Local councils in Australia – from the capital cities to regional communities – are facing a period of significant disruption as they deal with a range of issues including population change, budget constraints, economic transition and rising demands and expectations on services.

It’s clear that these shifts require new ways of thinking about the way services are delivered and how local government organisations need to respond. Undertanding citizen and stakeholder expectations, using data in smarter ways, adopting digital technologies, driving efficiencies and developing the workforce will all help to foster more prosporous and resilient communities.

  • Our team of specialists can help.

    We combine hands-on local experience with insights from our global network to support our clients across a range of specialist areas including commercial and financial advice to organisational and technology transformation – working with them to navigate better outcomes for Australians.

How KPMG can help

KPMG can help with the following Local Government concerns:

Financial and economic modelling

Risk management and governance

Program review and analysis

Environmental, water and energy programs

Financial, tax and accounting advice

Technology modernisation

Business case preparation

Regulatory and infrastructure reform

Why work with KPMG?

We can help governments and public sector organisations meet the growing demands for better, more effective and personalised services, with limited funds.

KPMG works with governments at all levels to deliver citizen-centric services that maximise the benefits of digital innovation and emerging technologies. Our dedicated teams understand the unique needs of the public sector today, and we offer targeted advice and solutions that can help governments achieve policy reform and transform the way services are delivered. 

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