In today’s business environment, a strong compliance framework is a business advantage. Partners, customers, and employees alike want to align themselves with organizations that conduct business ethically and legally.

We work with our clients to assess, strengthen and support their compliance program in order to fully uphold their corporate values.

KPMG's expertise

Client issues

  • Creating an appropriate compliance culture based on the company’s values
  • Changing company culture from rules-based to principles-driven
  • Balancing legal and regulatory requirements with stakeholder expectations
  • Managing risk related to potential violations of external requirements and internal standards
  • Allocating limited resources to effectively manage compliance risks
  • Aligning with internal control functions, such as internal audit, to reduce duplication of effort
  • Maintaining an effective compliance management system

Our approach

KPMG Forensic aims to help you design an ethics and compliance program that matches your culture, risktolerance, and desire for innovation. We offer a range of services to address your specific needs:

  • Evaluate the design and impact of your compliance program and identify strategic improvements
  • Develop training and communication plans to roll out new and revised compliance initiatives
  • Leverage your existing data and systems to enhance your risk assessment and monitoring capabilities with advanced data analytics
  • Manage third-party risk with technology-based solutions
  • Conduct employee surveys to gauge your compliance culture
  • Create guidance documents that are accessible, relevant and up-to-date 

How we have helped our clients

Client challenge


Compliance monitoring program

Our client wished to digitize its global healthcare compliance monitoring effort. 

KPMG response


We developed with our client a strategy for the transformation process. To understand the risks and needs at local, regional, and corporate levels, we worked with internal stakeholders to prioritize risk areas, objectives, features, and global resource needs. Leveraging the client’s existing data and tools we evaluated the feasibility of and created specific datadriven key risk indicators.

Benefits to client


The re-designed program allowed the client to expand its monitoring coverage and tailor efforts based on market risk while reducing operational costs.

Client challenge


Compliance organization assessment

Our client wanted to assess its compliance organization for gaps and improvement areas.

KPMG response


We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the client's organizational structure, compliance policies, and employee behaviors against industry standards and advised on ways to further enhance the compliance organization.

Benefits to client


KPMG's external assessment of the compliance organization provided the leadership team with an independent evaluation and specific recommendations for improvement.

Main sectors & clients

A particular focus area is the life science sector, where we have a specialized team addressing the unique compliance matters related to the drug and device industries. We also have extensive experience in providing compliance services to our clients in the energy, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, transportation and logistics sectors as well as not-for-profit organizations and government agencies.

Why KPMG Forensic?

KPMG Forensic works proactively to help clients protect their organization from reputational or financial damage. We support you by developing bespoke services that take your business environment, individual needs and strategic priorities into account. We are pragmatic and practical, and make sure that your investment in compliance provides the greatest possible risk coverage.

Our knowledgeable team has extensive technical and practical expertise and many years of experience from an operational, strategic and consulting perspective. We are supported by over 40 accredited Forensic practices worldwide, giving us leverage if the complexity and nature of a case requires a multidisciplinary, extraterritorial approach.