Accounts Production Services and Technology

Accounts Production Services and Technology

KPMG’s accounts outsourcing service and our new K-Trinity AP accounts production software are designed to automate the production of accounts.

KPMG’s accounts outsourcing service and our new K-Trinity AP accounts production software.

Finance teams spend a considerable amount of time and effort every year producing Group, Statutory and Management accounts as well as dealing with iXBRL requirements. Many of the processes rely on manual intervention and a plethora of Word and Excel documents. Significant time and money can be wasted on non-value tasks such as casting numbers, roll-forward, manual transfer of numbers between files, checking / updating links, audit adjustments and version control.

Take control

K-Trinity AP allows users to automate the production of accounts and iXBRL. It can:

  • Automate up to 80% of accounts production

  • Integrate iXBRL tagging

  • Reduce the risk of errors in the financial accounts

  • Save time and resource

  • Maintain flexibility currently only available via bespoke in-house systems

  • Licensed to Audit and non-Audit clients in the UK and foreign jurisdictions. 

K-Trinity AP can be licensed by clients to automate in-house accounts production processes. Alternatively, clients can outsource the accounts production process to KPMG’s UK accounts processing hub. Details of both services have been outlined below:

KPMG Accounts Outsourcing Service  Licensing K-Trinity AP for in house use 
KPMG can convert your trial balance and supporting schedules into statutory accounts. Take control of the entire financial reporting process (accounts production, management accounting etc) by licensing K-Trinity AP.
Allows for updates or adjustments in disclosures or the trial balance. Save time by creating customised accounts templates immediately, which can be used for multiple entities' templates and for future years. 
Cost effective and reduce pressure on in-house finance teams. Integrated year-end roll forward capability allows users to automatically roll forward documents to subsequent reporting periods whilst maintaining trial balance mapping and iXBRL tags.
Includes full iXBRL tagging and test submission to HMRC's Government Gateway to ensure files can pass the validation process. Easy to use, quick to integrate and cost effective in-house option. GAAP agnostic so can be used for UK GAAP, IFRS and Foreign GAAPS (particularly useful for organisations transferring accounts processes to a Shared Service Centre).
Gives the option to bring the work in-house at any time by licensing K-Trinity AP Technology. Improve risk management with the in-built workflow management (legal entity and group level), casting/reconciliation controls and version control.
KPMG can assist with other financial report production e.g. management accounting, branches. Automate accounts production by creating master accounts/notes which can be cascaded to other entities and controlled centrally.

To book a demo, email with the following information: first name, surname, organisation, sector, email address, telephone and number of statutory accounts.


KPMG’s Accounting & Tax Technology Services team have over 10 years’ of experience in accounting and tax processes and systems and over 20 years of experience providing expertise and knowledge required to create a bespoke, affordable package to meet the specific requirements of the company’s business. 

Since HMRC mandated the filing of statutory accounts, tax returns and computations in the iXBRL format, KPMG has helped more than 40% of FTSE 350 companies as well as many other large companies and SMEs to convert their accounts. Delivering outsourcing and XBRL services to our clients as well as our vast experience in Shared Service Centre operations and global outsource management, taught us a great deal about the accounts production issues and processes and enabled us to bring the market K-Trinity AP as a succinct and effective solution for producing financial information.

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