to work if the players lack chemistry. This balance between data-driven insights and human intuition helps ensure that the team operates cohesively and performs at its best.

The integration of data analytics into the women’s professional golf game via the KPMG Performance Insights platform represents a significant evolution in the sport, positioning the LPGA at the cutting edge of sports and technology. It serves as a model for sports organizations worldwide that are looking to leverage technology for performance enhancement.


Making history with KPMG Performance Insights

You spend years refining your talent and developing the skills to take you to the top. Then KPMG gives you the data and insights that help you start seeing new opportunities and making performance gains you never knew were possible. That’s a game-changer for any athlete…or any leader.

Stacy Lewis

US Solheim Cup Captain

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