Helping clients meet their business challenges begins with an in-depth understanding of the industries in which they work. That’s why KPMG LLP established its industry-driven structure. In fact, KPMG LLP was the first of the Big Four firms to organize itself along the same industry lines as clients.

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We bring together passionate problem-solvers, innovative technologies, and full-service capabilities to create opportunity with every insight.

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What is culture? Culture is how we do things around here. It is the combination of a predominant mindset, actions (both big and small) that we all commit to every day, and the underlying processes, programs and systems supporting how work gets done.

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Times are changing along with how we define work locations and global mobility. As this happens, it’s important to have technology that changes with you and provides the seamless, consistent, connected program and employee experience for each and every person, wherever in the world they may be.

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Introducing KPMG LINK Go

    What is KPMG LINK Go?

    KPMG LINK Go is a new way of managing the full spectrum of mobility and its many components and vendors. We’ve taken a fresh look at how people use technology and how global mobility manages processes, policies and move types. From this, we’ve designed a new system from the ground up with the goal of empowering all users to accomplish their tasks from any location, across any device. The power of KPMG, linked to your global mobility ecosystem, wherever you go.

    • Smart requests: Our system takes care of all mobility types, locations, moves, and services in a consistent, transparent fashion at the click of a ”request”. Specific request types then automatically route you to a workflow that can bring together your team, vendors, and employees; automates critical tasks, and helps you manage your workload from one system and location.
    • Noise cancellation: Unlike others that require manual intervention to kick-off specific tasks, KPMG LINK Go silently and automatically starts tasks in the background helping ensure that the data you want is ready when and where it’s needed.
    • Personalized experience: We know your business is unique. That’s why we’ve built in easy configuration, process controls, and security. You can modify as needed making sure your data stays secure and protected; no coding required.
    • Scaled mobility: Mobility technology needs to accomplish what you need but prepare you for the unexpected. That’s why KPMG LINK Go is built on a scalable platform that brings all mobility types and features into a single system. No modules, no disparate data sets – just turn on or turn off features as you need them. It’s ultimate flexibility.
    • Strategic mindset: KPMG LINK Go is about more than mobility basics. It's powerful, cross-functional and multi-vendor analytics provide you with the insight you need to report on for mobility, talent, HR, and more. Why settle for rows of Excel data when KPMG LINK Go can provide real-time insights designed for unique users?

    How we build technology?

    Global mobility is constantly changing. That’s why we continue to change as well – with technology that creates deeper, more meaningful connections with your service providers across the mobility spectrum while building simple, elegant automation that complements your unique processes. We’ve seen the past and present of mobility and know the challenges we face. But, we aren’t just building technology to solve today’s problems. We’re building technology to solve for what’s next.

    • A platform that evolves with you: Shouldn’t your mobility platform keep up with your business? We think so! That’s why we keep everyone on the latest instance of the system providing you with the most accurate information and alerting you to new features that help meet your changing business demands.
    • Technology, built around you: KPMG LINK Go is built to include specific industry insights helping to help you provide value more quickly. Isn’t it time you stopped looking at one size fit all solutions and find one that fits you?
    • Services and technology unite: Services, your vendors, and your relationships are just as important as the technology that supports them. That’s why we’ve broken down barriers between you, your vendors, and your organization and used technology to connect the dots.
    • A user mindset: We know technology can do a lot. But we also know the more you do, the more complex it can get. That’s why we’ve taken a user mindset to building KPMG LINK Go concentrating on striking the right balance between user experience and features and giving you the best of both worlds. Integrated tools like an AI-based chat bot and on-demand tutorial videos help streamline experiences and acclimate you to changes as system updates happen.

    Why we are different?

    KPMG technology is different than other tech companies – because we aren’t one. Instead, we’re a global tax, advisory, and audit firm with a long tenure in global mobility technology. This puts us in a unique position because we have more than 40 years of mobility and 30 years of technology experience as well as a team of global experts that help us anticipate change and prepare for what’s next.

    • We paint the “big picture”: We know you have data in multiple locations and with multiple vendors. That’s why we’ve built strong alliances to create one of the largest global mobility ecosystems and have built extensive data connection options such as APIs to simplify data sharing. With this level of connectivity, KPMG LINK Go can give you the full view of your program, not just a snapshot.
    • We’re more than just technology: KPMG LINK Go is supported by a global team of technologists as well as the KPMG Global Mobility Services practice that operates in over 140 countries. This means you will have not only the right technology but also the expertise and experience of our team in a single provider.
    • We’re in the cloud: KPMG LINK Go is built from the “ground up” for today using cloud-native technology. This helps streamline operations, updates, and development and puts data in a single location for better program insight. Because the data is secured in the cloud and accessible from anywhere, KPMG LINK Go is critical for future planning and decision-making.
    • We act globally: Global Mobility Services isn’t an offshoot but an integrated component of the KPMG member-firm structure. This means that when we build technology, we don’t build it for one or two locations, but for everyone, everywhere. That’s why KPMG LINK Go features new multi-language functionality as well as functionality, insight, and workflows for all global locations and all KPMG services. We are where you are – and KPMG LINK Go connects us all.
    Prepare for your future

    As your program evolves, you need technology that scales and pivots – fast. Our flexible workflows and Smart Requests can automatically set up tasks and working groups to streamline services.

    Empower everyone, everywhere

    With all your information in a single location, your people can access the data and insights they need to make real-time decisions – from any device, in any location.

    Build knowledge and trust

    We’ve leveraged our 30+ years of mobility expertise, our global footprint, and technology experience to create KPMG LINK Go. Giving you the accuracy you expect and access to the data you and your partners need—that's kind of our thing.

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