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We are committed to delivering an independent audit that inspires confidence in your financial reporting. How we deliver that audit is important - our values – acting with integrity, using professional scepticism, objectivity, independence, and ethics – supports our culture of high challenge and high support which underpins the delivery of a high-quality audit.

While organisations have the responsibility to prepare financial information in line with the appropriate rules and regulations, we believe that auditors perform the valuable role of giving users the assurance they need over financial information. Our job is to enable investors and other stakeholders to make more informed decisions based on accurate financial reporting and data. Find out more about our impact.

By continually investing in innovative data and analytics technology, we can challenge assumptions and focus on the issues that matter.

How audit is supporting ESG

Stakeholders are increasingly informing their decisions based on your environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials. Sustainability indicators are gaining in importance as non-financial reporting is increasingly being given the same status as financial reporting.

To inspire confidence in your business, you need to take a quality-first approach to audit and assurance. This means having a robust governance model that is ESG focussed and harnesses the power of evolving technologies.

Your ESG efforts are crucial for the long-term value of your business and ability to achieve sustainable growth. Find out more about ESG.

Technology and innovation at the core

Our global smart audit platform, KPMG Clara, is transforming the audit experience for our professionals and the organisations we serve – enabling us to provide an even higher quality audit by increasing our ability to focus on the issues that matter through the data and insights it provides.

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