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Transparency and assurance over technology risks becomes a competitive advantage

Organizations and businesses increasingly rely on technology for their operations. Managing resulting risks is paramount to maintain an effective and well-functioning IT and business environment.

Operating high quality and fit-for-purpose processes and controls is important and challenging at the same time. Organizations must remain agile to address customer demands, meet regulatory and compliance standards, and adapt to changes in technology solutions.

Stefan Wälti

Partner, Head of Assurance Technology

KPMG Switzerland

François El Assad

Director, Assurance Technology

KPMG Switzerland

What we do – KPMG Assurance Technology

At the Assurance Technology Group, we audit IT environments in the corporate sector and have strong expertise in ERP and accounting systems, technology solutions and business processes.

Our core focus is on providing quality assurance services to our clients through IT audits, process reviews, system assessments and other evaluations. We accompany you on your journey to managing risks more intelligently, focusing on core business processes and operations.

The objective is to maintain an effective, robust and high-quality control environment, leveraging data and innovation.

We combine our IT auditor, technology, business process and accounting expertise in conversations and help clients:

  • Manage and mitigate information technology risks
  • Create confidence in financial audit processes and underlying systems
  • Build trust in (emerging) technologies and services
  • Manage compliance and regulatory requirements, including costs
  • Establish fit-for-purpose IT frameworks that meet regulatory and compliance standards
  • Develop and issue IT assurance/attestation reports (ISAE/SOC)
  • Secure technology investments through quality assurance

We support you with the following assurance services

Three key themes for us are quality, transparency and communication. In all of our assurance and quality services it is essential to ensure high-quality deliverables, work in a transparent manner, and communicate in an open and honest way. We never stop learning, so communication is key to maintaining a trustful and long-lasting relationship. Below is a list of our core IT assurance services:

Technology / IT Audit

  • We assess information technology and IT solutions on infrastructure and application layers. This entails IT-related application controls and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to ensure fit-for-purpose and well-controlled solutions.
  • IT-controls testing for management or compliance purposes (e.g. SOX, SWIFT) to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Evaluation of business process controls and assessments related to automation level, segregation of duties, infrastructure hardening, IT governance, etc.

ISAE / IT Attestation

  • Perform diagnostic reviews to facilitate a fit-for-purpose framework
  • Compile attestation reports as per ISAE 3402, ISAE 3000/SOC2 standards

IT ISAE Attestation

Helping third-party service providers equip themselves with SOC reports in order to stay relevant and competitive in a fast-paced environment.

Optimize business processes from an end-to-end perspective

Our expertise

In short: we understand business processes from an end-to-end perspective, including underlying technology solutions. Our team merges both worlds and ensures a comprehensive insight into risks related to information technology and business processes. This increases quality, transparency and trust levels that ultimately enable decision-makers to make better and informed decisions.

The Assurance Technology Group provides you with transparency and IT audit assurance on IT systems, applications, processes, IT-related controls and governance frameworks. This helps organizations optimize their technology investments, improve quality and operational efficiency, and make informed decisions based on accurate and reliable information.

We maintain a risk-oriented mindset throughout our work, tailor our approach to organizations’ circumstances and mirror their setup. This unlocks synergies and reduces complexity.

Your benefits

Our professionals evaluate, assess, audit and work with companies of various sizes every day.

Our asset is our knowledge – the experience and insights we gain through our projects and engagements. This enables us to provide you with extensive and tangible use cases and benchmarking related to technology solutions, quality, risk and control aspects, assurance reports and ERP transformation programs.

As the team combines IT and business skills, we connect the dots between one another tailor our services to the target audience in a seamless way. Understanding the risks and bridging possible knowledge gaps between IT and business is key in today’s working environment, and a core strength of our auditors.

Contact our experts

If you need support to better address and manage your risks, our experts are here for you.

Stefan Wälti

Partner, Head of Assurance Technology

KPMG Switzerland

François El Assad

Director, Assurance Technology

KPMG Switzerland

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