At KPMG, we are committed to serving the public interest and bring value to our audited entities, through continuous innovation and adoption of transformative technologies, such as robotics, AI, and advanced analytics. By leveraging leading technologies, we are transforming the audit experience for our professionals and our audited entities. It enables us to provide an even higher quality audit by increasing our ability to focus on the issues that matter through the data and insights it provides. We have a well-established culture of innovation that is underpinned by two key factors: a relentless focus on the right Values and investing in transformational technologies through strategic alliances.

The advanced KPMG Clara platform is one example of both factors at work. It empowers our people to bring a greater range and depth of data-driven collaborative insights to our audited entities. It’s all part of our vision to reshape the future of audit by harnessing the power of leading technologies and new ways of working together in an accelerating digital world.

KPMG Clara

KPMG’s cloud-based audit began with the launch of KPMG Clara— our dynamic audit technology platform, designed to facilitate more seamless and transparent interactions between the management at our audited entities and our engagement team. Bringing together data analytics, collaboration and a global audit workflow into a single audit platform to help our audited entities make better and more informed decisions.

Greater transparency, with 24/7 access to your audit status

Value from our transformative capabilities

Globally consistent execution

Real-time collaboration and interaction with your engagement team

Insights-driven and efficient operations

More meaningful engagement with your audit team

What is Clara?

Future-proofed and built upon cutting-edge cloud technology and artificial intelligence, Clara is the foundation of our entire audit process.
KPMG Clara features and benefits

KPMG Clara features:

  • Offers a centralised portal that serves as a single source for the exchange of important information, including valuable insight into the status of your audit.
  • Houses advanced, predictive analytics capabilities within a single, cloud-based source and seamlessly adopts the latest cognitive and Artificial Intelligence solutions.
  • Gives a 24/7 window into the status of the audit, all in one place.

Clara benefits:

  • Gain insight into the range and depth of risks and anomalies uncovered by our audit teams.
  • Harness the full potential of your data by visualising key trends and patterns.
  • Engage in targeted and meaningful conversations with your engagement team – because we know your time is precious.
  • Benefit from our alliances with companies like Microsoft that bring the latest and most secure capabilities and technologies to our fingertips.
KPMG Clara in the Cloud

We were the first of the Big Four to take its Global Audit platform, KPMG Clara, to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure.

Built on Microsoft Cloud technology, the platform enables our over 80,000+ audit professionals to execute engagements consistently around the world, in line with professional standards and within a strong system of quality controls.

Through this technology we are able to bring together our capabilities including KPMG Clara for clients and the KPMG Clara workflow. The first is our online application facilitating the secure collaboration between KPMG and the companies we audit and the second is a redesigned workflow that guides our auditors through the audit process electronically while automating and enhancing the execution.

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KPMG and Microsoft have a long-standing relationship and we are among their top global alliance partners. The KPMG and Microsoft alliance is committed to delivering solutions that help securely transform business and accelerate growth in a cloud environment you can trust.

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