You are operating in an evolving and sophisticated international corporation tax environment. We have the knowledge and practical experience to assist your business in navigating the complexities ahead.

We can help you whether you want to invest cross borders for the first time, expand your existing international footprint or help to identify and manage tax risks in your current business.

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How we can help you

We can support you in identifying and managing the tax risks your business is facing. We do this through innovative tailor made solutions, help you prepare for future changes and give you access to state-of-the-art tools and technology.

Complex UK corporation tax

Managing tax in a business is an increasingly difficult task. We can help you identify and effectively manage tax risks. We provide concise and commercial tax advice, including complex tax areas such as anti-hybrids, diverted profits tax, the Corporate Interest Restriction and loan relationships.

Corporate simplification and legal entity rationalisation

If you’re planning to simplify your business structure or undertake a legal entity rationalisation, it’s important to identify any tax risks prior to implementation. This helps to manage them effectively and maintain value. We can also help you navigate and prioritise issues across legal and finance disciplines.

Equity financing

Whether introducing additional finance from your existing shareholders or raising seed, development or investment capital in the market, we understand the objectives of businesses and investors. We can assist you in navigating the tax considerations at all stages of the investment life cycle.

Changing international tax environment

While BEPS 1.0 is only just bedding in, there are several new initiatives including the OECD’s ‘BEPS 2.0’ initiative, taxation of the digital economy and the entering into force of the MLI. Global tax leaders and organisations face new challenges in the global tax landscape. We can assist you with understanding, communicating and adapting to these challenges.

Cash repatriation

If you manage a group of businesses, particularly across borders, we can support you with the complexities of cash repatriation and cash pooling, which can give rise to complex tax issues. Our transfer pricing specialists can assist you in implementing effective cash repatriation arrangements.

Exiting a market

If you’re planning to exit a market, we can assist you in identifying tax risks prior to implementation. We ensure that they can be managed effectively.

Investing across borders

If your business is looking to invest across borders, we can help you understand and manage all outbound and inbound international tax issues. Our areas of service include permanent establishment risk, controlled foreign company rules, tax residency, tax treaties, local taxes in foreign jurisdictions and administrative requirements.

Debt financing

We can help you understand the tax implications of debt financing. We also advise you on the deductibility and withholding tax implications of new or additional borrowing and refinancing if you are planning more significant changes to your debt financing.

Policy and macro-economic driven reorganisation

Many businesses need to restructure to comply with changes in policy and adapt speedily to major economic or geopolitical events. We can help you in ensuring restructures are effective from a tax perspective.

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