Getting your capital allowances calculations wrong can prove a significant cost to your business. Expenditure on fixed assets and associated depreciation is usually the largest cost. But it’s often overlooked. The result? You can leave significant tax relief value on the table.

Our specialists in tax depreciation and tax reliefs can help you make sense of complex and fast-changing rules. We use traditional methods alongside the latest technologies to help you achieve the best outcome. Our national team consists of tax professionals, surveyors and ex-HMRC Inspectors, enabling us to bring a full range of expertise to projects.

We often engage with HMRC in real time, focussing on processes and reducing overall tax risk. Our policy of full and transparent disclosure has meant that we often obtain agreement on claims with minimal or no enquiries.

Our tax depreciation and reliefs insights

How we can help you

Our vast experience across sectors and business sizes matters when it comes to helping you obtain the relief due to you. The relief can feed into your wider tax strategy and result in immediate cash tax savings for your business.

Tax data analytics engine (TDAE)

  • This is our cloud-based data-analytics tool to simplify your tax process. With a range of features, it gives you the ability to bring the capital allowances process in-house and undertake ‘real-time’ reporting to save you time and money

Property acquisitions and disposals

  • In a property deal, you must factor in capital allowances that can be claimed on plant and machinery. We can help you determine the level of relief available to you and make sure it is considered in a sale or purchase agreement

Structures & buildings allowances (SBA)

  • SBA allows commercial property owners to claim relief for the non-plant and machinery elements of building works. During the consultation phase of this new legislation, we have closely worked with the Treasury and HMRC. For this allowance, we can help you establish entitlement and accurately complete claims

Deferred revenue expenditure (DRE) crystallisation

  • DRE is a tax deduction on repairs / replacements treated as revenue for tax purposes, but capital for accounting purposes. We find that DRE is often under-claimed across all sectors. We have experience in agreeing DRE claims with HMRC that go back numerous years

Research and development allowances (RDA)

  • RDA are available on capital expenditure incurred on carrying out R&D activities, as well as providing facilities for carrying out R&D activities. Our approach ensures that you obtain the full benefit of this incentive

Land remediation relief (LRR)

  • The relief is applicable on expenditure incurred on remediating contamination within land or in buildings. We have vast experience in preparing and agreeing LRR claims for house builders and owner occupiers, often resulting in significant cash savings (including tax credits)