Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

KPMG's Alternative Investments Practice

The alternative investments space continues to grow – and grow more complex. Fund managers find themselves confronted with increased risk management and regulatory pressures; inefficient technology and operational processes; enhanced global competition and cross-border transactions; and more diversified – and more demanding – clients and critical stakeholders.

The pressure to deliver in this challenging environment means that it’s more important than ever to work with the right business advisor who:

- Understands the dynamic nature of the marketplace and its enormous growth potential

- Possesses the experienced professionals, industry insight, and global footprint to anticipate new challenges

- Boasts the innovative technology and resources that enable fund managers to thrive

KPMG is the market-leading professional services provider to funds of every size and at every stage of the growth life cycle. Our focus is on providing fund managers with the clarity, confidence and insight to succeed.

Whether you’re starting, building or expanding your fund or firm, we can help with formation and capital accumulation; acquisitions of investments; reporting on performance and plan delivery; restructuring, refinancing and divesting; and realization and exit.