Nowadays, market developments are so fast that treasury departments cannot lag behind. The volatilities in the financial markets, regulatory requirements, technological developments and new business models all call for changes in finance and treasury management.

To achieve this, structures, processes, plans and strategies need to be re-examined. This in turn requires an in-depth understanding of objectives and methodologies, IT solutions, reporting, accounting and regulations, not to mention tax and legal expertise.

In some cases, a complete redesign of the treasury department may make more sense than simply performing minor adjustments. Nevertheless, taking a holistic look at accounting principles, regulations, controlling matters, IT strategies as well as legal, tax and staff issues, might be needed. If this is done well, challenges translate into opportunities and create a Treasury Department that is much more proactive and adds value to the company.

Based on our long-term experience with the most varied projects in finance and treasury management, KPMG has developed a model that integrates all areas affected in a single solution. As in all we do, we strive to ensure that the solutions chosen are efficient and appropriate.

The team to serve you will be put together according to your individual requirements. We will take into account the latest developments in legislation, regulations and IT and leverage our knowledge edge from comparable projects. The experts’ know-how in these areas and their implementation skills smoothly complement each other. We maintain strict economic independence and focus entirely on our clients’ needs.

Let KPMG assist you with its interdisciplinary consulting approach.

KPMG's finance and treasury management expertise

  • Financial Risk Management: We can advise you in creating suitable structures for your financial risk management using appropriate methods with the goal of increased transparency, predictable business results and cost-effective management of financial risks in accordance with your risk appetite.
  • Cash and liquidity management: For KPMG, transparency, increased analysis capability, information on cash flow development and the optimization of internal cash flows are an important prerequisite to ensure that Treasury can support the company's management in a meaningful way.
  • Commodity and energy management: With access to in-depth understanding of the energy and commodities wholesale markets, regulatory requirements and companies’ internal connections, our specialists can assist you in all matters of conceptualization, implementation and IT. 
  • Payment operations: We help you develop the right strategy to implement solutions for internal and external payment operations.
  • Strategy, Organization and Processes: With our experience in linking efficiency, effectiveness and compliance, we can develop the appropriate organizational structure based on the client’s strategic orientation together with our clients, thus creating efficient processes and helping to transform the central treasury unit into a "Center of Excellence".
  • Accounting and valuation: Correctly accounting for and valuing financial instruments are fundamental to a company’s capital market communication. We can support you in assessing your financial reporting used for financial instruments and structured financing, as well as in valuing derivatives or stock option plans.
  • IT systems: We can provide optimal support when installing modern treasury systems, thus enabling a desirable utilization of Treasury IT. We can improve your cost structures by implementing standardized processes and systems in Switzerland and abroad. 
  • Regulatory, Legal and Taxation: We can advise you on tax and legal issues regarding the design of your treasury organization and support you in implementing financial market regulations.
  • DLT-Technologie: Unsere Expertise erstreckt sich von der Auswahl und nahtlosen Integration digitaler Geldbörsen und Zahlungsanbieter, um digitale Währungszahlungen und Inkassos zu ermöglichen, bis hin zur umfassenden Beratung für blockchain-betriebene Zahlungsinfrastruktur wie beispielsweise Order-to-Cash und Procure-to-Pay.

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