IAPP 2021

GMS Switzerland’s flagship annual event. Ten electrifying challenges, debated in twenty, contrasting micro-interviews by a cast of eclectic experts selected to make you think, laugh, and want to share. Watch all 56 mins or jump to the topic that interests you most.

Sarah Robert

Partner, Tax & Legal

KPMG Switzerland

5m 33s
The millennial generation’s lost ground
12m 38s
Great leadership is not affected by remote teams
16m 29s
Remote working will export jobs from high cost / high tax countries
21m 13s
Who needs business travel?  We have MS teams.
24m 35s
Compensation will be based on what you do, not where you do it
28m 43s
Expatriate assignments will return to more-or-less their pre-COVID state
36m 29s
Traditional offices are obsolete
39m 52sIn the “new normal,” expect “new assertiveness” from global tax authorities
43m 56s
Work from anywhere offers employees will radically improve their well-being
47m 03sCOVID will spark a revolution in lifelong learning at corporations

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