Our people: Carolin

As a mother of two, Carolin keeps growing at KPMG. In this interview, she shares her career story and tips for success. 

Our people: Carolin

When did you start working for KPMG and what do you do now?

I started my career in the Audit department at KPMG Munich in 2008. I mainly advised family companies and also helped the Markets department to conduct client events. After completing training to be a tax advisor and then training to be an auditor, I became a Manager there in 2013. Love brought me to Switzerland in 2014, and I moved to KPMG Zurich. I then completed the additional exam to become a Swiss federally certified audit expert. In 2017, I was promoted to Senior Manager, and this year to Director. In addition to my main duty of advising audit clients, I develop other assurance services and am a member of a project team which is responsible for the standardization and simplification of audit processes. 

Who or what has given you particular support on your path?

The open corporate culture has been crucial for my success. Good dialogue with my colleagues, direct and constructive feedback, numerous good conversations with our clients, and my involvement on internal projects have paved the way to success for me. During my time at KPMG, I have had an opportunity to get insights into a number of different areas. Thanks mainly to my audit work at international companies and my time at KPMG Germany, I have developed an international network, advised a wide variety of teams, supported various departments, and thus expanded my horizons, my network and my knowledge.

My family provided support as well. Without my parents, my husband and my children, I surely would not be the person I am today.

Speaking of your family, how does KPMG help you combine your private and professional lives?

My husband and I have a four-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter. After my children were born, I was able to increase my employment level again in a flexible manner. So, after taking six months of maternity leave, I started back at 60% before increasing it to 80%. As a mother, I think it is great that I can structure my work time flexibly.

Which tips did you take to heart for your career?

It is absolutely essential to stay focused on what is truly relevant for clients. This is closely connected with listening. Being a good listener forms the basis for understanding the client's real needs and focusing on the correct points. In this respect, I try to improve from project to project.

What tips can you offer to others for successfully navigating the professional world?

For me, it is important for work to be fun and to start each and every day with a positive attitude. KPMG offers a number of opportunities, but they are not provided on a silver platter. You need to actively participate, see what interests you and be proactive if something is not quite right. For me, the ability to distinguish what is important from what is not is a key to success. What truly generates added value for clients and for KPMG? I regularly reflect on my work and steer resources towards those things that are truly important. Sometimes, it works well and sometimes less well. What is important, however, is to continuously work on yourself.