Supply chains nowadays are best described as global, fast moving and increasingly complex. This makes it challenging for businesses to remain agile and resilient, as well as meet stakeholder expectations. Our team of experts help businesses tackle these problems by leveraging technology and using specialized solutions catered to the needs of the company. The team is specialized in Supply Chain and Network Optimization, Sustainable Supply Chains, Supply Chain Resilience, Supply Chain Visibility & Transparency, Procurement Excellence, Logistics (inbound, outbound and reverse), S&OP, Process Mining and Master Data Management.

KPMG’s portfolio spans the entire value chain and, in addition to the above, we are capable of creating customized organizational models and solutions for compliance, risk management and tax optimization. Our strong local presence in the world’s major sourcing regions puts KPMG in a strong position as an advisor on supply chain management issues for international corporations as well as leading SMEs.

Our expertise

Supply Chain Management: KPMG provides structured, innovative services for the integrated optimization of companies from all sectors across the entire value chain.

Procurement: KPMG helps you to make the organizational structure and processes in your purchasing operation more professional and to secure lasting savings.

  • Network Optimization: Optimize your supply chain to remove inefficiencies, reduce lead-times and save on total supply chain costs
  • Supply Chain Maturity Assessment: KPMGs Supply chain maturity assessment gives a holistic view across the end-to-end supply chain process and enables clients to identify and prioritize key improvement areas.
  • Supply Chain Sustainability: Using an internally developed framework, we can assess the current state of environmental and social sustainability in your supply chain. We have also identified 40+ mechanisms that can be introduced to improve visibility and sustainability in your end-to-end supply chain
  • Supply Chain Digitization: We leverage low-code technology to develop applications that serve as a single-source of data by consolidating information from multiple supply chain systems (e.g. WMS, TMS, OMS etc.)
  • Supplier Relationship Management: KPMG will help you face current compliance and sustainability challenges through supplier risk evaluation, supplier performance evaluation, dispute management and mechanisms for multi-tier supply chain visibility
  • Procurement: Category and Contract Management: Leverage your contractual effort by managing your contracts life cycle and share negotiated terms and articles with your internal clients
  • Procurement: Direct and Indirect Spend Optimization: KPMG supports you in analyzing your spending and proposing solutions to optimize and reduce it. E-Procurement tool implementation can be suggested as a technological solution to harmonize processes and reduce non-value added tasks through automation.
  • Supply Chain Process Optimization: Leverage your existing data to map your current process structure and build the targeted processes based on best practices and our knowledge of your sector. We do so by using technologies such as Powered Enterprises and tools like Celonis.

How we help companies

We enable and empower clients to establish and run agile, resilient and transparent end-to-end supply chains. From developing the right supply chain strategy down to the implementation of new and enhanced processes; we have agile and technologically driven methodologies that can be catered to the client's needs.

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