Is your business sustainable, resilient, and inspiring confidence across the capital markets?

The regulatory landscape is evolving. As a business that’s presenting you with a series of complex challenges.

Are you confident that you can navigate the changes to corporate reporting and governance, and climate-related disclosures? And are you keeping pace with the digitisation of the audit function?

To inspire confidence in your business, you need to take a quality-first approach to audit and assurance. That requires a robust governance model that is ESG focussed and harnesses the power of evolving technologies.

With that in place, you’ll be able move forward and achieve sustainable growth.

How can you build a resilient and sustainable business that inspires confidence?
ESG reporting & assurance

Are your climate and other sustainability-related disclosures transparent and clear? Is the information you publicly report robust and verifiable?

It’s important that you can answer ‘yes’ to those questions. Regulators are increasingly focused on ESG disclosures, and regulatory requirements on ESG reporting and assurance are tightening. Your investors, stakeholders and wider society also expect transparency on ESG.

The commitments you make about future ESG targets and strategic changes can have an impact on the value of assets and liabilities recognised in your financial statements. You should expect to be challenged where the impacts of risks disclosed in the front part of your annual report or sustainability reports are not considered in your financial statements.

With robust governance and risk models, you can build confidence in your business and achieve sustainable growth.

Regulatory change

Are you prepared for the changes to financial reporting that will be required by audit and corporate governance reform?

With the regulatory landscape ever evolving, are you confident in your business’ internal controls, governance, policies and processes? If you’re not, how do you expect investors and customers to have confidence in your business?

You need to make sure that your accounting and finance teams are ready for the potential impact of the BEIS response on Audit and Corporate Governance Reform. But this doesn’t just impact those teams – everyone in the corporate ecosystem has a part to play.

Digital transformation

Are you benefitting from the power of leading audit technologies?

Transformative technologies such as robotics, AI and blockchain are changing the way we deliver audit and assurance. In our accelerating digital world, there is a need for continuous innovation in order to achieve consistently superior results.

Today’s businesses need to keep up with the pace of this change or risk being left behind. This means leveraging digital, data, automation and technology to manage risk and obtain assurance.

Building confidence means having access to a greater depth and breadth of audit and assurance insights, allowing you to make better informed decisions, quickly. This will give your key stakeholders confidence that you can grow with purpose.

ESG reporting & assurance

Providing clarity around sustainability-related disclosures in your annual report.

Regulatory change

Helping you prepare for regulatory change.

Digital transformation

Harness the transformative power of evolving technologies for an audit that delivers quality, provides fresh insights and helps shape the future of your business.

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