Kristie Schubert

Partner, Tax Dispute Resolution & Controversy

KPMG Australia

Kristie has a varied background and unique insight into tax disputes. She worked for several years as a Senior Litigator at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and appeared on a regular basis in Tribunals and Courts on behalf of the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners of Taxation for a range of tax and tax debt related disputes.

After leaving the ATO, Kristie has worked with KPMG in both Australia and the United Kingdom, where she managed a varied case load of contentious tax matters. Kristie also worked in the position of tax director for a large multi-national company, managing tax disputes and litigation throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Kristie’s experience is unique and has given her the ability and benefit of being able to appreciate the intricacies of tax disputes from the lens of tax administrator, client and advisor.

  • Legal Services
  • Tax
  • Tax Dispute Resolution and Controversy
  • Tax planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Master of Taxation

  • Bachelor of Laws