KPMG Australia has hit a major milestone by launching a proprietary version of ChatGPT.

KPMG is one of only a handful of companies globally to be given access to develop a private version of the tool, thanks to a partnership with Microsoft.

The tool, dubbed KymChat, provides KPMG employees access to the processing power of the fifth largest supercomputer in the world through a digital assistant on their desktop and phone. KymChat will allow the firm’s employees to safely use the ground-breaking technology in the workplace without having client data leave the KPMG environment.

“This proprietary solution will support the firm’s culture of innovation, boost efficiencies and create a better people experience,” KPMG Chief Digital Officer John Munnelly said.

“The information provided will better enable cross-team collaboration and help those new to the firm with a more seamless and efficient people-navigation experience.”

In time, KymChat will allow KPMG to train its own AI model for specific purposes.

The initial use cases will be focused on innovation and efficiency within the firm. It will be directly integrated with Microsoft Teams, with further new features and capabilities planned.

“It’s early days, but we expect the KymChat model to rapidly improve as we add new data and train it to perform new tasks. We’ll continually add new use cases – including some from an internal staff crowd-sourcing exercise that has already generated over 60 ideas,” Mr Munnelly said.

“KymChat is just the start of KPMG’s AI journey, and in time will be one of many products within our broader AI strategy.”

The announcement comes after OpenAI last week announced the creation of its new and improved GPT-4, which it says displays a "human-level performance" on various professional and academic benchmarks.

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