The Australian wine industry is resilient, with wine grape growing, winemaking, wine exports and wine tourism contributing significantly to Australia's economy. However, wine businesses can manage risk and discover opportunities that may have a positive and immediate impact on the wine industry in Australia. Find out how.

Wine supply and wine demand in Australia has been impacted by both the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of China’s tariffs on wine. Stability and growth have been affected but the Australian wine industry is resilient after the many challenges wine businesses have faced in the past.

Australia’s wine industry businesses can respond to manage risk and identify opportunities if the right strategy is applied to key focus points, including:

  • raw material costs for viticulture and wine production
  • managing wine industry supply chains
  • maximising asset utilisation and production efficiencies for winemakers
  • integrating environment, social and governance (ESG) initiatives into the wine sector
  • cyber security threats that impact the wine industry direct to consumer (DTC) and e-commerce channels.
Learn more about key issues affecting the wine industry in Australia in the August 2023 edition of Wine Industry Insights.

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