At KPMG, we are committed to serving the public interest and bring value to our audited entities, through continuous innovation and adoption of transformative technologies, such as robotics, AI, and advanced analytics. By leveraging leading technologies, we are transforming the audit experience for our professionals and our audited entities. It enables us to provide an even higher quality audit by increasing our ability to focus on the issues that matter through the data and insights it provides. We have a well-established culture of innovation that is underpinned by two key factors: a relentless focus on the right Values and investing in transformational technologies through strategic alliances.

KPMG Audit. Enhanced with AI.


Incredible speed, expert precision.

With agility to process billions of financial transactions, our experts can uncover inconsistencies and deliver more effective audits.


Reimagine transformation, reveal opportunity.

With predictive capabilities to navigate complexities, we're revolutionising how our auditors understand your business and assess your risks.


Sharper vision, deeper insights.

With greater visibility to pinpoint irregularities, our auditors can focus their sights on making complex decisions and provide clear perspectives on your business risks.


Elevate performance, deliver confidence.

With the power of technology and automation, our auditors can focus their expertise on identifying data outliers, delivering more thorough and reliable audits.


Our Insights

Building Confidence

The relevance of AI for audit

In this podcast, Matthew Campbell CTO of Audit at KPMG UK and Mark Wallington, Audit Tech Partner, KPMG UK discuss the relevance of AI in audit.

Listen in as they discuss the rise of AI over the years, it’s capabilities today, and how we apply and use AI within our audits. Mark and Matthew also discuss challenges faced along the way and the key questions you should be asking your auditor.

Date: 19 December 2023, Listen now (10m 13s)

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