Cédric Biedermann

Director, Forensic Western Switzerland

KPMG Switzerland

Cédric Biedermann is heading the Corporate Intelligence team for the Forensic department and has over 14 years of forensic experience. He is a Certified Insider Threat Program Manager and Fraud Examiner.

Cédric specializes in leading investigations regarding misconduct such as mobbing, psychological and sexual harassment, unfair treatment, extortion, exploitation, undisclosed conflicts of interest as well as corruption, bribery and fraud. As a Risk Profiler, he develops and implements effective and sustainable threat detection and prevention programs for a broad range of clients and institutions in order to assess the reliability, suitability and trustworthiness of the insider threat.

Cédric investigated from a broad range of actors at a transversal level such as national courts, international and national authorities, national security agencies, financial market supervisory authority. He also identified and mapped preventive and detective control related to the internal threat, third party risk management, including the design and implementation of human capital risk management strategies.

  1. Ausbildung und Qualifikationen
    Master of Arts in International Relations
  2. Weitere berufliche Funktionen
    Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Insider Threat Program Manager, Certified Lead Implementer (PECB)