KPMG’s AI-driven compliance approach helps you identify regulatory obligations, expose gaps and reduce instances of non-compliance – leveraging KymChat, our specialised AI agent and other AI models.

Drawing on KPMG’s extensive risk and compliance experience, our AI model has been trained on KPMG better practice and controls.

The easy-to-use approach can help you build consistency, upskill your team and achieve compliance faster, all in a visual chat-based interface.


An AI-powered framework for compliance

Our AI-driven compliance approach helps you understand what needs to done to uplift, sustain compliance and introduces a standardised and scalable approach to designing effective controls. 

Understand regulations and obligations

Establish a regulatory universe, identifying relevant regulators, laws, rules, and regulations. Identify organisation-specific obligations, considering their unique operational impacts.

Map policies and controls

Maps obligations to processes, systems and controls to demonstrate compliance and pinpoints gaps. Mitigate the risk of compliance breaches with improvements across governance, people and process, policy and control and control testing.

Identify existing controls

Identify and capture existing controls from processes, work instructions and system code to accelerate the documentation  of controls.

Enhance compliance for the long haul

Obligation statements

Convert complex regulatory text into obligation statements categorised by risk level – adjusting dynamically to changes across jurisdictions.

Evaluate controls design at scale

Our AI Compliance assistant is trained on over 20,000 controls and KPMG better practice to support the assessment of design effectiveness and recommend improvements.

Sound control practices

Prioritise action on control areas of weakness based on risk exposure to rapidly uplift your compliance environment.

Case study

Helping a leading Australian telecommunications company

Leveraging AI-driven compliance, we’re helping the organisation simplify and accelerate their compliance processes. This enables them to more effectively meet legal requirements, adapt to regulatory changes, reduce operational disruption and safeguard their reputation in a highly competitive and fast paced industry.

How KPMG helps you deliver sustainable compliance

We combine the power of AI with our deep industry insights to help you enhance the maturity of your compliance efforts. By managing risk at speed and scale, you can protect your business against the consequences of non-compliance in an increasingly complex and fast paced regulatory environment.

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