What has changed one year on from our report release?

Find out more in our review of the findings into one of the reports key themes,
the 2030 Policy Agenda and Geopolitical Landscape.

The energy landscape is undergoing unprecedented change. To explore what the energy landscape could look like, KPMG asked 30 Voices to place themselves in 2030 and look back over the last ten years.  The 30 Voices in this report cover every facet of the energy industry and beyond – from incumbents to challengers, big tech firms to investors, government ministers to academics and more. 

In 2030, many countries and companies are on the way to realising their net zero goals, while the pace of change in the sector has been faster than at any other time in its history.  The foundation of this new energy system has shifted from fossil fuels to clean electrification. While climate change concerns have forced stricter decarbonisation and ESG targets for both governments and companies, seeking to stay relevant to consumers has become a priority, meaning getting to net zero is now at the top of most corporate agendas.

Six areas of change for the Australian energy landscape

The future is anyone’s guess. Taken together, the Voices create a valuable chorus of insight and expertise. Their predictions for the industry span six areas in which KPMG also envisages dramatic change.

Find out what the 30 Voices have to say: