Helping clients meet their business challenges begins with an in-depth understanding of the industries in which they work. That’s why KPMG LLP established its industry-driven structure. In fact, KPMG LLP was the first of the Big Four firms to organize itself along the same industry lines as clients.

How We Work

We bring together passionate problem-solvers, innovative technologies, and full-service capabilities to create opportunity with every insight.

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What is culture? Culture is how we do things around here. It is the combination of a predominant mindset, actions (both big and small) that we all commit to every day, and the underlying processes, programs and systems supporting how work gets done.

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IT Business Management

In a world where business and technology are inseparable, CIOs and other technology leaders play an outsized role in shaping the future. We’re here to help you see the possibilities—and turn them into realities.

Imperatives for CIOs

Focus on value

Historically, IT was largely an order taker. Its mission was fulfilling those orders by implementing or building technology to match supplied specifications. Its purview began and ended with those specifications. Whether what was requested was good for customers or whether it advanced a larger organizational strategy wasn’t a consideration.

It’s time to flip the script. Today, business and technology are inseparable. Technology opens doors to new business possibilities—and closes doors just as easily. The relationship with customers is profoundly influenced—if not entirely shaped—by technology.

So instead of asking yourself, “Am I delivering to spec?”, you need to ask, “Am I creating value for my customers or for the business?”. When the chief financial officer or the head of Human Resources asks you to implement a new software solution, for example, value must be at the top of your list, not “What will it take to deliver?”. Is the software appropriate for the business as a whole? Are some of the requested features needed to generate value? If not, you must step up—that’s where strong leaders come in.

Craft experiences
Craft experiences

It’s essential to shift from thinking of IT as implementing technologies to thinking of it as creating experiences.

Forge a cohesive strategy
Forge a cohesive strategy

As a technology leader, you must drive corporate alignment around the complete digital agenda.

Lead into the future
Lead into the future

You must step up to the plate to help guide other members of the C-suite in the direction that will create the most value.

Deliver at market speed
Deliver at market speed

To keep pace with growing demands, it’s important to invest in your ability to deliver at market speed.

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Modern Enterprise Architecture
  • Modern Enterprise Architecture
    A customer-centric, connected business elevates enterprise architecture to align every project with the overall strategic objectives.
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IT Integration/Separation
  • IT Integration/Separation
    Successful M&A due diligence requires an IT assessment to mitigate risks, secure true value and seize strategic opportunities.
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Modern Delivery
  • Modern Delivery
    Technology solution development: How do you balance speed and risk while also putting the customer at the center of design?
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