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KPMG and Unqork decode ESG

How a no-code platform helps rapidly digitize ESG operations with flexibility

How KPMG can help: KPMG ESG

Few issues are as complex and rapidly evolving as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) regulations. Off-the-shelf solutions may be rigid and lack the flexibility and nimbleness required to deliver evolving ESG requirements. KPMG sees an opportunity to leverage low-/no-code platforms as the way to accelerate delivery of ESG solutions and enable rapid iterations. Financial services companies are expected to track and comply with emerging regulations and incorporate ESG factors into investment and lending decisions. ESG risks and opportunities also include a wide range of non- financial scoring categories to assess the impact of a company’s services and practices on the planet and society. Compounding the challenge are the recently proposed SEC rules that require certain climate-related information, beginning with 2023 fiscal data. Companies need to digitize the ESG operations ecosystem rapidly, while ensuring flexibility for evolving rules and regulations.

KPMG expertise in ESG strategy, regulations, and data, coupled with Unqork’s no-code application technology, helps financial services firms address a wide spectrum of their dynamic ESG needs. KPMG and Unqork can deliver benefits that are crucial to helping financial services rapidly respond to changing ESG regulations. Download this issue brief to learn how we can enable your organization to achieve faster time to market, rapid iterations, and robust governance.

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Optimizing underwriting of sustainability investments



Sustainability underwriting and portfolio management require prompt, seamless and accurate ESG and sustainability data. However, collecting, measuring, and reporting this data is often cumbersome and hampered with inaccuracies from manual spreadsheets, emails and disjointed solutions that offer limited visibility and data quality controls.

Introducing a digital tool for private funds developed by KPMG, enabled by Unqork’s codeless architecture that streamlines the ESG and sustainability data collection process, ensures high-quality data, and enables easier, more nimble reporting.

The platform offers an integrated user experience to send digital data requests and delivers complete workflow automation, end-to-end auditability, and built-in data validations. Further, the tool can be fully integrated with the ecosystem of clients, targets, and portfolio companies.

Consider how we helped a global asset manager who recently launched a new sustainable fund and needed a standard way to capture quality ESG data for their portfolio to evaluate potential investments.  

Together we built a customizable, codeless solution to perform pre and post investment data collection for their portfolio companies. The tool aligned to SFDR with built-in benchmarking capabilities to help facilitate effective decisioning and funding.

Offering an automated workflow, and user-friendly interface, it increases process transparency for fund analysts and supervisors while custom dashboards and reporting by persona provide a single data source for LP’s, GPs and Portfolio Companies. Finally, the codeless platform offers the flexibility to quickly adapt to meet evolving regulatory guidance and SEC requirements.

KPMG brings a knowledge of private funds, ESG, and technology that can help transform your investor and Portfolio Company experience and create competitive differentiation.

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KPMG and Unqork decode ESG for confident, codeless ESG data collection and reporting



In today’s highly regulated arena of ESG reporting, you need tools that collect, track, aggregate, and memorialize all pertinent data centrally with flexibility and nimbleness to handle evolving requirements.

KPMG and Unqork help users develop no-code solutions that help bridge the gaps among data sources and make reporting faster, more transparent and auditable.

Consider how KPMG and Unqork helped a large U.S. energy company shorten its reporting cycle from 12 months to less than one!

Vast amounts of fragmented data from multiple sites segmented across multiple states needed to be tracked for ESG reporting compliance.

KPMG and Unqork helped the client create a workflow-management tool to automate communications to data providers, digitize data collection and build workflow and live dashboarding that centrally tracks progress and approval status.

Every person who submits data for monthly reports logs into the platform and receives assigned tasks tied to relevant data points.

Providers are notified when it’s time to login, and when an issue has been escalated to supervisors.

  • data providers certify the information is accurate
  • reviewers are notified to check the reports,
  • and the company’s regulatory group can get a real-time snapshot of the data collection process.

This helped the client achieve significant reductions in operational risk, errors and the time to report.

Learn how KPMG and Unqork help maintain data integrity and confidence in internal and external ESG reporting.

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KPMG Unqork decode ESG

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