In precarious times, companies are exposed to increased risks of fraud, misconduct, corruption and other financial crimes. In such an event, it is crucial to act quickly and credibly to satisfy stakeholder expectations (including regulators), collect relevant evidence, determine what happened, recover lost assets, take action against the perpetrators and limit any subsequent reputational damage or commercial loss.

Having conducted some of the world's most extensive and high-profile financial investigations, we know how you can establish the facts and deal appropriately with potentially damaging and sensitive situations.

Our Swiss Forensic team is part of a global network of over 3,500 professionals, connecting investigators, accountants, forensic technology experts and law enforcement professionals. It is vital to respond quickly and efficiently to alleged or suspected fraud and misconduct. If you have any questions related to fraud or misconduct, our team is well equipped to support you to achieve credible and reliable outcomes.

KPMG's expertise

  • Crisis management by taking immediate or emergency actions
  • Experienced team that is multi-lingual and multidisciplinary 
  • Conducting fast and discrete investigations
  • Use of results and experiences for future fraud prevention measures

Client issues

  • Worried about an employee’s conduct, honesty or integrity?
  • Want to set up a fraud response plan?
  • Need to define appropriate first actions so that they hold up in court later on?
  • Require the investigation of a case of fraud, misconduct or bribery?
  • Lack the technological expertise to detect anomalies and suspicious patterns? Looking to trace and recover lost assets?

Our approach

  • Fact-finding mission based on KPMG Forensic’s global investigations methodology
  • Implementing immediate measures, emergency response, “freezing the scene“
  • Planning the investigation, safeguarding and analyzing evidence, establishing facts, interviewing suspects and questioning third parties
  • Determining the scale, cause and amount of damage and loss, asset tracing and recovery, if required
  • Providing strategic advice on next steps
  • Assisting in negotiating with the police and authorities as well as providing support in legal proceedings, if required
  • Assisting in preparing a communication plan (internal/external)
  • Reporting, including recommendations, on how to improve the organization's internal controls and compliance framework to avoid fraud, misconduct, bribery, harassment, etc. going forward

How we have helped our clients

Client challenge


Alleged bribery abroad

A client was challenged with whistleblowing information on potential kickback payments to an executive in one of its subsidiaries abroad. Many people and companies not related to the client were also implicated. The client had never before analyzed the electronic documents of its employees and internal policies, regulations and possible countermeasures were hitherto unknown.

KPMG response and benefit to client


KPMG Forensic started with detailed background checks of the people and companies mentioned by the whistleblower and outlined the local and foreign regulations applicable to such a case. This information was used to visualize the relations between individuals and companies. It served as the foundation for an extensive e-Discovery, which ultimately showed that the whistleblowing was initialized to bully the accused colleagues.

The client’s Internal Audit department as well as Group Management learned how to proceed with incoming whistleblowing information, including the legal limitations in various countries while performing an investigation. In the course of the investigation, KPMG Forensic discovered areas where the internal control system within SAP needed to be strengthened.

Client challenge


CEO fraud

An employee of the client was contacted by a fraudster who claimed to be an agent of the client’s bank. The fraudster offered to help the employee by making supposedly necessary changes through the online banking portal during a remote desktop session. During this session, the fraudster obtained the employee’s password and current PIN. This information was subsequently used to make a wire transfer to an unknown bank account.

KPMG response and benefit to client


KPMG Forensic charted the trail of events leading up to, during and after the call, thus allowing the client to assess whether there had been any potential negligence or lack of vigilance by the employee. KPMG Forensic also identified other ways in which fraudsters could obtain employee passwords and PINs.

KPMG Forensic then reviewed the client’s internal measures and investigative steps taken when the incident was discovered to advise on potential improvements. The client also received recommendations on how to strengthen IT security and internal controls. As a result, the client was able to issue easy-to-implement measures to strengthen the IT security and raise awareness of employees.

Main sectors & clients

KPMG Forensic experts offer in-depth knowledge and expertise in many different sectors and industries and help organizations in their efforts to fight and prevent fraud. The industries where we work range from healthcare to banking, from insurances to manufacturers, from local utilities to international organizations.

Why KPMG Forensic?

KPMG Forensic offers fast and discreet investigation services worldwide. We help avoid reputational risks and facilitate interaction with regulatory authorities if needed. Our accomplished specialists will share their knowledge with you to assist you in preventing and avoiding future irregularities.

We are supported by over 40 accredited Forensic practices worldwide, giving us leverage if the complexity and nature of a case requires a multidisciplinary, extraterritorial approach. The coordination is carried out discreetly by your personal contact according to your needs.