In a constantly evolving climate, businesses are faced with numerous challenges, including the need to:

  • Comply with complex regulatory, economic and contractual requirements
  • Navigate the ESG reporting landscape and,
  • Ensure that the internal controls are organized, designed and operating effectively

Information is a decisive factor in addressing these challenges and underpins management’s decision-making process. In an environment where the market is demanding more accountability and transparency from businesses, assurance can be applied to instil confidence in the information.

As a leading global Audit and Assurance firm, we have extensive experience of providing Assurance reports over a wide range of topics to support our clients’ business objectives including; regulatory returns and compliance, business performance through key performance measures, ESG reporting and disclosures and the design and operating effectiveness  of controls in the underlying processes and systems to provide management with confidence in their continuing accuracy and integrity.

Through our experience, in depth assurance expertise, we are able to ease the path that our clients want to take towards assuring more aspects outside the financial statements. We are ready to address our clients’ and investors’ needs, whatever they may be.

Our Services

  1. Regulatory Assurance- Assurance over sector specific regulatory compliance, reporting and returns.
  2. ESG Assurance- Assurance over ESG metrics and reporting both within the financial statements and within sustainability reports, including integrated reporting and TCFD disclosures.
  3. KPI Assurance- Assurance over other financial and non-financial KPIs used in the business such as directors’ remuneration and reported externally.
  4. Grant and other compliance Assurance- Assurance over compliance with grant offer, contractual and commercial requirements.

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