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We help you develop a digital strategy as the spearhead of your digital transformation.

The pace of digital transformation is rapidly accelerating. Digital technology is redefining customer and employee experiences. Digital initiatives are at the core of organizational priorities to improve their customer experience, grow their revenue and reduce costs. 

The dominant question business leaders are currently asking is: “What is needed to thrive in an increasingly digital world?”. The key is digital transformation, which poses major challenges for companies.

KPMG’s Digital & IT strategy team supports clients in maturing their organizations by acting as thought leaders in technology transformation. Our focus is at the intersection of IT and business, where we provide well-structured, technology-driven organizational development.

Christoph Marschner

Director, Digital Transformation

KPMG Switzerland

Your challenges - our solutions

We have developed specific capabilities to guide you through the critical phases of your transformation journey:

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Digital strategy and business model

A digital strategy complements the business strategy with possible digital business models as well as the organization’s necessary digital capability development. 

We support organizations getting fit for the digital future by developing a holistic digital strategy and business model aligned with stakeholder needs and the organization’s objectives. 

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Enterprise architecture

Complexity and rapid change jeopardize technology-enabled transformation initiatives. A thorough Enterprise Architecture can help streamline the IT infrastructure so that they are aligned with strategic business goals. 

We provide structured methods and models to design digital transformation initiatives by building a mature enterprise architecture.


IT strategy and operating model

While digitalization presents an opportunity, organizations need to ensure their IT has a shared purpose and vision, to which all of IT’s medium to long-term contributions are aligned. Once a clear target is set, a strong operating model enabling its digital ambitions is necessary. Understanding how your key IT processes, governance, organization, decision-making powers and the technological layer of IT contribute towards these ambitions allows you to focus investments where they are needed most. 

We support organization in successfully aligning their IT organization to meaningfully drive their digital agenda.

Your partner for every step of the journey

Enabling Digital Transformation

To drive your digital transformation, building a robust digital and IT strategy as well as an enterprise architecture, a partner is required who provides comprehensive business and IT knowledge and has a holistic view of your organization. 

At KPMG Switzerland, we have a team of digital transformation professionals who bring together various capabilities.

With a renowned global network of interdisciplinary experts, we will work closely with you to help you enhance your ability to solve business challenges, build engagement with your stakeholders, iterate more quickly and position your organization to thrive in today’s digital world.

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If you have questions about our services, we would be happy to hear from you and help you find out how we can support you. 

Christoph Marschner

Director, Digital Transformation

KPMG Switzerland

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