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Building strong partnerships based on shared values

At KPMG we are passionate about the quality of service we provide to our clients – and we expect the same level of quality from our suppliers too. That’s why we insist on the highest ethical standards from all of our third-party suppliers and contractors and expect them to comply with or exceed the principles of our Supplier Code of Conduct. (Read more about Sustainable procurement at KPMG).

In return, we will provide you with the tools and support to help you get the most out of your relationship with us. It’s a commitment that we take seriously, and one of the main drivers behind why we’re transforming the way we do business together.

Flexible solutions

As a supplier, there are a number of ways you can interact with us.

Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP): Suppliers receive electronic Purchase Orders and can create electronic invoices, provide confirmation for goods and services, and view the status of orders, invoices and payments online, in real-time.

Supplier Actionable Notification (SAN): KPMG will send Purchase Orders to you by e-mail. By clicking on a button within the e-mail you can ‘flip’ the Purchase Order into an invoice, make any edits and send the invoice back to KPMG by e-mail.

Please note from May 2024 you will be required to enter a one-time passcode (OTP) to access the Purchase Order. By clicking a link in the SAN you will be brought to the OTP landing page to generate a OTP which is sent to your email address. Once the OTP is verified you can access the Purchase Order as usual. Please note:

  • The OTP can be forwarded
  • The OTP is valid for 24 hours
  • The OTP will grant access to the SAN link for 24 hours
  • If either OTP to access to SAN expires, a new OTP can be generated at any time

cXML: Directly exchange documents in cXML format between Coupa and your own systems. Our Purchase Orders will appear directly in your Sales Order system and your invoices will appear directly in our Coupa system.

Please note - KPMG has a ‘No PO, No Pay’ policy in place. This means that suppliers who undertake work without a valid PO generated by Coupa do so at risk of non-payment. A Coupa PO must be sent to you as the supplier at the time of commitment to confirm any purchase of goods and/or services. Supplier invoices that don’t include the KPMG PO number will be returned to the supplier unpaid.

Resources and support

If you are a supplier that has chosen to interact with us using CSP or SAN we have created a number of easy-to-follow tutorials to support you:

Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)

  • An introduction to the Coupa Supplier Portal (PDF)
  • How to register for the CSP (PDF)
  • Navigating the CSP & creating reports and notifications (PDF)
  • Setting up E-Invoicing (PDF)
  • Flipping a PO into an invoice (PDF)
  • Creating a credit note (PDF)


Supplier Actionable Notification (SAN)

  • Transacting using Supplier Actionable Notifications – SAN (PDF)



If you are a supplier participating in Source-to-Contract activities with KPMG, then please refer to: 

Connect with us

Purchase-to-Pay helpdesk

Email: purchasetopayhelpdesk@kpmg.co.uk

Contact Number: 020 3887 6333